SplitMetrics - An Essential Part in Mobile App A/B Testing
(Photo : SplitMetrics - An Essential Part in Mobile App A/B Testing)

Thanks to the latest changes to the Apple App store, mobile app and game publishers can now easily optimize their App Store product pages. They now have an in-built solution available to A/B test icons, screenshots, and videos to compare their performances.

While introducing this solution will have a massive impact on the mobile market, it comes with a few limitations.

And this is where third-party mobile A/B testing platforms like SplitMetrics help by overcoming the solution's few limitations.

Why SplitMetrics is still necessary for out-of-store A/B testing

There are so many reasons that will make SplitMetrics a front player in out-of-store A/B testing. SplitMetrics will help:

1.     To test various concepts

SplitMetrics provides app and game publishers with numerous helpful options to test apps and meet their business needs before going live on the App Store.

They get to test app or game ideas, select characters, game settings, and app concepts, prioritize features and decide the best positioning and markets to target.

        i.            Pre-launch testing

The App Store doesn't permit you to test your mobile app or game concepts before publishing. However, with SplitMetrics, you can test it pre-launch and thus enhance the product page before going live on the first day itself. 

You can test your app or mobile game idea by showing its prototype or screenshots to your target audience. Based on their feedback, you can then decide if you should build it or not.

You can, in the process, compare multiple mobile app/game concepts to find the best-performing ones and implement them.

ii.            Test, validate and prioritize features

Thanks to app store optimization tool by SplitMetrics, you get to validate new features before implementing them. You can conduct A/B tests to identify the best-performing features, settings, and characters.

Based on the results, you can then prioritize the features based on your target audience's interest to create a product that complies with your target users' needs.

You can conduct tests by showcasing some features on screenshots to find out how users react to them. Based on their reactions, you can determine which features create the most impact and should be delivered first.

And if you publish games, you get to use multiple A/B experiments to test different game settings and genres. You, in turn, increase the chances of your target audience accepting your game.

 iii.            Test game concepts

Mobile game development is not an easy process. Game publishers go through an extensive process and have to consider numerous aspects to create a high-in-demand game.

The game may not meet the user's expectations and future needs if even one of these critical aspects, like the mobile game concept, isn't checked first.

Consequently, while there's lots of debate about selecting the right concept, lots of time (perhaps years) and resources are wasted while soft-launching games with unproven concepts.

That's why it is essential to use SplitMetrics to A/B test game concepts repeatedly. The testing flow process generally followed is:

Core mechanics testing--Meta mechanics testing-art visualization testing.

You should stick to the following steps upon defining your target audience:

  • Start by testing core mechanics like words, puzzles, match3, or anything new
  • Based on the above test results, you have to next test and select Meta mechanics like plot, awards, characters, and villains.
  • You next have to test and decide which art component to use, like black-and-white, realistic, or cartoony.
  • And once you are done defining these concepts, you need to measure CPI to decide if the market accepts your concept.

Max Kamenkov here mentions that SplitMetrics has consistently placed top priority in providing mobile game publishers with the capability to test new ideas. They will continue it and thus help brands create breakthroughs.

  iv.            Test go-to-market strategies

SplitMetrics A/B tests also help with rebranding, targeting, and positioning testing.

For example, you can determine if your new audience likes your unique positioning strategy by comparing the performances of variations of screenshots with different messages.

Some users prefer playing games to relax, some play games to pass the time and entertain themselves, and some to revive their competitive spirit.

With so many different types of users, each audience type requires its marketing strategy and approach. So it's not enough to just have one good idea.

You also need an effective go-to-market strategy, which SplitMetrics provides.

  v.            Eliminate any worries of rejection

SplitMetrics lets you test even the boldest ideas and concepts without worrying about getting banned from the App Store.

  vi.            Protect privacy and ideas

There is always the risk of competitors noticing what you are doing and even stealing some ideas during an App Store soft-launch or testing.

You however needn't have to worry about it with SplitMetrics around. You can safely conduct all the tests you want without worrying about someone stealing and implementing your idea before you.

2. Multiple insights and in-depth analytics

SplitMetrics offers out-of-store testing, which lets you make informed decisions after testing user behavior on your emulated app page. It works by collecting the app's or game's page user behavior data.

You end up with more than 15 crucial metrics to analyze, like engagement rate, screenshots scroll depth, average time on page, and click to install rate, which you can use to build a strong optimization strategy.

You can also use SplitMetrics to:

  • Compare results with not just one test, but with the entire industry's perspective.
  • Use post-installs surveys to gather qualitative feedback
  • Use three testing environments- Product page elements, Search pages, and Category pages

3. Quick test cycles

a)    Fast start

You don't have to prepare the entire metadata set for all sizes and locales. You can start with the minimum, thus letting you begin testing as quickly as possible.

b)   Conduct as many experiments as needed using multiple variations

SplitMetrics lets you conduct an unlimited number of experiments, up to 8 variations for each experiment. You also get to A/B tests every app store page elements like icon, title, subtitle, and reviews.

4. User acquisition strategy optimization

With SplitMetrics, you know your user acquisition efforts won't go to waste. It's because you can:

  • Conduct UA metrics evaluation where you get to measure the leading user acquisition indicators like CPI, Reach, and CVR before development.
  • Optimize CVR for web-to-app campaigns by creating a marketing pre-landing page
  • Acquired expertise in ASO and A/B testing over the years

SplitMetrics is a trusted partner for all clients, strategically helping them at all levels of visual assets' optimization by:

  • Collecting test benchmarks for numerous app and game categories and using the data to develop a testing strategy
  • Developing concepts for a product, search, and category page testing experiments and building creative
  • Testing results and developing further recommendations

What's in store for the future

SplitMetrics believes that mobile A/B testing is an essential part of the mobile market DNA. They will continue to provide their expertise and package of services to help app and game publishers run successful A/B testing experiments.

SplitMetrics has always been serving their customers as a solution provider company and partner as:

  • A mobile A/B testing tool
  • Mobile marketing experts with years of hands-on experience
  • An expert at running practical mobile A/B testing experiments
  • An expert at optimizing and automating Apple Search Ads campaigns through their SearchAdsHQ platform
  • A provider of free educational materials on app store optimization, A/B testing, and paid user acquisition

SplitMetrics has always emphasized providing their clients and mobile market players with solid expertise. They will, in the future, reconsider their packaging and pricing strategy to conform with the existing market trends.

So stay tuned for upcoming future updates!

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