Best Nintendo Switch Grips to Buy in 2021: The Good and the Bad About them
(Photo : Jelly Deals via screenshot from Twitter) Best Nintendo Switch Grips to Buy in 2021: The Good and the Bad About them

Nintendo Switch is one of the best handheld devices popular among gamers nowadays. Through its joy-cons and other accessories, the gaming experience is guaranteed to improve. However, some players would complain about the inconvenience of using the console after a long time.

Of course, there are ideal accessories to lessen the uncomfortable feeling among the players. From here, we could surmise the importance of grip cases, giving them a better grip option.

From a typical grip that you can purchase to the most budget-friendly type, we got you covered with this list that will tell you the best grips that you can purchase right now.

Best Grips For Nintendo Switch

According to iMore, getting a good grip is a big step to amp your gaming experience for your handheld console. Your gaming would be much more fun if you only feel comfortable when holding your Nintendo Switch, regardless of whether it is Lite, V1, V2, or OLED.

Having a high-quality grip that will fit your hands will ensure that it will not fall easily. Apart from that, we will weigh each of their pros and cons so you can smartly select what's best for you.

Hori Split Pad Pro ($50)

Over the past years, players with bigger hands have often experienced some troubles in using Switch, especially the Lite version. With that, Hori Split Pad Pro will provide a wider grip service to the user so you can avoid sliding on your old Joy-cons.

This grip relies more on traditional D-pad use, giving you a more accurate but softer pressing. There's also a consistent resistance, especially when playing shooting games.

However, its downside could boil down to the most common issue on Nintendo Switch: the Joy-Con drift. Still, this problem varies from one user to another, depending on how people use their Switch daily.

Overall, it's better to have a reliable Hori Split Pad Pro that could solve the shortcomings of a typical handheld grip. Currently, it offers various designs inspired by Pokemon, Pacman, and Monster Hunter Rise to name a few.

What's Good

  • Favors players with bigger hands
  • Turbo actions for repeating tapping
  • Remappable buttons
  • Slidable to Switch dock

What's Bad

  • Could not fit in some cases
  • Prone to Joy-con drift even on the first year
  • Wireless function not allowed

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Skull & Co Grip Case

IF you are looking for an affordable ergonomic handheld grip, the Skull & Co Switch grip is a must-check accessory that you should see right away. This case features three interchangeable grips that you can adjust depending on your preference: Snap, Trigger, and Plus Grip, according to GameSpot.

While it has a wide range of grip options, it lags behind its ability to provide a proper docking arrangement. Somehow, it appears to bend when it is docked. If you are planning to buy the new Grip Case Crystal, you can test how it would work through its transparent design.

Here's a breakdown of its price split in three categories:

  • Skull & Co. Grip Case Crystal only ($22)
  • Skull & Co. Grip Case Lite with Carrying Case ($40)
  • Skull & Co. Grip Case Crystal with Carrying Case ($43)

What's Good

  • Perfect due to its ergonomic look
  • Several grip options for your hands
  • Easy to remove
  • Cheaper than other grips

What's Bad

  • Not recommended when charging Switch during dock mode
  • Right-stick positioning is not appealing

JETech Protective Case ($10)

Since this year is about OLED, it's time to give your newest Nintendo Switch console a deserving grip that will give you solid handling. JETech's dedicated Switch grip for OLED features a soft plastic that easily attaches to the device.

Apart from that, this accessory provides enough comfort for the user who wants to elevate his/her gaming experience. The bonus here is its low price that you will achieve together with its perfect ergonomic design.

However, it does not feature the traditional handles that the previous grips offer.

What's Good

  • Ergonomic look preserves the original look of your OLED's Joy-Cons
  • Does not block the large kickstand
  • Highly-affordable

What's Bad

  • Swerves away from giving traditional handles

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