How to Use Cryptocurrencies In Your Daily Lives?
(Photo : How to Use Cryptocurrencies In Your Daily Lives?)

The global crypto market is just over a decade old, but the revolution it created is unfathomable. Today, there are over 13000 cryptocurrencies in existence with over 300 million investors worldwide. However, they have so far mainly been used as an investment asset.

So, the question remains, are there any real-world use-cases for cryptocurrencies? Can one use cryptocurrencies like you would use fiat currency? Well, it turns out one can. Let's explore some exciting ways one can use cryptocurrencies. Here are some real-world use-cases of crypto that will put the speculations to rest.

Using Crypto in Day-to-Day Life

1. To Make Purchases

Making purchases with cryptocurrencies is easier and much more common than one can think. There are hundreds of businesses worldwide accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment. Websites like Expedia and SurfAir allow users to book flights and hotels using crypto. The tech giant Microsoft accepts Bitcoin for its Xbox store and has been doing so since 2014. 

Even Japan's largest electronics retailer, Bic Camera, allows users to buy electronics in their stores using crypto. Apart from this, Users can use Bitcoin across multiple businesses to pay for games, gambling, real estate, pizza, and even plastic surgery. If you're feeling a little fancy, you can also use Bitcoin to book a trip to space with Virgin Galactic.  

In fact, in Italy, Bitcoin is the third most common mode of payment. Even Visa and Mastercard are finding it hard to overtake Bitcoin in the country. With many more companies looking to take the plunge into this space, making purchases with crypto is soon expected to become the norm. 

2. Integrate As a Means of Payment

Speaking of taking the plunge, business owners, freelancers, or content creators can integrate crypto as a means of payment. Websites like Coinbase Pro and Bitpay have an easy-to-integrate API that lets businesses easily integrate crypto payments. 

The advantages of integrating crypto payments are apparent. One can take their businesses to a global level without worrying about different currencies and exchange rates. The fees are also instantaneous. They no longer need to wait the weekend to see payments reflected. Moreover, who doesn't want additional Bitcoin to HODL? 

3. Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) 

Yes, you heard it right. One can also buy now and pay later with crypto-based protocols. This is just like using a credit card, but much better. Leveraging the secret power of smart contracts and blockchain technology, DeFi protocols now give buying power to their users and let them pay back in easy EMIs. One such protocol is @Pay. @Pay offers users an immediate credit of $250 that they can spend for purchases online or offline. They can then repay this amount over three months with no interest at all. We know it all sounds like a dream, but that's not all. 

Timely repayment of the credit earns users @Pay tokens that add to their credit limit and can also directly be spent on partner websites. There are no hidden costs or sky-high interest rates with these blockchain-based BNPL schemes. The process is transparent, secure, and readily available to all users. 

4. Donate to Charity 

If the shoppers are satisfied, this is for the philanthropists. Cryptocurrencies have also made it easier to give back to society. There are many charitable organizations like Fidelity Charitable and BitHope that allow users to make donations in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Apart from this, there are also several charity crypto protocols and tokens. These protocols donate a part of their transaction fees to pressing causes across the world. Just by buying, HODling, or making transactions on their platform, one can help fund a cause and make the world better. Save Planet Earth, Aquari, and Save the World are a few such projects. 

Toward a World Where Crypto is the Norm

We hope you now know what to do with all the crypto lying in your wallet. There are quite some real-world use-cases and more to come. These cryptocurrencies' transparency, global accessibility, and trustlessness will soon become the preferred global means of exchange. Along with this, unique use-cases like @Pay's BNPL show a lot of potential. @Pay is the first ever buy now, pay later (BNPL) platform in the World using blockchain, smart contracts and ability to stake stable coins. They can effectively blur lines between traditional and decentralized financial systems, bringing more users to later. 

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