Deniero Bartolini, The Remote CEO, Is Helping Millions Reinvent Their Businesses
(Photo : Deniero Bartolini)

The modern business landscape is a highly competitive space in the economy. There are many business models and players in the different sectors that continually innovate to outsmart their competition. This leads to a fast-changing business environment with numerous trends and changes.

To remain in business, entrepreneurs and brands must continually reinvent themselves. This is one of the great strategies that some of the most successful businessmen and women employ to survive. Reinventing your business may entail periodic overhauling of your brand or image and constantly reviewing your growth strategies. 

Though an essential business survival technique, it can equally be difficult to execute, especially for newbies in fast-paced sectors. As a result, entrepreneurs resort to sourcing professional advice to help them make the right business decisions. This has so far proved to be a practical solution, particularly in getting a third-party opinion on the best cause of action.

Deniero B, or Deniero Bartolini as he is formally known, is one of the business leaders and mentors helping businesses find success through reinvention. Deniero is an Italian-Canadian entrepreneur currently based in Toronto, Canada. He is the founder of The Remote CEO, a brand dedicated to helping other business people scale any business model remotely. This includes guiding them on pivoting from "brick and mortar" offices to a remote setup with a productive team.

Deniero himself is a successful remote CEO with a rich experience of working remotely. From a young age, Deniero did not want to work in an office. He wanted to create a work environment that aligns with his ideal lifestyle, and that's how he found himself in the freelancing world. He has since scaled as a freelancer, hiring a remote working team and establishing himself as a remote CEO. He started mentoring others on the same after many people showed great interest in learning how to build and get their remote businesses up and running. 

Since then, Deniero has dedicated himself to coaching others to reinvent their businesses and join the remote working space. He offers a wide array of services touching on mindset, automation and delegation, sales, PR, productivity, and many more. Deniero started his coaching as mostly one-on-one sessions, but that has since changed to accommodate more people. He has been running workshops and seminars for many events funded by the Government of Canada and the Ontario Government.

Deniero has also launched The Remote CEO Show, where he interviews 7, 8, and 9-figure entrepreneurs to help his audience crack the code of how to build a successful business while working remotely. The podcast has since recorded over 500 videos with hundreds of thousands of downloads. As a result, Deniero has become an online sensation with a massive following. He has over 56K followers on Instagram and millions of views on his podcast videos.

Deniero B recently launched his Remote CEO Academy, and is also working on releasing his first book on the same topic. The goal for the next few years is to create a business incubator for 'digital nomads' and remote workers that want to grow their businesses online.

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