Blockchain Innovations Are Changing the Narrative of Passive Income; Featuring Better Returns Than Traditional Financial Products
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As the world emerges out of the pandemic, more people have become financially aware of the benefits of investing. However, the biggest challenge remains on where to invest and earn significant returns. The current annual return on an average U.S bank savings account stands at 0.06%, while a checking account earns an average of 0.03%; though lucrative, these returns are way below what investors should be making, given that banks pocket the lion's share. 

So, what other options do investors have? For starters, there are many sectors where one can invest. However, some emerging niches like crypto are significantly changing the landscape. Today, there are crypto-focused innovations where stakeholders can earn a considerably higher return than traditional financial institutions offer; of course, the risk is also higher than saving through a bank account or buying bonds from the open market. 

While the opportunities in the crypto ecosystem may sound like free money, the most important play is to invest in the right projects. In addition, stakeholders are better off diversifying across various projects, including centralized crypto services and the nascent Decentralized Finance (DeFi) products. The following section of this article will feature some of the crypto projects that investors globally can leverage to earn a significant passive income. 

1.  Nodle Network 

Nodle Network is an IoT-focused innovation that leverages blockchain and crypto to build decentralized wireless networks. The project's core infrastructure is based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) open protocols that allow smartphone owners to dedicate resources towards transmitting encrypted data. Anyone with a smartphone device that uses BLE can install the Nodle software and act as a relayer within this IoT network. 

So, how do Nodle network contributors earn a passive income? The Nodle network incentivization model rewards a network contributor with the ecosystem's native token, NODL. Ideally, stakeholders can earn a passive income from the Nodle Network when their device is connected to the Nodle grid. The project has also partnered with prominent firms, including the eSports streaming site ESTV, which enables its users to earn NODL while streaming on the app.

2.  Rocket Vault 

The crypto market is a sea of opportunities; simultaneously, stakeholders can quickly lose their money given the volatility. Rocket vault introduces a simple way to earn passive income by combining advancements in AI and ML. Rocket's 'smart vault' uses the in-built intelligence for advanced predictive analytics and pattern recognition algorithms to identify high potential & risky assets. Essentially, this minimizes the risks by avoiding risky assets and maximizing gains to generate the best returns.

Besides a smart vault, the Rocket Vault ecosystem features other crypto products, including a liquidity aggregator dubbed RocketX. This aggregator supports cross-chain swaps and token transfers across centralized exchanges (CEXs) and decentralized exchanges (DEXs). The project is also developing cross-chain price oracles, RocketLink, that will connect the blockchain ecosystem with off-chain data. 

3.  KuCoin Trading Bot 

The KuCoin trading bot is a product by KuCoin; it is designed to enable crypto traders to maximize returns and manage risk efficiently. This trading bot operates based on two settings, DCA and Classic grid. The former stands for Dollar Cost Averaging, which essentially helps investors to dollar-cost average their positions as per the trending prices. 

On the other hand, the classic grid setting follows a quantitative trading approach that leverages a grid for different price setups. The exchange further explains, 

"When the price drops into one of these grids, a buy order will be triggered; when it rises into another grid, a sell order will be triggered." 

With KuCoin's trading bot, both newbie and veteran traders can use advanced investment strategies, increasing the likelihood of maximizing the crypto market returns. Furthermore, traders can copy KuCoin's leaderboard best performers by simply clicking on their profiles and automatically copying their strategies. 

4.  Splinterlands 

Splinterlands is a next-generation collectible card game built on blockchain; the game allows participants to play, trade and earn through digital collectibles. Notably, this project falls within the Non-fungible token (NFT) niche, one of the fastest rising in crypto. With Splinterlands, anyone can play rapid game battles from their desktop or mobile devices. Most of the games only take a few minutes. 

Like traditional gaming ecosystems, splinterland card games feature different combinations of combat rules, number of players and Mana cap. The cards used for playing these games can be traded through third-party NFT marketplaces, including Monster Market and PeakMonsters. In addition, players can also rent out their cards for a daily fee. This next-generation gaming ecosystem is one of the ways gaming enthusiasts can earn a lucrative passive income. 

Splinterlands has seen a massive explosion in growth over the past few months. Dappradar recently crowned Splinterland as the #1 used dapp in its rankings and now sees over 25x the amount of daily active users as NBA TopShot. In October, Splinterlands saw 10M daily battles and over 1M registered users.

5.  Nexo 

The Nexo ecosystem unlocks the power of holding crypto assets by providing users with interest-earning accounts that offer as high as 12% APY. This platform allows crypto holders to access interest-earning accounts through various crypto assets, including stablecoins such as USDT and USDC. Nexo's interest-earning accounts also feature native crypto assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Binance Coin, LINK, and Solana. 

As for the interest payouts, users begin earning interest when they deposit their crypto assets with Nexo. This interest is paid out daily, which means that stakeholders receive compounded returns assuming they don't withdraw every day. 

Besides the interest-earning accounts, Nexo users can leverage the platform's borrowing feature to borrow cash or stablecoins by placing one's crypto assets as collateral. The borrowing rates are quite favourable, ranging between 6.9% and 13.9%. Even better, Nexo approves the loan within 24 hours, and they do not reference credit scores. 


The current global financial ecosystem is fractured in many ways, but that is not to say that investors are out of options. Emerging niches such as crypto are solving these pain points by introducing new ways to earn a passive income. Going by the development and adoption trends, it is inevitable for retail and institutional investors to jump into the crypto market bandwagon; after all, the returns are more lucrative.

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