OlumiRing Reviews: Should I Buy The Mini Olumi Ring Light?
(Photo : OlumiRing)
 OlumiRing Reviews: Should I Buy The Mini Olumi Ring Light?
(Photo : OlumiRing)
OlumiRing Reviews: Should I Buy The Mini Olumi Ring Light?
(Photo : OlumiRing)
OlumiRing Reviews: Should I Buy The Mini Olumi Ring Light?
(Photo : OlumiRing)

Love and light, be the light, light up your world.... We, the inhabitants of the earth, seem to have a certain obsession with light. But we can't blame ourselves, can we? Everything looks better with light.

This endearing nature towards light can be observed in our daily lives and is equally leveraged by different sectors. For the business sector, you will notice that most stores and shops always use bright lights and have well-lit rooms, as they are aware that people are more likely to shop from their stores if they are bright enough. Also, notice how most children's toys are made to give off bright, colorful lights, as this is what most kids are attracted to and fascinated by.

Another sector worthy of note is the media. Social media, to be more specific. Everybody has been kissed by the sun. Laugh out loud. No sweetheart, their lives are not better than yours; they just have good lighting. An Instagram influencer giving off tips on how to take better pictures, hence producing great content had, "always use good lighting" as her first tip.

So, in this light-seeking world, it will only be sad to be left out. We all deserve to be lit. You do not have to look like what you go through or look like you are going through something. Your Instagram pictures can be the hottest thing online. You do not have to look gloomy over zoom calls. You too, should seek the light. 

But my room lighting is poor; the windows are too small and not enough light gets in no matter how much I try. Excuses! 

I have a large bulb in my room. It lights up the room, but some corners are still dark; maybe I should get a bigger bulb. Well, you can, but there might be better options. 

What options? I should buy a bulb for each corner of my room. 

Sigh. Okay, we will tell you. 

We believe that you have understood the need to have good lighting. Now, unto the next thing, how? You do not have to break holes in your walls to create more windows, a bigger bulb may just be brighter but not get to all corners of the room, and it is not cost effective to buy a bulb for every corner of your room. 

How about a bulb that you can move to any part of your room that you wish to be in? You know, like being a bearer of light and lighting up every room you walk into, literally! Sounds great, right? 

That is why we did not pause bringing this new, most talked about device to your notice. It was said to have been released into the market in 2020 when the coronavirus pandemic increased the demand to work from home and the need to be at home, including online zoom meetings, video calls, and content creation. Of course, it broke the market and still broke the market as people still need a brighter outlook.

It is the OlumiRing! 

Like we always say, we want the best, so we have gone ahead to do the homework and get you all the information you need about this device. Hence, this is an OlumiRing Review. Just keep reading.

What Is The Olumiring Light?

 OlumiRing Reviews: Should I Buy The Mini Olumi Ring Light?
(Photo : OlumiRing)

The OlumiRing is a portable ring ling light that consists of LED light bulbs with a clip that allows you to attach to different devices and object to light the surrounding space.

When we say ring light, your knowledge of it might be a large ring mounted on a tripod stand. Well true. Just imagine that same ring light, but without the tripod stand and very small, that is the OlumiRing! 

It can be attached to your phone for clear selfies and pictures, to your laptops for video calls and zoom meetings, or mirrors for a clear view while making up, for the ladies, and any other function you can think of.

How Does The Olumi Ring Light Work?

It works on electricity that powers up 40 LED light bulbs enclosed in a plastic cover and arranged in a ring. The LED light bulbs emit a mix of cool and warm light that lights the image opposite it and makes it brighter, eliminating shadows and dim areas.

Olumiring Reviews: Technicalities

Amount per unit: One 

Diameter: 3 inches

Material: Plastic

Accessories: USB Cable

Colors: White, Black, Pink

Now, you know what it is and the technicalities, you are probably dying to know the features. Well, this OlumiRing Review got you covered. Scroll away!

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Features Of The Olumiring Light

They include:

  • Design

  • Clip

  • Silicon Inner Lining

  • Power Source

  • USB Plug

  • 40 LED light bulbs

  • Power Button

  • Softening diffuser

  • Three power modes

  • Colors

Design: The OlumiRing has a very simple and sleek design. It is shaped like a ring and has the LED light bulb enclosed behind a white plastic. The rest of the ring behind the white plastic is another color, either white, black, or pink. This part bears the USB port where the OlumiRing is plugged in and a power button that turns it on and allows it to control the brightness. Other parts of the OlumiRing include the clip, which will be discussed in detail below.

