Top 5 Benefits of Modern Technology in Today’s Classroom
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The modern classroom of 2021 is far different from that of even ten or twenty years ago. While digital technology like the internet has changed the way teachers teach, and students of all levels learn, other high-tech tools like school management software has changed how teachers and administrators alike can reduce time-consuming paperwork, limit physical contact (in these times of COVID-19), and lessen the overall, heavy administrative burden.

But the benefits of modern technology don't stop there. According to a new university report, modern technology has transformed the lives of everyday people all across the globe. The classroom of today doesn't look like it did even ten years ago. Nowadays, the traditional chalkboard has been replaced with digital whiteboards, while iPads are a prominent (and fun) tool for students. 

The major question is, is technology good for students or bad?

Says the Pew Research Center, 92 percent of teachers surveyed state that the internet has had a profound impact on theirs and their student's abilities to immediately access material, resources, and seemingly unending content.

That said, technology has not only been good for students, it's been a game changer for education as a whole.

Here are some other ways technology benefits the classroom.

Technology Fosters Engagement

Researchers claim that technology might be seen by some as a distraction. But it actually encourages participation and engagement in the classroom. By utilizing smart devices like tablets, laptops, and other high-tech tools, dull tasks and subjects can turn into interactive fun, much like a video game.

Technology Promotes Different Styles of Learning

While every child in the classroom is an individual, teachers would be hard pressed to adjust their teaching styles to fit every student's needs and wants. But modern technology can actually assist with this problem.

One online learning graduate is said to be applying his knowledge of modern integrating technology to the improvement of the classroom. Because of his efforts, kids who would rather draw during an entire class are now able to create an infographic that demonstrates their understanding of the material being presented to them.

This is something that would have been impossible just a handful of years ago.

Technology Encourages Collaboration

Teachers are said to have been noticing an increase in students who are willing to help fellow students use digital tools inside the classroom. Lots of technology-based activities lead to conditions where students can't move on to another level without the assistance of other students or the teacher. 

Also, if students are placed into small groups, the students who are more technologically savvy (usually the video gamers), have no trouble with assisting those who aren't with their technological problems.

Technology Prepares Kids for the Future

A CompTIA study recently revealed that 9 out of ten students indicated that by using technology in the classroom, they were preparing themselves for a future filled with digital high-tech.

By teaching something like PowerPoint to students early on in the classroom, you can help set them up for future success not only in the higher grades but also in the workforce.

In short, when it comes to technology instruction, the earlier you begin teaching a student the proper way of using it, the better prepared they will be for the future.

Technology Helps you Better Connect with Students

While modern technology can be seen as a cold barrier to human relationships, nothing could be further from the truth. Research reveals that technology can assist teachers to form better, more healthy relationships both with their colleagues and with their students.

The experts attest that by integrating modern technology into everyday lesson planning plus utilizing it to expand their own knowledge of a particular subject or subjects, teachers can make a much larger impact on their students than they could in the not too distant past.

In a word, technology has helped the teacher become smarter and more informed.

In Conclusion

There's no doubt that modern technology is continually evolving. That said, it's important for teachers to be flexible and to adjust their "classroom style" to keep up with advancements in high-tech.

Teachers shouldn't be afraid to take risks when it comes to trying out new technology. You never really know how effective something can be inside the classroom until you give it a test drive. After all, modern technology doesn't just make things easier and more interesting for teachers and students, it is said to encourage critical thinking.

Critical thinking is what the modern classroom is all about.

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