TikTok Hits 1 Billion Active Monthly User Milestone | Rare Social Media Not Owned by Google or Facebook
(Photo : Image from Unsplash Website) TikTok Hits 1 Billion Active Monthly User Milestone | Rare Social Media Not Owned by Google or Facebook

TikTok has just recently hit one of the most prestigious milestones in the tech industry, especially when it comes to social media. The company just recently announced that they finally have over one billion active monthly users all around the world!

TikTok Reaches 1 Billion Monthly User Milestone

TikTok breaking the one billion active monthly users, as noted in their official blog post, is a rare instance wherein a company not owned by Google or Facebook is able to claim an audience of that particular size. The short-form video app's surging popularity was saturated even more due to people spending additional time on their phones throughout the pandemic.

It also benefited from as well as fueled the growth of the whole creator industry. This is as more people reportedly look to make a living from simply posting content to different social media sites. TikTok has been best known for its viral challenges from 2020 to 2021, as these challenges even get reuploaded to other social media platforms.

According to HypeAuditor research more than half of TikTok users(66.9%) are under the age of 24. 

Chinese-Owned TikTok

The growth of this particular Chinese-owned app actually comes despite an effort made by the former President Donald Trump's administration just a year before to push TikTok to be shut down in the United States. While Trump's efforts actually fizzled, the app has then been banned in India and is currently facing scrutiny coming from European regulators regarding its data protection practices as well as child safety.

TikTok has reportedly also maintained its popularity despite many of its rivals launching similar copycat products. Among these are Instagram's Reels, YouTube's Shorts, and even Snapchat's Spotlight.

Year-to-Year Performance for TikTok

It was noted that the app's monthly active users in August 2021 soared by a whopping 25% compared to the same month just a year before. This was according to the app store intelligence firm known as Sensor Tower.

According to the story by CNN, the announcement actually solidifies TikTok's place among the whole competitive ranks of legacy social media platforms just like Facebook, YouTube, and also Facebook-owned Instagram. Instagram has previously been able to hit the one million monthly user mark in June 2018.

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TikTok vs Other Social Medias

By contrast, Snapchat, which has actually been around almost twice as long, said earlier this 2021 that it had been able to reach a whopping 500 million active users. Twitter's last report of this metric was in 2019, and it reportedly had 330 million active monthly users.

During the pandemic, TikTok was actually successful in drawing in even more millennials as well as other high-profile creators from Instagram and even other sites. TikTok reportedly also launched a $1 billion creator fund just a year ago to be able to encourage users to create content on a specific platform.

Facebook has also just recently addressed the issue that Instagram could actually pose a huge mental health risk for young people. Facebook reportedly argued against the allegations and how the survey was conducted.

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