How the Goldfingr Investment Cub and Its Portfolio Companies Have Found Lasting Success
(Photo : How the Goldfingr Investment Cub and Its Portfolio Companies Have Found Lasting Success)

With an emphasis on cultivating meaningful relationships, Goldfingr investment club is the most powerful club of its kind. With over $200 million worth of capital funded directly as well as with over $100 billion in combined capital in their ecosystem, the Goldfingr investment club is helping companies, across the globe in a wide variety of industries, find capital, resources, and sustainable success. With investments in technology, art, real estate, entertainment, oil & gas, commodities, M&A, and heavy equipment, Rob Charles is perfectly suited to spearhead a network of investors and entrepreneurs intent on changing the world together.

Founding the Goldfingr investment group in NYC in 2014, Charles has helped the group evolve into the force of nature it is today. With both a strong digital community based on the Goldfingr app as well as with members and events across international commerce hubs like  Dubai, Davos, NYC, London, Singapore, Zurich, Malta, San Juan, Tulum, and Miami, the Goldfingr network is consistently facilitating significant and authentic relationships.

Charles and the Goldfingr team are intent on harnessing the power of both technology as well as human relationships in order to help the Goldfingr members and their companies. Believing in both the power of 'in-person' interactions taking place in brick and mortar establishments as well as in the endless possibilities enabled by modern technology, the Goldfingr investment club created their members-only app, 'Goldfingr,' in order to make the Goldfingr network and resources available with just a few taps.

The Goldfingr app is the digital core of the club, giving Goldfingr members easy access to all of its substantial offerings. With the app, Goldfingr members can network with potential partners, engage in mastermind & educational events, source deals for new investments, and raise capital for new projects. The app is an irreplaceable resource for members of this award-winning international investment group.

With all of these resources available as well as with the expertly curated network of highly knowledgeable and motivated entrepreneurs and investors, it should come as no surprise that the companies connected to Goldfingr are as innovative as they are successful. 

The companies in the Goldfingr universe are currently making waves in the cryptocurrency, blockchain, DeFi, NFT, and metaverse industries. Goldfingr is currently working with Matthias Mende and his new blockchain platform, Bonuz International, which allows users to purchase unique content and access from their favorite influencers and celebrities with blockchain tokens. Goldfingr is also invested in Animal Concerts, an original application leveraging metaverse technology; Animal Concerts recently hosted a Halloween party in the metaverse with international pop-star Future. Moreover, Goldfingr is partnering with Bannxx Group to provide their members the feasibility of spending their crypto by swiping a visa card, invested in GG International, an innovative lottery app utilizing blockchain technology to facilitate complete transparency in the industry, and more.

Beyond the aforementioned cutting-edge companies, the Goldfingr ecosystem is also involved with, Wuji Games, Cashaa bank (the bank for all popular crypto exchanges), Forbes Monaco, Yield Labs,,, Fire Starter, and T Defi, just to name a few.

Finally, Goldfingr has taken the initiative to create its own cryptocurrency token that can be used by Goldfingr members and within the Goldfingr mobile app ecosystem and beyond. The token will be available on a top centralized exchange in early December. Please fill out this form to join the waitlist. Also, please follow the club's social media accounts for more information on Goldfingr in general.

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