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In the era of digitalization, when the presentation world is evolving faster, presenters can't hold the audience's attention by sticking to that century-old, passive style of delivering the one-way presentation. In fact, the audience prefers to be a part of presentations that focus on all elements - engagement, fun, and interaction. In this context, SketchBubble is helping professionals from all spheres convert their traditional one-way slideshows into modern two-way conversational presentations with pre-designed, high-definition templates which are available for lifetime at cost-effective prices.

SketchBubble: A Platform Making Bigger Impacts in the World of Presentations Since Its Inception


SketchBubble is one of the fastest-growing platforms providing innovative and creative templates to help worldwide business professionals and educators deliver outstanding face-to-face and virtual presentations. Co-founded by Ashish Arora (Head of Product & Design),Rohit Khariwal (Head of Technology), and Pankaj Narang (Head of Social Media Marketing), SketchBubble aims to hook the modern time's audience by providing them impeccable experience, not exposure.

Starting with just 50 PowerPoint templates, SketchBubble today holds more than 10,000 PowerPoint templates with 1,50,000+ slides in its store. From startups to Fortune 500 companies, organizations of different domains and sizes from over 50 countries leverage SketchBubble's templates to meet their presentation requirements.

"In today's highly digital age in which there is a constant struggle for customers'/audience's attention, the power of visual storytelling for communicating the message and persuading the audience is undeniable," says Ashish. He further adds, "SketchBubble leverages its years of experience in template designing for converting complex textual information into informative, compelling, and relevant pieces of art. From gripping infographics to cutting-edge icons and images, our templates reflect all elements required to magnify the performance and impact of the content."

SketchBubble's Bespoke Presentation Solutions

Besides creating brand awareness, conversational presentations enriched with the right content and visuals, such as videos, images, and animations, can do much beyond your imagination. However, designing a well-thought-out presentation from scratch is extremely cumbersome and time-consuming for corporate giants having no designing experience. SketchBubble better understands the pain points of these professionals and aims to simplify complex design tasks by providing speakers with high-quality and engaging templates that are effortless to edit and customize.

(Photo : SketchBubble)

The well-curated collection of templates cover a wide range of topics related to sales, marketing, technology, health & wellness, finance, IT, education, and much more. The templates combine the power of visual communication, design, and innovation and guarantee excellent customer experience, 100% satisfaction, and value for money. Further, the decks are reusable and free from copyright issues.

The Road Ahead

SketchBubble looks forward to scaling its offerings and becoming a big marketplace that caters to global presenters from different industry verticals. Moving forward, SketchBubble is all set to provide MS Excel, MS Word and animated templates to help people exhibit their expertise and prowess as they adjust to virtual meetings and conferences, which have emerged as the new normal during the Covid-19 times.

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