How to Use Hearing Aids with iPhone
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Whenever a person starts suffering from hearing loss problems, their usual way of life gets deeply affected by it. They face problems in communicating with other people, and problems in almost every other aspect of their life that requires hearing ability. Since most types of hearing loss problems are sensorineural or permanent, these hearing loss problems can't be cured. Instead, people with permanent hearing loss problems resort to using hearing aids. Hearing aids help them in listening to different sounds, as well as, taking care of their hearing health.

How to Use Hearing Aids with iPhone
(Photo : How to Use Hearing Aids with iPhone)

With time, hearing aid technology has experienced a huge advancement. These days hearing aids come with a significant number of smart features that help to make the life of the users highly convenient. Along with being able to listen to sounds, people with hearing loss can now lead a much more convenient life with all these features.

One of the most intriguing features hearing aids come with these days is connectivity to smartphones. Users can easily connect their hearing aids with their smartphones through apps or Bluetooth, and control the hearing aids easily from the phone. Also, phone calls, music, etc. can be streamed easily from the phone through their hearing aids. This feature is really advantageous for people with hearing loss. Both androids and iPhones can be used to avail this feature of different hearing aids. However, among the two, iPhones have brought a revolution in terms of connectivity with hearing aids.

iPhones and iPads are renowned for the technological sophistication they come with. Apple brings in a range of features and high-quality designs for their iPhones. Until 2017, there were around 85 million users of iPhones in the United States. At the same time, around 38 million people in the USA are suffering from hearing loss problems. It can be safely assumed that a huge number of people with hearing loss problems use iPhones as their communication device. iPhones can be of a lot of help for them when it comes to assisting them with their hearing.

These days hearing aids are getting developed with direct-to-iPhone or iPad Bluetooth connectivity. An iPhone can easily serve as the remote control for your hearing aids. You will be able to adjust various features from frequency response to volume changing to background noise cancellation, all through the handy apps that come with iPhones.

Apart from Bluetooth connectivity, iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad offer a special feature called "Live Listen". Live Listen will help to send sounds to your hearing aids that are compatible with iPhones. Live Listen will help you hear conversations in noisy rooms, and will even help to hear someone speaking from across the room.

The Technology of Hearing Aids that are Compatible with iPhones

Hearing aids that are compatible with iPhone, Nano Sigma Plus for example, or in other words, hearing aids for iPhone are designed specifically for providing optimum sound quality when used alongside iPhones. When you connect your iPhone with certain hearing aids, your iPhone will be able to send audio feeds directly to the speakers of your hearing aids. This helps to deliver a much clearer conversation. Using the phone also gets a lot easier.

The battery life of the hearing aids can be tracked easily with the iOS hearing aid apps that you will be using through your iPhone. You will also be able to adjust the settings of your hearing aids and change the volumes. Moreover, with the Live Listen feature that's specifically designed for people with hearing impairment, your phone will become an additional microphone.

For example, while having a conversation with someone in a noisy environment, you can place your iPhone near them which will amplify the sound of their voice and will help to screen out the background noises too.

How You Can Turn on Live Listen

For turning on the Live Listen feature on your iPhone, first, go to the "settings" option of the phone. Then go to the accessibility option. Select 'Hearing Devices' from there, and tap the name of your hearing device under the option MFi Hearing Devices. Then Tap Live Listen to start it. After that, place the phone near the person you want to listen to. After you are done with using Live Listen, tap End Live Listen to turn it off.

How to Use Hearing Aids with iPhone
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How to Use Hearing Aids with iPhone

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How You Can Use the Accessibility Shortcut

The accessibility shortcut can be used to control hearing aids, and turn the Live Listen feature on and off. You'll need to press the home button quickly three times to use the accessibility shortcut. In the case of iPhone X or the newer versions, triple-click the side button. With the accessibility shortcut, you can easily-

●      Start or End Live Listen

●      View the Battery Life of the Aids

●      Adjust the Volume for Either or Both Hearing Aids

●      Choose an Audio Preset

For using the Accessibility Shortcut from the Lock screen, you'll have to go to Settings > Accessibility, and then select Hearing Devices. Then turn on Control on Lock Screen.


How to Use Hearing Aids with iPhone
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Pairing and Connecting via Bluetooth

When you pair your iPhone with your hearing aids, audio will directly go to your hearing aids from the iPhone. You will need to reconnect the device with your phone if you want to use it with your iPhone again after turning it off. The pairing procedure of your hearing aids is quite simple. You'll have to turn on Bluetooth on your iPhone. Then open the battery doors of the hearing device. Just like the procedure of turning on Live Listening, go to Settings, then Accessibility, and then tap hearing. From there, select the option "Hearing Devices".

How to Use Hearing Aids with iPhone
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Then close the battery doors of the hearing aids. Your iPhone will search for your hearing aids. Tap the name of your hearing device under MFi hearing devices.

How to Use Hearing Aids with iPhone
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Tap "Pair" after you see a pairing request on the screen. If you are using two hearing aids, there'll be two requests. Pairing can take up to a minute.

When you see your hearing device under "MFi Hearing Devices" with a checkmark, you'll be able to start using it. Control on the lock screen will be functional. Leave the control on the lock screen for controlling your hearing aids from the lock screen with the accessibility shortcut, and from the control center on your iPod touch or iPhone.

Pairing with More Than One Device

If you pair your hearing aids with more than one iPhone, or more than one Apple device, the connection for your hearing aids switches from one device to another while using the audio. The connection also gets switched if you receive a call on your iPhone. If you make some changes to the settings of your hearing devices using one of the Apple devices, the changes are sent automatically to the other devices you have paired your hearing aids with.

To pair your hearing aids with another iPhone or some other Apple device, you can follow these steps-

●      Make sure all of your Apple devices that you want to connect with your hearing aids are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Also, make sure that they are signed in to iCloud with the same Apple ID.

●      Then follow the steps that were mentioned earlier in the pairing and connecting section.

Controlling Your MFi Hearing Device

Here are the things of your MFi Hearing Aids that you can easily control from your iPhone by connecting it with the devices through Bluetooth, or turning on Live Listen-

How to Use Hearing Aids with iPhone
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Play Ringtones

Ringtones can be played through connected hearing devices

Audio Routing

You can choose the default device for the playback of audio

Controlling Nearby Devices

You will be able to use your iPhone to adjust the settings of hearing aids that are on the same Wi-Fi network as your phone and are connected to your iCloud ID.

Control on Lock Screen

Volume adjustments and presets can be made quickly on your hearing aids directly from the lock screen.

Audio Handoff

You can continue listening to the media through the hearing aids when you switch between your iPhones or other Apple devices.

How to Use Hearing Aids with iPhone
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Advantages of Using iPhone Compatible Hearing Aids

There are a lot of advantages to combining quality hearing aids with quality Apple devices. Two good pieces of technology can combine and provide you with a better hearing experience, and a higher quality of life. If your iPhone works as a microphone, it'll help you set up environments that are more suitable for an easy conversation. Hearing things such as presentations will be easier too.

With androids, you will have to stream audio with the help of Bluetooth. But with an iPhone, you can do that directly from one device to another. This is way more convenient. You must consider combining your iPhone with your hearing aids, if you are an iPhone user, and are suffering from hearing loss problems.

Final Words

Hearing loss problems can cause negative impacts on every sphere of your life. You will face problems in maintaining conversations with people, especially in noisy places. Hearing aids can help you with getting back on track, and listening to conversations and other things easily. Your life will be convenient. You can gain even more convenience if you try combining your hearing aids with your iPhone. Of course, for that, you'll need an iPhone and need hearing aids that are compatible with iPhones. 

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