Email Marketing: Definition, Benefits, Tools, & Marketing Process
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There are many easy and profitable ways to digitally market any product or service online. Email marketing is an online marketing technique by which you can get many customers for your product or content at home via email. And, you don't have to go anywhere to market your product.

Today the old-fashioned marketing process is slowly coming to an end and people are getting involved in digital marketing to market their business more in less time.

With digital marketing we can achieve our business success in less time and less money. Because it works through the internet and can promote your new business or service to many people in less time.

Among those ways social media marketing, search engine, video marketing, online advertising is the best. But, along with these, Email marketing has proven to be a very profitable medium.

#What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the process of promoting or trying to sell your business, product or any service through various means, methods or processes through email. This is very effective medium of digital marketing or internet marketing.

We generally use email for promotion or marketing. It is just like we send an email to someone. Through this marketing, we can send an email to many people at once. With it, you can promote your product, business or service to thousands of people at once with one email. You can also call this process email broadcasting.

Various platforms arrange an event for email marketers to lead the brands and promote the marketing professionals. Those platforms' main goal is to expand new marketers' knowledge and build strong relationships with each other.  


1.       The cost of an effective email campaign can be much lower than other marketing forms and even less.

2.       There are no advertising fees, printing or media space costs.

3.       Your marketing list will consist of people who have subscribed to your website or you have emailed target customers. Being a target customer will increase the chances of selling products or services to them.

4.       You can personalize emails through email campaigns. That means you can mail by mentioning the name of each person. The open rate of personalized mail is much higher than that of ordinary mail.

5.       There is no substitute for E-Marketing for regular communication with customers. The marketers can easily collect ACD or Automatic Call Distributors through mail.

6.       Email Marketing is the easiest and most time consuming method of digital marketing.

#Email Marketing Tools:

1. Constant Contact:

If any marketer wants to use the best and fastest growing email marketing service tool then constant contact is the best one for them. The beginners can use this easiest marketing tool to get better results. Managing email list, email temples, campaign dates, email list etc. reporting best tracking services.  It also provides powerful services for e-commerce businesses.

2. SendinBlue:

One of the best email marketing tools is SendinBlue that performs the best services for marketing software for business. Being a very strong platform in Europe, it is encouraging users to create highly attractive mail to audiences. Interesting fact is that it allows sending over 300 mails per day.

3. Drip:

For email marketing it is a powerful e-mail marketing platform. It provides important services for website builders. The Drip tool is simple to use with quick personalization.

4. ConvertKit:

Professional bloggers need ConvertKit, a powerful marketing platform. Extremely easy with incredible power and unique features, it allows upgrading it easily.

#Marketing Process:

1. Collect Email:

One of the tasks of an email campaign or marketing is to collect a lot of emails. Because it is in these email addresses that you will send your comments about the product and encourage him to make a purchase. The more emails you can collect, the more likely you are to sell. Here are some ways to collect email addresses:

  • Add a subscribe option to your website so that email addresses can be collected and permission to send emails in the future.
  • Organize various contests where users have to drop mail and keep the mail in the collection.
  • Use websites like Yelp or LinkedIn to collect the mail addresses of professionals.
  • Google Search can also be used to collect mail addresses.
  • Mail addresses can also be collected from different directories.

2. Creating Text and Email Templates

  • Since you will be emailing thousands of people at once, you need to make sure that your email is very professional. So need-
  • Designing beautiful email templates (now you can create beautiful templates just by dragging and dropping). In many cases there are some beautiful templates for free that can also be used.
  • Decide what to write in the email.
  • Responsive, create a template. In other words, make sure that your template is displayed on mobile, tab, PC, everything. If necessary, you can buy paid responsive template designs from ThemeForest.

3. Email Delivery:

  • The last step and most important step in an email campaign or marketing is to deliver the email effectively.
  • Use business email to send emails.
  • Select sites that offer marketing services via email (Mailchimp, Aweber, Get Response, Constant Contact, etc.)
  • In the case of paid marketing, there is no limit to sending emails.
  • Usually professional email marketers use SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) server to send emails. Free servers have many limitations so it is best to use an SMTP server.
  • When delivering emails, be sure to avoid spamming.


If you want to be a professional e-mail marketer, you need to know lots of information. To learn email campaigns or marketing, you can't just learn by reading blogs, you also need to watch tutorial videos on YouTube. 

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