Here’s Why Health and Wellbeing Brand ‘Vegan Gummies’ Has an Upper Hand Over Other Vitamin Brands
(Photo : Here’s Why Health and Wellbeing Brand ‘Vegan Gummies’ Has an Upper Hand Over Other Vitamin Brands)

Every human body requires essential vitamins and micronutrients which need to be consumed regularly to prevent deficiencies in the body. The best way to consume vitamins is through an organic approach to having healthy nutrition. However, many people are deficient in specific vitamins for which external tablets and supplements are required so that cells and tissues grow properly. Following an all-organic approach, Megan Shears and Anthony Agyeman launched a health and wellness brand named 'Vegan Gummies'.

The name says it all that vitamin consumption is through gummies and not through tablets. The duo's collaborative effort is contributing the best to the health and wellness industry on a global scale. Many would be surprised to know that a majority of vitamins are derived from animals. Gelatine, the most commonly used animal ingredient in vitamin supplements, is derived from boiling hooves, pigs, cows and goats.

To stop this, Megan and Anthony launched 'Vegan Gummies' that are gluten-free, GMO-Free, cruelty-free, gelatin-free and are 100% vegan. Avoiding artificial sweeteners and preservatives, this health and wellness brand has a holistic approach to keep a human body fit across all levels. As of now, the brands have got an array of gummies including CBD, Biotin, Melatonin and Women's Multi-Vitamin. The larger picture behind launching this wellness brand is to make people aware of not harming the animals.

Elaborating about the same, Anthony and Megan said, "We want everyone to enjoy their best life. Vitamins are essential for the human body, but not at the cost of harming other living creatures. We intend to create an impact where consumers shift their animal-based diet to a vegan diet. In the long run, there might be complications with the consumption of meat. As per our studies, it is good, if not better to move to a vegan diet rather than harming animals and the environment."

Through this practice, Anthony Agyeman and Megan Shears are raising their voice to save the lives of animals. In a nutshell, the primary goal set by two entrepreneurs is to help people in striking a perfect balance between physical, social, emotional and mental wellbeing. In the coming time, 'Vegan Gummies' has got a new range of vitamin products that will be launched for people of all age groups.

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