Kiarash Hossainpour
(Photo : Kiarash Hossainpour)

Success can be one of the toughest tasks to achieve in life. It necessitates immense hard work and dedication to your goals, working hard to overcome all obstacles in your path. For this reason, only a few people get to experience success or live to witness their dreams become a reality. It's always best to channel all your efforts in the right direction and work tirelessly to become the person you want to be.

One of the essential secrets to success has always been working with others to help them realize their success. Helping others realize success results in immense benefits in several ways that sometimes result in you attaining and achieving more than you had previously envisioned.

Some of the greatest personalities and most successful people in the world are who they are because they worked with others to help them achieve their success. You not only help them learn from your experience but also build yourself through their involvement.

Kiarash Hossainpour, a successful entrepreneur and crypto expert, has a deep passion for helping others better their lives. Kiarash is a 22-year-old German crypto influencer and angel investor commanding success in every field he turns to. He shares wide experience in the digital currency and finance world and shares his knowledge with others on social media.

Kiarash has one of the largest crypto-based YouTube channels under his stage name of Kyle Hoss, with over 56k subscribers. He is also recognized as the most influential German crypto influencer. He shares daily updates with videos covering the latest news, market developments, and trends in the crypto markets. Part of his content also involves sharing his personal opinions based on market analysis, including estimating the industry's future.      

Kiarash officially became financially independent through crypto in 2017, after spending close to five years learning and building on his portfolio. He shares his experience and industry know-how with other aspiring crypto traders seeking to succeed in the field. He officially began his YouTube channel in 2020 under his artist name of Kyle Hoss, where he works with a social media assistant and a video editor to create crypto content.

"I don't just want to be the next super young billionaire, but I actually want to help people, bring the whole of humanity forward and dedicate my whole life to longevity and artificial intelligence as I believe those two sectors will help humanity end all existential risks of its race but also all sufferings," says Kiarash.

Kiarash firmly believes that everyone has the potential to gain financial freedom and achieve their life goals. However, he sees a challenge in that many people face existential struggles and suffer from not having experienced wealth and chasing the wrong materialistic goals. Everyone seems to be obsessed with making their lives happen, neglecting the need to help one another. To him, some people need to first experience wealth to then perhaps turn towards serving humanity.  

With a deep passion for leaving a positive mark on the world, Kiarash calls for helping one another as it is the best way to create a better world for everyone. To him, the human race would be further in development if only everyone worked to help one another.  

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