Alpha Heater Reviews - What Should You Know About It?
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Alpha Heater is a newly launched small and portable heater that is a good investment in comfort. According to the official website, it is a highly energy-efficient device that can easily heat up any small to medium size room. Its small size makes it easy to move anywhere and super travel-friendly. Without any professional installation or assembling, you can enjoy the comfort of a heater that also does not cost you a fortune.

Winters have already started, and no matter how much everyone loves the holiday season, the chilly cold air of this season is unbearable without a heater. No one likes to walk on the frozen floor or shiver while working from home or preparing for exams. Although central heating systems are available in most buildings, not everyone can afford such luxury or pay for the heavy electricity bills they bring. A small, easy-to-use, and cost-effective heater is highly desirable, especially for people who live alone, travel frequently, or change places very often. Alpha Heater has been created to facilitate all these users. It is currently in stock and available for immediate deliveries. 

Being a new product, it is natural to have concerns regarding its efficiency and safety. All users have a right to know if they are spending money in the right place or not. There is no such concern with Alpha Heater, as it has many reasons to entice new users. Let's find out all details on it in this Alpha Heater review. 

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Alpha Heater Review 

Do you move frequently and cannot afford a heating system to pass the chilly winter season? If yes, the portable heater is the best choice for you, as it takes almost no space, has a lighter weight, and is easy to move. The personalized heaters are a favorite choice of many people for being a valuable and useful solution. There are so many brands available, and many of them go out of stock even before the winters start because of their high demands. Alpha Heater is a new name in these personalized heaters list. Despite being a new product, it is in high demand, and people are buying bundle packs of this heater to use all winter and gift to their loved ones. 

What is the hype with Alpha Heater? Is it a reliable product to invest your money in this heater? What if you do not find this product helpful? Would your money be wasted? Continue reading this Alpha Heater review to find out all details on it.

What Is an Alpha Heater?

Unlike other brands, the Alpha heater is a sleek, compact, and stylish heater that is affordable for everyone. With so many options around, this one offers the comfort and ease no one else does. Also, the company says that it uses the same electricity as your hair dryer or any other styling tool. It means you do not have to survive high electricity bills when you are using this heater as it needs minimal energy to run. 

The small size of the Alpha Heater may make people believe it is not going to help, but once you start using it, you will realize that it takes only a couple of minutes to start working. Any small to the medium-sized room is perfectly heated within a few minutes, and heat is evenly distributed. It does not matter which size is your room unless it is a very large size. In that case, one Alpha Heater may not be enough, and you would need two or three heaters to keep it warm.

The small size makes it easy to place anywhere, as soon as it is an even surface. You can put it on your study table, counter, shelf, nightstand, or floor, any place where the surface is smooth. Try to find a place beforehand so that you do not have to look for options in a hurry to try it, and place it at a wrong position with a high chance of fall or tripping. 

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The heater comes as a single unit, with no parts to be attached by the customer. It means it has no installation needed, and you do not even have to call a professional to assemble it for you. Once started, it can go up to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. There are various options to customize the heating as per your need. Multiple heating options make it more useful than heaters that come with only one or two temperature settings. 

You will also see a built-in timer in Alpha Heater. This built-in timer can turn the device off when it is not operated for long. You can turn it on and start doing your work or sleep comfortably. The heater will turn off after a specific time, and you do not have to leave your work or wake up to turn it off for security reasons. 

 All these reasons are enough to say that Alpha Heater is a legit product. The customers love this heater and suggest it to their family and friends. A big part of its stock is already sold, and there are only a few pieces remaining. If you want to try this heater and pass your winters comfortably, visit the official website today and book your orders before the company runs out of these heaters. 

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Who Should Ideally Use an Alpha Heater This Winter? 

Small size heaters are getting more popular than full-size professional heaters that require complete installation and set before use. While professional heaters work better in big houses and large houses, small heaters are more desirable for people who live alone, students, and people on a small budget. Many of these personalized heaters come with multiple customization options, making them more user-friendly, and all this is achieved with minimal energy expenditure. 