Clip: The OlumiRing comes with a hook that opens about an inch wide enough to fit your devices, which are usually slim and tight enough so that it doesn't fall off. 

This is this most distinctive feature of the OlumiRing and what makes it stand out from other ring lights that come with a stand. The clip does what the stand is meant to do.

Silicon Inner Lining: This silicon lining is for the clip. The other parts of the OlumiRing are made of plastic, but the inner part of the clip that will contact the devices is lined with silicon. 

Power Source: The OlumiRing works on electricity. It can be used while charging but does not need to stay plugged in. You can charge and use it for later like regular torchlights. After a full charge, it can last for two hours before it needs to be charged up again.

USB plug: A unit of the OlumiRing comes with a USB plug. This can be plugged into a laptop or an adapter. 

40 LED light bulbs: The OlumiRing consists of 40 LED light bulbs. Of the 40 LED lights, 20 are cool lights, while the other 20 are warm. This only refers to the intensity of the light. The cool lights are dimmer and are used when no much light is needed. While the warm lights are brighter and used when a lot of light is needed.

Power Button: This is found on the body of the OlumiRing, next to the USB charging port. It is used to turn on the OlumiRing, and also used to control the light intensity. 

A single brief press on the power button will allow it to come on at a low intensity. A long press after the first one will allow for the cool lights to come on. Another long press, the third press, will allow for the warm lights to come on in addition to the cool lights, which are brighter than the previous.

Softening Diffuser: This feature helps the light from the OlumiRing to be evenly distributed and not cast shadows. It also prevents the eyes from being strained as it makes the light from the LED bulbs not to be concentrated.

Three power modes: The OlumiRing has three light intensities. With each press on the power button the light intensity increases. 

Colours: The body of the OlumiRing that is not the light-bearing part comes in different colors. Well, three colors have been identified. They include: white, black, and pink. 

Next on this OlumiRing Review is the benefits. You would have probably identified them from the features but will still spell them out for you. Keep scrolling.

OlumiRing Reviews: Should I Buy The Mini Olumi Ring Light?
(Photo : OlumiRing)

Olumiring Reviews: Benefits

They include:

  • Portable

  • Convenient

  • Versatile

  • Durable

  • Cost-effective

  • Adjustable Light Mode

  • Satisfactory

  • Easy to use

  • Device Friendly

  • Water proof

  • Many Uses

Portable: Imagine having to move a large ring light on a tripod stand every time you wanted to take a selfie or place a video call. Not a happy imagination, I guess. The OlumiRing has a diameter of 3 inches. This is just a bit longer than the average human palm. In other words, it can be carried anywhere. It can fit into any space. Hence, it can be carried about and used anywhere. 

Convenient: Owing to its size and design, the OlumiRing is the best thing to happen to the aesthetics industry. We've already talked about how easy it is to carry about because of its size. We also want to highlight how convenient its design is.

To start with, the clip allows you to place it on any device at all. More so, its ring feature will enable you to use it without blocking off the screen. You will still view your screen through the ring while taking the best pictures or recording the best videos. 

Another highlight of convenience is that the OlumiRing does not have to be plugged in to be used. It can be charged and used later. When charged full, it can last for up to 2 hours before it will need to be charged again.

Versatile: Nothing beats the feeling of having a device that works with so many other devices. You know what they say about teamwork. Having such a device saves you money as well as time.

 Imagine that you had to buy a specific ring light for your laptop, another for your android phone, another for an iPhone and another for a tablet. Your credit card will surely be in severe pain. Not to talk of the time and energy that will be spent setting up each for every device. 

That is why the OlumiRing is breaking the market. Nobody will want to miss out on such an offer. Its clip opens to about 1 inch wide, which can fit into the thickness of every new generation screen and is also tight enough not to fall off. The OlumiRing can work on all smartphones, laptops, tablets, and mirrors. Sounds like so much fun.

Durable: After assuring yourself that a device is great, the next worry will have to be if it will last. It is super annoying to buy a device today, only for it to blow up the next day. Nobody has the strength to raise voices these days, that's why people are keen about the durability of whatever they try to purchase.

Well, the OlumiRing is made of strong plastic that is difficult to break. Its clip is not rigid, so you wouldn't have to struggle and damage it.

