Serdar Karaca
(Photo : Serdar Karaca)

Every expert was once a novice, but not all novices end up becoming experts. The kind of training they receive matters. Time too. But nothing can beat passion, as trading expert Serdar Karaca proves.

Over 15 years ago, Serdar had set his sights on the metal industry. He was actually in training when he met the man who ended up changing his entire future. Serdar's acquaintance was an experienced trader. He took Serdar under his wing and showed him the ins and outs of the stock market.

Due to his enthusiasm and natural talent, it didn't take long for Serdar to start succeeding. He took it upon himself to master short-term stock exchange trading techniques, also known as day trading. In this kind of trading, positions are opened and closed again within the same day. The goal is for the trader to profit from the fluctuations in stock exchange prices.

Over the years, he has developed his personal trading strategy further. He incorporated volume trading, where future contracts are traded, into his portfolio. His masterful combination of market technology and volume trading has made him a distinguished expert. He is well recognized in both Germany and the world at large.

A few years ago, Serdar took his expertise and founded the Mr. Volume Academy. This is a specialized academy where he passes on his specialist knowledge in a structured manner to students. He draws from his many years of experience and trains newcomers and career changers to become successful day traders.

The main emphasis at Mr. Volume Academy is quality over quantity. The training is geared towards continuity and focuses more on the long term. Every piece of content is tried and tested in practice before being passed on. At the end of the training period, a student is assured of achieving success in the markets if they want it.

Besides being a stellar teacher, Serdar has still maintained his position as the No. 1 trading expert in the German-speaking area. He distinguishes himself as the only trader who shares his trades and results on YouTube. He proves his success practically to his followers every single day.

Everyone interested in learning about the stock market should join the academy for two main reasons. First, you are assured of one-on-one training. You get personalized assistance for your every need throughout the learning process. And even better, you don't need to leave your house. All you need is a stable internet connection to start earning money at your earliest convenience.

Secondly, even though the training period is set at 6 months, you can finish it at your convenience. Upon enrolment, you get lifetime access to the resources, too, so you can always refresh your training. As an added bonus, the training package incorporates specialized software that allows you to document and evaluate your success.

Serdar has set his eyes firmly on refreshing the whole school system by teaching finance. He is aiming at making Mr. Volume Academy the best and largest training academy in the world. If the 2,000+ students who have passed through the academy can be trusted, he is on his way to doing exactly that.

More than anything else, Serdar wants to allow everyone to make something of their lives. Ultimately, he wants to have the Mr. Volume Academy represented in every country in the world. That way, no willing novice will miss out on the opportunity to learn from a master.

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