The heater comes as one piece, without any parts or tools with it. There is no need to call a professional team to fix it for you, as it is ready to work from the moment you take it out of the box. Take off all the packing, plug it into an electric socket, and get ready to work. There are many settings from which you can choose the intensity, speed, temperature, and mode of heating. If you are a busy person, the self-timer feature is the best for you. You can choose a time after which it goes off automatically. You can continue your work, studies, or sleep peacefully without worrying about leaving it on all night. This feature also shows that Alpha Heater is safe to use, even when you are not paying attention to it. 

You will see up to a 30% cut in your regular electricity bill with a traditional heater or heating system installed if you replace them with an Alpha portable heater. Additionally, you can move it around anywhere in the house or keep it with you while traveling. The small size makes it easily fit into your car, and it can even be added to your backpack. Just make sure it is properly cooled down before packing it for traveling. 

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Best About Alpha Heater

Everyone needs a heater or heating system to survive chilly winter when the floor becomes too cold to walk. You cannot walk around in a blanket all the time, and you can absolutely not pay the crazy high electricity bills just because you want to be cozy and comfortable. It is a basic need that everyone should have, so heaters should not come for the price of a luxury item. You will see that Alpha Heater understands these issues very well and offers a very practical device for a reasonable price. 

Here are some unique features that make Alpha Heater a better choice than the rest. 

Size, dimensions, and weight 

By these parameters, Alpha Heater is a very comfortable device that is lightweight, small in size, and takes very little space. It is almost 27.88 inches in length), 5.75 inches in height, and only 2.56 inches deep. This small size makes it easy to place and move even in a small apartment with limited space. You also do not get tired while moving it, because it is not heavy at all. 

Amazing built-in modes 

There are various built-in modes in Alpha Heater, which makes it highly user-friendly. It does not overheat, damage or malfunction because of these features. The device automatically controls its temperature and does not make it go higher than 122 F. You can choose the timer to shut down the device whenever it is left for long. Also, if the heater trips, it is least likely to cause an accident by any chance, but it turns off on its own. You have to manually restart it later to start using it again. 

Rapid heating mode 

The small size of Alpha Heater is not an excuse to question its potential. It only takes a few minutes to start working, and a medium-size room is perfectly heated within 15-20 minutes. You can also choose different heating settings and timers for up to six hours. 

Zero noise working 

Unlike professional heating systems and heavy heaters, Alpha Heater does not make any sound. There is not even any buzzing sound that heaters usually make. If you are using this heater around, there are high chances to forget about it because it makes no noise. This noiseless work makes it a perfect choice for people who work from home or are preparing for an exam or important meeting and need no distraction. 

Saves energy 

The Alpha Heater saves energy up to 30% and does not overburden the user with heavy electricity bills. Usually, heaters take a lot of electricity, but this is not the case with this model. The energy efficiency mode makes it suitable for daily use, even for the whole day and night. 

Safety level 

Heaters are not 100% safe devices, especially when you have young children or pets around. The ceramic body of Alpha Heater does not burn the hand, even if you mistakenly touch it. The heat is released uniformly, and there is no suffocating feeling that sometimes shows up with traditional heaters. The device shuts down when it falls or is thrown from a height. The chances of it causing any damage are minimal.  

Improves air quality 

You have probably never seen this anywhere, but Alpha Heater also has an air filter in it that traps all pollutants, dust particles, and pathogens. When these pollutants are removed, the weird smell that sometimes comes from closed spaces vanishes. The room smells fresh, and there are no chances of having pathogens suspended in the air if you are using this heater. 

Where to Buy Alpha Heater? Is It Affordable For Everyone?  

If you are interested in trying this heater, use the following link.

Click here To Order Alpha Heater From The Official Website Right Now 

The only way to buy Alpha Heater is through the official website, as the company operates online and has no store. You may also not see anywhere in your local store or big eCommerce stores offering almost all products at ease of hand. Even if you see a similar type of heater or a heater with a similar name or packing, do not confuse it for Alpha Heater. Due to the high sales, other companies are trying to take advantage and sell their counterfeit products under a similar name or packaging. Do not fall for these traps and book your orders through the official website only. 

As a part of its promotions, the company offers up to 50% off on its actual price. Read the following pricing details for a better idea. 

Buy One-Alpha Heater for $49.95/each 

Buy Two Alpha Heaters $47.45/each Total $94.91 

Buy Three Alpha Heaters $44.96/each Total $134.87 

Buy Four Alpha Heaters $42.46/each Total $169.83 

Buy Five Alpha Heaters $39.96 /each Total $199.80 

This price is for the heaters only, and every user has to pay separate delivery charges for their order. Other than that, there are no additional charges, and purchasing Alpha Heater is a one-time payment. 