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Cost-effective: The OlumiRing can work with all devices, hence eliminating the need to purchase many, its power source also makes it cost effective. The OlumiRing runs on electricity. All you have to do is charge it and use it. This eliminates the need to purchase a battery, as is the case with battery powered devices. More so, the amount of energy consumed by the OlumiRing is as much as its size, so no need to worry about hiking up electricity bills. 

Adjustable Light Mode: The OlumiRing has three adjustable light intensities. This is way better than ring lights that have only one intensity leaving you with no other option. With these different light intensities that are adjustable, you are not stuck with one choice, and you can choose intensities based on mood and environment.

For instance, if you are in a room with some light, you may not need the brightest light from the OlumiRing so that you will opt for the low intensity. And if you are in a dimmer room, or you just need enough lighting, like when taking a selfie, you will opt for the bright intensity.

Satisfactory: It's all for the gram! No one ever puts out the dark moments of their life out there. Everyone tries to put their best foot forward: happy moments filled with laughter, pictures with expensive designer bags and Rolex watches, pictures of the finest buildings, and most expensive restaurants. Indeed, everybody lies. So, why not you? 

The OlumiRing allows you to join in the lying game, by offering you the brightest of pictures, even in your darkest days. Even for yourself, nothing beats looking into a mirror and seeing yourself as bright as ever. What could be more refreshing than looking at pretty pictures of yourself? The OlumiRing is definitely worth trying out, if you really want these.

Easy to Use: Yes, another reason to hold on clicking purchase. Nobody likes to be stressed. Being a human being in a world where you have to work is more than enough stress. Besides, a device that is meant to make life easier and better should not be stressful to use. Nothing is more discouraging than having a device where you have to screw in bolts or read a manual to be able to set up and use it.

The OlumiRing is the complete opposite of the above. There is no setting up to do, no manual instructions that you have to read, all you have to do is unpack, clip and turn on. The clip works like a cloth peg that just opens and closes. You do not have to do any extra thing to make it open. Therefore, if difficulty in use is one of the reasons to not purchase the OlumiRing, think again. 

Device Friendly: We have already talked about how versatile the OlumiRing is by virtue of working with many devices. Another benefit worthy of note is that it is also safe to use on these devices or anything at all. The clip that holds the OlumiRing to the device is lined by silicon, which is very soft, hence making it safe to use on the devices. It will not break the screen of the devices, so there is no question of its safety at all. 

Weather Friendly: The OlumiRing is made of plastic. Even the LED light bulbs are covered by plastic. Hence, it can be used in humid environments. So, you have no worries taking it outside to use. It also doesn't have a problem with hot weather. It will require a very high temperature to damage it, which the sun is not capable of from the distance it is from us. Hence, it is safe.

Many Uses: This is just saying that the OlumiRing can be used for different things and by different people due to its versatility and portability. It can be used by photographers and in photography, content creation, makeup artistes, and business owners during online zoom meetings. And even if you do not fall into any of these categories, it will be useful in taking bright selfies for your own satisfaction. 

Well, that's it for the benefits. Next up on this OlumiRing Reviews is the cons of the OlumiRing. Of course, everything with a benefit will equally have a draw-back.

Cons (Olumiring Reviews)

They include: 

  • Limited Coverage

  • Not for large scale productions

  • Difficult to adapt to

  • Limited Stock

Limited Coverage: The OlumiRing can light up images in front of it and its immediate surroundings, but you are not guaranteed that it can light up an entire room. So, if you are looking to light up a very large area, the OlumiRing may not just be your guy. 

Not for large-scale productions: The OlumiRing can work for selfies and small video productions but because of its design it may not be the best option for large-scale productions like a blockbuster movie, where so many scenes will be shot. You may want to opt for larger and brighter lighting. 

Difficult to adapt to: You know how it is with a new device, getting use to it and all, it might just happen with the OlumiRing, especially because it has to do with light. 

If you are not used to having light shone directly to your face, the OlumiRing might be discomforting in the first few days of use. It may also take time to learn how to focus on the camera amidst the bright light. 

Limited stock: As we earlier mentioned, the OlumiRing has been making waves in the market, with many people buying it for personal and business use. So, you may not have the luxury of saving up to buy because you might just become a victim of the dreaded 'out of stock'. 

Ever since its release into the market, the OlumiRing has been selling out, increasing demand, making it limited in stock. Hence, if you eventually decide to buy the OlumiRing, you will have to make hay when the sun shines. 

