Choosing a good charger is one of the best practices that users should maintain for their devices. It is as important as selecting a high-quality smartphone for your use.

Sometimes, people often overlook the significance of a charger. This accessory considers many factors, including charging speed, charger output, charging voltage, and others.

According to Ideus, a good mobile phone should also consider the safety of using a particular charger, and not just a certain set of characteristics.

For that, we created a list of the best smartphone chargers that you can purchase for this year. So far, here's what we found out among them.

The Best Chargers For Smartphones So Far 

Best Smartphone Chargers to Buy in 2021: Where to Buy and How Much
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Best Smartphone Chargers in 2021

Anker PowerPort Atom PD4

Everyone is searching for a fast and efficient charger, which might be what they are looking forward to buying. The Anker Powerport Atom PD4 charger features two USB-A ports and USB-C PD ports, which could store up to 100 W of total power.

Moreover, there's another USB-C port that can produce another 100W. This amount of energy is sufficient to charge a laptop at a fast rate. If you charge four devices simultaneously, then the charging rate might be divided into four, as per Android Headlines.

This multi-port smartphone charger is a must purchase for those who want to charge their gadgets simultaneously. It's perfect because of its outlets.

How Much: $99

Available at: Amazon

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Samsung 25W PD Fast Power Adapter

For Samsung fans, this killer charger should be one of your most prioritized accessories for your smartphone. The 25W fast charger can be used on many devices. The fact that it is cheap at $13 means that you need to grab one right now.

Furthermore, its technology paves the way for safer and faster charging. Samsung does a good job in producing this smartphone charger for all occasions.

How Much: $13

Available at: Amazon

AmazonBasics 40 W 4-Port Wall Charger

If you are looking for top-quality four-port USB chargers out there, we recommend you to go for this AmazonBasics smartphone charger. Its name tells that it is only usable for USB-C chargers, but it can also work with USB-A.

Apparently, filling all the ports with chargers will split the charging power among your devices. Still, you can charge your phone, your tablet, and even your smartwatch through this wall charger.

How Much: $20

Available at: Amazon

AUKEY Omnia 65W Fast Charger

A whopping 65-watt fast charger will surprise you with how capable it is to charge your smartphone quickly. Again, if you insert another rechargeable device into this dual-port charger, the charging will be distributed.

While it has an impressive wattage, the speed of charging will still depend on your gadget. It will probably play around 18 W to 25 W.

The good thing here is that you can charge your laptop and wearable at the same time, so that's a huge plus for this smartphone charger.

How Much: $25.49 

Available at: Amazon

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