Orient Software Won Top 10 Impressive Growth Companies by VINASA
(Photo : Orient Software Won Top 10 Impressive Growth Companies by VINASA)

October 14, 2021 - Leading software development outsource provider, Orient Software, has reconfirmed its prowess in the industry, winning the Vietnam Software & IT Services' (VINASA) 'Top 10 Impressive Growth Companies' award of 2021

Ho Chi Minh City's Orient Software was assessed by top IT experts and senior editors over three rounds, before bring crowned ahead of strong competition. It establishes the innovator as one of the region's best software outsourcing solution providers.

The award is their latest achievement, having won 'Top 10 ICT Companies' and 'Top 10 Outsourcing Companies' for the last seven consecutive years. VINASA is a non-governmental, not-for-profit association that promotes development of the Vietnam software industry.

Despite the pandemic, Orient Software grew by a staggering 92% in project scale and revenue in 2021 compared to last year. It also doubled new hires to adapt to greater demand and plans to expand its footprint in the US, Australia, Japan, Singapore, and other markets. 

Orient Software has successfully delivered over 250 software outsourcing projects to 100-plus global clients, and gained 96% customer satisfaction. In 2021, it was ranked second in the Top 15 IT companies in Vietnam by ITViec, thanks to 4.8/5 employees' recommendations, and helping to fulfil recruiting talent quickly in the event of project expansion.  

"Our remarkable success in offshore software development and project-based services could not be achieved without the excellent performance of our skilled and dedicated IT experts and engineers," commented Øyvind Forsbak, Orient Software's CTO and Co-founder.

The company's vision is to transform Vietnam into a vibrant global IT hub. The country's IT market is a new promising destination with 400,000 IT engineers and over 50,000 IT students graduating from 153 IT institutions annually. 

It provides an excellent IT talent pool and software development outsourcing solutions with cost-efficiency, high-quality, round-the-clock services. Global technology giants, such as Intel, Samsung, Microsoft, and IBM, have relocated their technology hubs to Vietnam.

"IT engineers' skills in Vietnam are comparable to those in developing countries like the US, Brazil, and Argentina," said Ms Nhung Nguyen, Orient Software's CEO. "Through constant investment in staff training and R&D activities, we are striving to create the next generation of IT experts and take Vietnam's IT market to the next level."

For more about their award: https://prdistribution.com/news/orient-software-won-the-most-impressive-growth-award-despite-the-challenges-amid-covid-19-2.html.

About Orient Software

Orient Software Development Corp. is a Vietnam software development company specializing in AI, IoT, Machine Learning, and Web/App Development. With 16 years in outsourcing software development, it is committed to high-quality custom software and building long-term relations with global clients. It constantly strives to exceed expectations and is proud of its exceptional services, providing solutions to more than 100 worldwide clients and over 250 custom projects.

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