New customers are advised to check the pricing details and number of heaters carefully before adding them to the cart. The company does not offer cash on delivery systems, and all orders are to be paid online while confirming the order. Domestic deliveries could take up to seven working days, while international deliveries may take more time. 

Those who live alone would only need one heater, but people living with roommates or family members may need more heaters. If you are a bunch of friends, try ordering a bundle pack to save more money instead of getting one heater each.

Alpha Heater Money-Back Offer 

The company is giving a 100% money-back guarantee on all orders of Alpha Heaters. The time required to enjoy this refund offer is 30 days which is enough to test this product. The company gives more value to customer satisfaction than its profits, and it is even ready to experience a loss than losing a customer. 

Only those heaters purchased from the official Alpha Heater website will be considered for refunds. The company checks each refund request from its database, and it is processed after confirmation. If you have got this heater from any other source and still apply for a refund, the company will reject your request right away. 

The refund policy applies to the price of heaters only and does not return the delivery charges. The company may also ask you to send the heater back, to get a refund and you have to pay for this delivery cost too. There is a customer support team to facilitate new and existing users, and it can be contacted through the following ways. 

Phone: +1 (866) 895-6759 


Here is the address to check the company's authenticity and to send the return orders for refunds. 

Return Address: Alpha Heater 2345 Vauxhall Rd, Union, NJ 07083 USA 

Alpha Heater Reviews: Frequently Asked Questions  (FAQS)

Here is a list of some quick questions and answers on Alpha Heater. 

Is Alpha Heater available on Amazon? 

Alpha Heater is not available anywhere except on the official website. The company has made it very clear that it has no partners or dealers authorized to sell this heater. If you see it anywhere, even on Amazon, there is no way to judge its credibility. Order on the official website to get genuine heaters from the company directly. 

What to do if the heater is tripped?

Alpha Heater has this built-in feature where it goes off whenever it is dropped or tripped. Simply pick the heater, and restart it, but wait for at least 10 seconds to do that. It would be ready to use immediately. 

Is Alpha Heater waterproof?

Alpha Heater is an electrical device that is not waterproof or water-resistant. It is not advised to use it near water or place it in the bathroom. There are high chances of spark if it is in contact with water, so avoid all such possibilities. 

What if your Alpha Heater stops working?

All orders of Alpha Heater are protected with a money-back guarantee during which you can return it and get a refund of your money. The company also offers an extended warranty that is valid for up to three years. If the heater stops working or shows any sign of malfunctioning, you can talk to the company and get a replacement heater. 

Is Alpha Heater child-friendly?

Alpha heater offers protection that is usually provided by high-end and professional-grade devices. It comes with various protective features that make it a suitable choice for a house with young kids and pets. However, you can not completely ignore its presence whenever a child is around. Educate the child on how to be around it and keep a watchful eye on him. 

How many Alpha Heaters should you order?

If you live alone, you may need only one heater. But people with families or sharing a space with friends may need multiple heaters, one for each person or one for each room. The company is offering a limited-time discount offer on all orders of Alpha Heater. You can enjoy this discounted price and order multiple heaters in one go. If you have friends who are also interested in giving it a try, instead of ordering one individually, order it as a bundle pack and enjoy a better price than single purchases. Visit the official Alpha Heater website to know the details of discounted bundle packs. 

Alpha Heater Reviews- Conclusion  

To sum up, Alpha Heater is a modern solution for winters, especially for people who cannot afford a heating system or professional heaters. The technology that it uses is simple, but its size makes it more prominent than all heaters. Using a small-size heater that you can easily move around is more than desirable. And if it comes with an affordable price, nothing could be better. 

According to the official website, it only uses the energy your hair dryer uses. There are no insanely high electricity bills, and the heater itself takes only one-time payment. If this heater works well for you, continue its usage. But if it fails to meet your demands, it is high time you contact the company and let them know. The company is offering a full refund on all unsatisfied orders, without asking any questions. Talk to the customer support team to learn more about refunds and orders. Book your Alpha Heater orders before the stock is sold out. 

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