Embrace the new economy, your riches and fame await.

In this era of influencers and social media superstars, more and more people are looking at ways to cash in on vlogging. The opportunities to make a fortune, or at least make a nice side hustle, are available to those that have a story to tell and the savvy to do it.

Unfortunately, with as many people doing it these days, the competition is fierce. No more will a vlog recorded with your cell phone stand out. The vlogger will need to deliver professional level quality videos otherwise they risk being looked over.

This presents a challenge. You can invest in the more expensive platforms like Adobe After Effects or Premiere Pro, or you can look at some free video editors that could fit your needs.

We will look at a few that might be in the running for best free vlog editor.

VideoProc Vlogger

Best Free Vlog Editor for YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook (No Watermark)

Usually when you hear free software editors, you prepare yourself for something almost like the old Microsoft Movie Maker. A couple nice functions here or there that will give you the ability to do some nice transitions, splice and cut, and if you are lucky add some music.

That could not be further from the truth with VideoProc Vlogger. When we unpacked this platform, we handed it to our video guy (we gave him some coffee and a nice project). We asked him to create a series of YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook vlogs. Though normally an Adobe guy, he was over the moon after trying this.

As free vlog editing software it performs more like its paid counterparts. VideoProc Vlogger  covered all the bases. Whether it was handling nice video effects, delivering audio effects that are movie quality, or giving you a multitude of output formats for your creation, this could almost claim to be the best free vlog editor on the market.

Here are just a few of the basic features that are available to help you be the best TikTok, YouTube, or Facebook vlog influencer out there:

●       Supports a wide range of editing tools: cut, merge, crop, rotate, split, keyframe, overlays, timeline, edit frame-by-frame, etc.

●       Preset plenty of transitions, filters, effects, titles and subtitles

●       Add music, sound effect, edit video to the beat, adjust tone

●       Green screen/Chroma key

●       Customize output video format, aspect ratio, frame rate

●       Save edited video with original quality

●       Support GPU hardware acceleration to boost encoding

●       No in-app purchase

●       Truly watermark-free

Going into further detail, the following features make the esteemed software significantly different from its rivals:

Motion: The VideoProc Vlogger is a smart software which can understand camera movements very well. This could be further utilized to help you choose from 28 motion presets or create your own movements.

The smart software makes sure that no matter what aspect ratio you use, the object would remain in frame.

Speed: Controlling the speed while editing a video is a very complicated matter. Merely slow motion and fast motion aren't sufficient as effects. VideoProc Vlogger allows 14 effects including those which make possible variable speeds through different moments in your video.

Audio: VideoProc Vlogger's audio editor allows you to edit the whole of the audio or part of it using the 14 presets. Alternatively, if you are an advanced user, you could choose options from the software's vast range of audio editing tools.

Other than this, you could use the three intelligent features Audio Onset, Audio Beat, and Audio silence to automatically detect abrupt sounds, rhythmic music, and silent parts in your audio strip. An ad-on to this are the 12 built-in audio filters.

Color: Color speaks a lot about the tone of the video. It can change the whole perspective at times. VideoProc Vlogger allows HSL editing which means you could focus on changing the Hue, Saturation, and Luminance while adjusting the color background in your video.

Like we said, this platform took us by surprise, we would expect such quality out of the more expensive paid platforms, but the VideoProc Vlogger people really knocked it out of the park for this one. Sounds cool? Check the editing tutorials to get hands on with VideoProc Vlogger today, you can easily make amazing vlogs like a pro.



Lightworks is no stranger to the world of the vlog editor for YouTube. It feels much like Adobe Premiere Pro. It offers a little bit for everyone. For the beginner, it offers hints and tips to up your editing game. For the expert, it really allows you to open it up and test your boundaries.

The idea that you can automatically export your creations to social media platforms, is a definite plus.

Here are a few features of lightworks.

●       Plenty of free audio/video effects

●       You can post directly to Vimeo and YouTube

●       Can support multiple files

The biggest drawback we found in Lightworks is that all the really good features that would make it go from an okay platform to the Best free vlog editor are not free. The free version is okay if you are playing around, but to do anything with it, you have to shell out big bucks.


VSDC is an ambitious platform that tries hard to be a free version of Adobe Premiere Pro. Unfortunately, it tries too hard.

And in that regard it falls flat.

Do not get us wrong, in respect to being a video editing platform, it does a good job. But it does not do a good enough job to be anywhere near being able to claim the spot as Best free vlog editor. The learning curve is pretty steep for many of its features. It is confusing to some degree.

It is not all bad, it offers:

●       Plenty of transition effects

●       Image filters that are easy to use

●       Easy to share to multiple social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Vimeo

Its major drawback is that VSDC is only available for Windows. Plus, the hardware acceleration and some advanced editing features are only available in the paid version.

DaVinci Resolve


DaVinci Resolve was like a work of art when we first fired it up. The interface was a dream to work with. It was easy to learn, which for the vlog editor for YouTube can be a huge plus giving the vlogger more time to be creative and less time worrying about the ins and outs of learning the software.

Unfortunately, Resolve is not friendly to people on a single screen. This platform was obviously intended for dual monitors. This even becomes more painfully obvious when you are on a laptop. (Something we wager that most vloggers will be using)

But, it does have some pretty good features:

●       Timeline is designed to allow for quick navigation and editing

●       Trim interface give you the control to edit every last detail

●       Built in feature to auto-sync audio and video automatically



No list of the Best free vlog editor software would be complete without at least a mention of iMovie. Built for iOS, it is definitely a product worthy of the Apple name. If you are searching for inspiration for your next vlog, iMovie can help with a lot of themes ready to go.

Like many of Apple's products, it is built with creativity in mind>

Here are a few things that you can expect from iMovie:

●       You can edit both audio and video clips

●       Work on multiple projects at the same time

●       Scores of video transitions and effects

Our biggest complaint is that you will need a system with a lot of space, iMovie is a space hog. In addition, it's only available for MacOS.

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