Must Know - Engagement Ring Trends For 2022
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The pandemic showed that nothing, not even a global health crisis, can stop love. In fact, it made people realise they cannot live their lives without their loved ones, and everywhere you look, people are popping the big question. Therefore, it's not too early to talk about the engagement ring trends for 2022, as couples and designers are looking forward to discovering what bands people will sport on that finger. 

These special conditions call for spectacular and precious rings that celebrate love and union. Traditional engagement rings are no longer popular among couples who choose fashion brands to show their love. They want something unique, new, and special. They prefer unusual metals, one-of-a-kind bands, and colourful gems. This article uncovers the trends that will impact the way engagement rings will look in 2022. 

Updated solitaire

When your partner doesn't want a too fussy band and prefers a classic look with a fashionable twist, the updated solitaire might be ideal. The secret to putting the stone at the centre of attention is to pick a band with clean lines. Solitaire engagement rings are so refined, even a picky individual would love. If you want something that sparkles at all angles, choose a pave-set gem. 

Twisted bands

Intertwined bands are gaining popularity due to their unique and romantic look. They are the perfect choice for an elegant bride who wants something special and a little bit mysterious. Considering the multitude of options when crafting these models, jewellers expect this to be one of the biggest engagement ring trends for 2022 because it offers buyers great freedom when it comes to designing a band. Check this site MoissaniteCo to have a glimpse at some beautifully twisted bands.

Band style rings

Considering the present ever-changing landscape of weddings, many people prefer a two-in-one ring that serves as both engagement and wedding band. There's an increase in buyers who opt for band-style engagement rings instead of two different bands. Also, in some places around the world, people don't propose with engagement rings but with eternity bands. The pandemic safety measures encourage this trend because it's easier to clean this style of ring.

Petite side stones

Since Meghan Markle's engagement, three-stone rings have been on the rise. But in 2022, the style will get a bit scaled back to smaller gems. More and more buyers prefer petite side stones because they look more delicate and modern. Also, not all brides feel comfortable wearing a huge stone on their finger because their active lifestyle would rapidly deteriorate it. 

Alternative metals and gemstones

Couples want to wear unique rings, and many customers work closely with jewellers to create one-of-a-kind bands. Those who want some special pieces opt for unexpected metals and alternative gemstones to diamonds. Colourful gemstones appeal to the public nowadays because they can be cut in any geometric shape and look beautifully next to other stones. Engagement rings with colourful gemstones have seen a rise in popularity over the last few years, and we don't expect the trend to slow down in 2022. 

Do you like any of the above engagement ring trends?

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