That's it on the pros and cons. The remaining part of this OlumiRing Reviews will be about other details like how to use FAQs, and customer reviews. 

OlumiRing Reviews: Should I Buy The Mini Olumi Ring Light?
(Photo : OlumiRing)

How To Use The Olumiring Mini Light

Just in case you haven't quite understood how the OlumiRing works, we have dedicated this part of this OlumiRing review to giving you a step-by-step guide on how to use it so that you can decide for yourself how easy it is to use.

Step 1 Remove the OlumiRing from its pack.

Step 2 Open up the clip like you would a clothespin and clip it to any device of choice.

Step 3 Press on the power button next to the USB charging port.

Step 4 Enjoy your lighting.

To increase light intensities, you will have to long-press on the power button. After it is already on, one press will move you to the next intensity, and another press will move to the next intensity in an increasing order. 

Also, worthy of note, is that the OlumiRing is an out-of-the-box use. It will come on once out of the box and can be used, even though it is advised to charge it to a full battery to sustain its battery life. 

Now that you are aware of how to use it, you are definitely itching to know its price to make up your mind. Keep scrolling down this OlumiRing Review to find out.

Olumiring Price

The price list for Olumi ring light can be seen below:

Where To Buy Olumiring Light

You can purchase the Olumi ring light on the original site of the manufacturer, via the link below. When you click on the link, you will be redirected to the original factory group, and you can buy Olumiring safely. Payment is secure and your information is not disclosed. Discounts are also offered by the manufacturer. But you have to make a purchase. Order today.

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Now that you know that, the following segment on this OlumiRing Review is the Frequently Asked Questions. Well, this is reserved for people who do not feel the need to go through the entire review and just want the facts. Enjoy!

Olumiring Reviews: Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the makers of the OlumiRing? The OlumiRing is produced by an American company situated in New York City, USA.

Where can one purchase the OlumiRing? 

The OlumiRing can only be purchased online, as it is not available in physical retail stores.

How bright is the OlumiRing? 

The brightness of the OlumiRing ranges from 100 to 800 lumens. 100 lumens being the dimmest and 800m lumens being the brightest. It is also adjustable to suit one's needs and comfort.

Will the OlumiRing block my screen?

No, it will not. The OlumiRing is a donut kind of ring. So that there is a large hole in the middle of the LED bulbs, and your screen isn't blocked off. 

Does the OlumiRing affect my picture quality?

Yes, it does, in a positive way, though. What makes for a bright picture is proper lighting, and the OlumiRing does just this. So, you should expect better pictures with the OlumiRing.

How much does the OlumiRing cost?

The price list for Olumi ring light can be seen below:

Will it damage my device? 

No, it will not. The inner part of the clip is lined with soft silicone, so be rest assured that it won't damage your device's screen as the contact with it is soft.

How does it work? 

It works with LED light bulbs that can be controlled to emit light at different intensities. All you have to do is clip it onto a device, turn it on using the power button, and further control it using the same power button. 

Does it affect sight?

Even though you can determine the intensity of light and choose the one that suits your eyes, there is no guarantee that it does not affect the eyes, so you can still seek medical advice if you suspect any eye defects.

Is it durable? 

Yes, it is. It is made from strong plastic that doesn't wear, and that is difficult to break.

Now that you have all the information about the OlumiRing, you will also appreciate knowing what other people who have bought and used it have to say about it. We have gathered reviews online, and the following part of this OlumiRing Review is about it.

Olumiring Reviews Consumer Reports

"With the OlumiRing, I'm more eager to video call my family and not feel insecure about it because it makes me look brighter and more beautiful. I don't regret it."

Olivia, New Jersey.

"I love that I can take the OlumiRing anywhere. It is so convenient and gets the job done. I am a freelance photographer and I couldn't be more grateful for the OlumiRing. Plus, my clients are happy."

Daniel, Texas.

"I use the OlumiRing to apply my makeup; I've never looked better."

Cheryl, Maryland.

Final Remarks On This Olumiring Reviews

After all said and done; we have concluded that the OlumiRing is a blend of convenience and satisfaction.

 It may seem trivial, but little things like looking good on video calls while making up and having bright and good pictures on our social media pages go a long way in building our confidence and making us happier. And you know what they say about happiness.

The choice is still yours. That's it on this OlumiRing Reviews. Hope this review was helpful? 


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