Power can be found everywhere, and it is present in everything because of the sun's rays shining down upon people. However, it cannot be used or harnessed without the proper equipment or technology for its power to help operate most appliances that one brings during an outdoor trip, adventure, or experience that moves far away from certain places.

NTONPOWER Solar Rover: Power Station for All Outdoor Needs, Here To Bring a Reliable Portable Generator

Commonly, there is no power in certain locations and environments where a person usually wants to experience solitude or retreat to be one with nature and relax. These places offer a chance to disconnect, even from power, where people need to bring their shelter, food, and other devices necessary for the said outdoor experience.

Camping and going on remote adventures are things I really like to do, and sometimes, the powerbank is not enough to power several of the gadgets brought, as not all are USB-capable. The good thing is that there are options now which powers all electronics you need in camp.


Whether I am hiking, camping, or cycling towards a place where I would pitch a tent, adventurers like me do not expect any power supply in the location I intend to go. However, that does not mean that it should be a hindrance or that it would be a problem.

Nowadays, people rely on technology to bring a portable power source with them. Yes, these power stations offer AC/DC and power sockets for standard outlets, enabling people to bring electronic devices or appliances even when away.

And no, this does not kill the purpose of camping, as campers still dictate what they should be doing when going on an adventure, adhering well to their preferences and setup.

NTONPOWER Solar Rover Review


A Solar Power Generator may come to mind, but what immediately follows is the expensive products one can think of. Yet, not all of them are reliable and sufficient for a particular need. Camping with the family would not be a bother, especially with an off-grid kit that NTONPOWER Solar Rover offers -- a device that the company guarantees to be of help when needed.

The good thing with NTONPOWER's Solar Rover is that it is not only built as outdoor gear but also doubles as an emergency power outlet for home needs, especially during power outages that come and go unexpectedly.

The power supply is not just for several uses but provides a long-lasting utilization for inside the home and acts as a camping power bank that can effectively power up a device.

NTONPOWER Solar Rover: Power Station for All Outdoor Needs, Here To Bring a Reliable Portable Generator

I don't need to worry about a powerless device or getting a low battery; rather, the hassle when bringing this along. It is not that easy to carry, especially when hiking to distant camping locations, as it can get in my way while walking or it quickly exhausts me due to its weight.

However, it is essential to note that this solar power generator is not that bulky and heavy compared to its competitors.

Moreover, this portable power source is easy to use and set up. It even has some features to prevent overcharging a device, which frequently happens when I'm too preoccupied and forget to unplug my devices or when I sleep without checking if my gadgets are done charging. This feature can protect the electronics from receiving less power than it should or messing with its integrity.

Also, it has a built-in LED display for its capacity, giving me a heads up on how much power is left in the device.


Going outdoors is no longer a hassle, especially different appliances can be brought to complete the experience. Glamping is the new camping, and as a guilty glamper, I choose to bring electronic appliances such as an induction cooker and electric kettle to complete the morning routine.

Moreover, I also plug in my USB-powered light bulb for the tent, an overnight-running personal fan, radio-slash-Bluetooth speaker, and iPhone 7 Plus (which is already five years old) that always depletes the charge. There is no need to worry about the percentage of my personal 20,000 mAh powerbank, which can only do so much.

An overnight adventure is worry-free, especially with the NTONPOWER Solar Rover, as it can hold a charge that is enough for the camp (and for others who join in).

Solar Rover Features

  • Large Capacity Power Supply & UL Certified Battery

Solar Rover 500 is a 569Wh lithium-ion portable power station equipped with a pure sine wave inverter, making it harmless to your e-devices when charging. Some other power stations in the market choose li-ion batteries for their low cost. However, the energy density and charging efficiency will be significantly reduced in harsh environments, especially at a low temperature.

Solar Rover is built-in with UL-certified Ternary Battery, which has higher energy density and charging efficiency, offering a sustainable and stabilized power source for your electronic devices and home supply. It's also electric vehicles' grade Battery, integrated with sufficiently safe materials, improving a longer circle life and durability.

Boost your outdoor adventures, backup for home use, the CPAP machine, emergency outage, etc.

  • Wide Range of Application & 60W USB-C Fast Charging

The power station built-in one 110V AC Outlet, dual DC output ports, 3 USB-A charging ports ( 1*QC 3.0 18W), and a Type-C PD 60W charging port( input & output). It is suitable for all kinds of equipment such as Mini Refrigerator, Drone, Fan, TV, Laptop, Light, tablet, smartphone, CPAP, and more.

  • Multiple Recharging Methods

Various recharging methods include under the sun with solar panels (not included in the box), wall sockets, and car chargers. It also features a high-quality built-in MPPT charge controller. This allows quick and easy green solar recharging.

  • Gifted Power Strip

You will receive a gifted compact power strip in the box, which is also our star product for being loved by people for years, to expand the AC outlet of the Solar Rover 500 and power your devices with more flexibility.

  • RISK-FREE & Maximum 30-Month Warranty which NTONPOWER offers for its Solar Rover power generator.
  • NTONPOWER Solar Rover: Power Station for All Outdoor Needs, Here To Bring a Reliable Portable Generator
    (Photo : NTONPOWER)

The device has many features to bring to the table, and what's good about it is that it does so without the need to pay a premium for a very practical and life-saving device.

Compared with competitors, the NTONPOWER Solar Rover is surprisingly affordable but not necessarily cheap. It is because of the technology it has focused on, and the balance of power, functionality, purpose, and cost-effectiveness.

After all, it has electric vehicle-grade power cells, which means it would not lose battery health or capacity in the long run, even when it is constantly used.

Solar Rover Pricing

As mentioned earlier, NTONPOWER's Solar Rover portable power supply is an affordable device. No, it would not cost users as much as $1000 to $2000 price point, as expected on the power station lineup.

NTONPOWER's 529W Solar Rover is priced at $499.98, and it has a current 21% discount which makes it more affordable at $399.98.

Moreover, using the code "techtimes20" will add $20 off to further your savings.

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