PureVPN is now faster than ever with 20Gbps servers
(Photo : Image by Dan Nelson from Pixabay )

PureVPN is already gearing up for 5G technology with the latest server upgrade. Keeping future bandwidth requirements in mind, the popular VPN provider has now upgraded three of its most prominent server locations to 20 Gbps server speeds. The upgraded server locations are:

1.      London

2.      Manchester

3.      Washington DC

What do users get with the latest server upgrades?

PureVPN users are in for a treat as they'll now get to experience hypersonic VPN speeds when connecting to the upgraded server locations. The speed of a VPN network depends, of course, on the infrastructure of the VPN provider. If the VPN infrastructure is good, then users are sure to enjoy faster speeds than usual. 

As per the recent tests conducted on the new 20 Gbps servers, users have recorded an increase of 2x in VPN speeds. Speed is definitely the most important feature for a VPN network. With improved VPN speeds, users can enjoy:

  • Buffering-free streaming experience
  • Fastest download speeds
  • Unstoppable browsing experience

From 10 Gbps to 20 Gbps

Only last year, PureVPN upgraded more than 50% of its VPN network to 10 Gbps servers. The upgraded locations include all the server locations in the US, Australia, and Europe. With the latest upgrade to 20 Gbps servers, PureVPN has shown its intent of offering an amazing customer-centric experience.

The Fastest VPN Service in Australia

Just last year, PureVPN ran a massive upgrade in many of its locations, pushing the server speeds from 1 Gbps to 10 Gbps. The entire PureVPN server network in Australia was upgraded to 10 Gbps servers. 

But the VPN provider didn't stop here. To fulfill its commitment of offering the best experience to the user, PureVPN optimized all of its servers in Australia, pushing the VPN speeds to even bigger heights. PureVPN currently ranks as the fastest VPN service in all of Australia, offering VPN speeds that are unparalleled anywhere in the world.

A server network that is majorly physical

PureVPN has also upgraded its server network by removing many of the virtual servers and replacing them with physical servers at many places. Virtual servers have advantages of their own, but they fail to offer faster speeds and reliable connections when compared to a physical VPN server. With a VPN network of just 69 virtual servers, PureVPN's server network now boasts a footprint that is 98.7% made up of physical servers.

The only certified no-log VPN provider with an always-on status

PureVPN was recently audited by KPMG to certify if the no-log claims are true or not. After the recent audit, PureVPN becomes the only VPN provider that has an always-on no-log auditing status. This means that KPMG, one of the top four IT auditing firms, now has the authority to perform a surprise audit at any time it wants to. And after not one but two successful audits, PureVPN stands out as the VPN provider with the truest no-log claim in the VPN industry.

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