Joe Brown
(Photo : Joe Brown)

Joe Brown was born in Del Mar, California. When his father died, he felt that he needed to prove to the world that his father's belief in his potential was firmly rooted. Soon after graduating from the University of Arizona, he decided to lay the foundation for his company named DearDoc. The mission of this company is to revolutionize healthcare through cutting-edge technology.  As many people know, health care systems are often prolonged and time-consuming; these systems need to be smooth and straightforward so that patients can address their needs faster than ever before. Hence, DearDoc was launched, keeping these essential points in mind.

DearDoc, like any other startup, had to face the unavoidable aspect of business which is overcoming obstacles. However, for Brown and his team, these were not just hurdles to be jumped over. Instead, they looked at them as an opportunity to learn something new about scaling an organization that helped them succeed in the long term. Today, the platform is considered to be the most reliable and recognized among medical practitioners.

DearDoc is an AI platform aimed at democratizing technology for medical practitioners. The software enables patients and doctors to connect at any time, erasing all geographical boundaries between them with minimal hassle. You can reach out directly from your desktop if you're not able to travel afar just yet. This way, there is no need to deal with tiring paperwork either. The software helps you take care of everything automatically, including securely storing all necessary prescriptions and lab results in a digital locker. Moreover, Brown has been successful in making DearDoc HIPAA compliant as well.

DearDoc has been serving patients to find the right doctors for themselves and vice-versa for more than two years without entertaining dissatisfaction from either. With Brown's continuous efforts, the company has grown from 10 to 1000+ and ever-growing dedicated workers. These people now strive every day toward providing excellent service for their clients. The sheer effort from Brown and his team has earned them a 4.9 stars rating on Google, making it one of the best medical consultation sites worldwide. Brown has a dream of making artificial intelligence available and accessible to the businesses and people in need of it.

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