Trifo Lucy
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Although almost everyone across the globe usually stays in their houses now, many of them still find it quite hard to clean their homes since the rooms are never vacant.

Also, with home-based work now becoming a trend, many individuals are doing two or three jobs simultaneously. It was evident in the recent study conducted by The Wall Street Journal.

To solve the problem, they can rely on automated home cleaners, such as vacuum cleaners, to do the cleaning for them. As of the moment, most of these robotic sweepers are integrated with advanced features that would definitely keep your house tidy.

Trifo Lucy
(Photo : Trifo)

However, you would still have some worries when your children run around while your smart home robot cleans the floor. Because of this, Trifo decided to develop its AI-powered vacuum cleaner, Lucy, that has two roles: cleaning and protecting your house.

Trifo Lucy received the CES 2020 Editor's Choice Award because of its advanced feature combination, which includes surveillance cameras, as well as other machine learning technologies. Aside from this, Tom's Guide also featured Lucy on its site, claiming that it offers the future of AI robots in your home.

Trifo's Background

Trifo is a full stack AI home robot company founded in California way back in 2016. Right now, this tech firm's main goal is to develop and produce robotic cleaner models that can provide both the security and cleanliness of a house.

Trifo Lucy
(Photo : Trifo)

Thanks to Trifo's advanced integrations, consumers can now spend their time with their children, friends, and loved ones. All they need to do is allow Lucy to do all the work for them.

"Lucy learns and interacts with the environment completely on her own. Keeping your home clean and safe from potential intruders," said Trifo on its official website.

Right now, Lucy has already received an overall 4.7-star rating on its manufacturer's main web page. Meanwhile, Amazon consumers provided an overall 4.2-star rating for the advanced vacuum cleaner. Here is the full range of products on their website:

Trifo Lucy
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Lucy's Advanced Capabilities

Lucy is equipped with a camera and AI-powered features. This means that it can offer mapping, watching, and other essential functions that can be managed using your own smartphone.

To give you more idea, here are its specific features that would certainly interest you:

Real-Time Home Monitoring and Motion Detection

Lucy is integrated with two advanced cameras: a DepthVision Camera (ToF camera) and a 1080p Full High-Definition Camera. This allows you to use Trifo's vacuum cleaner to check what is happening around your house as it sweeps the floor.

Trifo Lucy
(Photo : Screenshot from Trifo Robotics’ official YouTube channel )

Additionally, it offers an active depth sensor, which is specifically integrated for night vision. Thanks to this feature, you can still see the inside of your house even at night or when there's a power outage.

Lucy is also considered the first robotic vacuum cleaner that can provide super-clear visual outputs day and night, offering you 24/7 unique indoor security.

When it comes to alertness, you can control Lucy using the Trifo Home App. It also has motion detection that would notify you if you are approaching an obstacle during manual navigation. Based on these functions, you can certainly rely on a surveillance camera and an advanced house cleaner.

Advanced Self-Learning AI and Obstacle Avoidance Features

Trifo made sure that its consumers, especially those who haven't used a vacuum cleaner yet, can easily learn how to navigate Lucy. This can be achieved using the robot's advanced machine learning tech and multiple sensors.

Trifo Lucy
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The specific feature you can rely on is called SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) technology and 3D object detection. Both of these capabilities allow the automated vacuum to run while avoiding and detecting furniture, small objects, and other obstacles within your kitchen, living room, and other areas.

Trifo Lucy vacuum cleaner can recognize more than 70 obstacles. These include socks, power cords, carpets, floors, shoes, and other objects.

On the other hand, its AI and multiple sensors can map your house in real-time. This means that even if you change the setup of your dining room, kitchen, or other areas, your Trifo Home App would still offer the latest virtual floor plans.

Simple but Powerful Cleaning Capability

Since Trifo's Lucy robot is specifically designed and manufactured for cleaning activities, the company has integrated a powerful 3000Pa suction, which can clean floor debris in no time.

Trifo Lucy
(Photo : Screenshot from Trifo Robotics’ official YouTube channel )

You can also take advantage of its six side brushes, which have different lengths, allowing you to collect more small and large garbage in all corners of your house. On the other hand, Lucy is also integrated with a tank for water wiping, as well as a disposable mop, allowing you to have a simple water wiping feature.

If you are worried that the accumulated dirt and other debris would affect your vacuum cleaner's performance, then you need to know that its 600ml high-capacity dust box has two types of filters that can easily clean your robot's exhaust.

Trifo Home App's No-Go Zone Feature

Since Lucy uses the advanced Trifo Home App, you can easily view the detailed indoor maps automatically generated when it cleans the rooms. You can even use Alexa and Google Assistant to control your robot vacuum cleaner through the application.

Trifo Lucy
(Photo : Screenshot from Trifo Robotics' official YouTube channel)

Meanwhile, the Trifo Home App also enables consumers to customize their personal cleaning routines. Because of this feature, you can prevent your robotic floor sweeper from entering restricted areas, such as the baby's room or other places that have fragile objects, removing your worry when you are going outside.

Aside from the features mentioned above, here are the inclusions you will get once you purchase the high-end Trifo Lucy vacuum cleaner:

  • Robot vacuum cleaner body
  • Brushless suction port
  • Charging table, charging adapter
  • Water tank, disposable mop
  • Instruction manual

Now that you already know the efficiency of Lucy, you can get it for $689.99 on Amazon's official website. Once you buy this advanced robotic vacuum cleaner, you can definitely do other fun things in life instead of cleaning the house yourself.

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