Billionaire Zombies to Drop One Billion tokens to Charities on Giving Tuesday
(Photo : Billionaire Zombies to Drop One Billion tokens to Charities on Giving Tuesday)

The Billionaire Zombies Club, a viral NFT community, is doing a massive token drop for all its NFT art holders on this year's Giving Tuesday, November 30th.  They have decided to drop 1 Billion tokens (45% of their genesis token drop) on charities around the globe through a series of charity partners targeting at-risk youth in developing countries initially.  The remaining 55% will be distributed to the owners of the project's NFT collection via an airdrop to their wallets where they hold their art.

The Billionaire Zombies Club project sold one half of one million dollars of art in its first minting which sold out its 10,000 unique pieces in just 12 days.  The art collection is now worth millions of dollars.  The original pieces sold for under $50 and now start at around $500 as of writing but have sold into the 5 figures sales already.  The crazy thing is out of 10,000 pieces less than 2,000 are even listed for sale with a low end sale being a 10x on their money in just a couple weeks!

What the art collectors didn't know when they bought these unique pieces of art,was that a team of developers with past experience with MMORPG and 3D gaming engines were coming on board along with cryptocurrency experts and influencers to create a bleeding edge game in the metaverse.  The art pieces serve  more as a passport to a digital reality than it is just something to look at.  People are buying into experiences and a technological future that they want to be a part of.  

Who would have thought that Zombies could be making the world a better place?

About Billionaire Zombies Club

Billionaire Zombies Club (BZC )was initially the vision of artist Axeman J who served as a civil servant in Singapore before creating the Billionaire Zombies Club and introducing his unique artwork to the world. BZC minted its initial offering of 10,000 NFTs in less than 12 days.  The BZC community currently boasts more than 15,000 Discord members.

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