Stephen Ugenti
(Photo : Stephen Ugenti)

If you are someone who spends a lot of time on YouTube, you are sure to have heard of Stephen Ugenti who goes by the online name of @steveslife. With almost 300K followers, within just 3 months, Stephen Ugenti is here to share 10 tips that have helped him work magic behind the scenes.

1. Post regularly-

For those aware of the intricacies of the YouTube algorithm, the fact that posting consistently is a tried and tested technique for growth is quite well known. Make sure to follow a schedule and keep the algorithm happy.

2. Engage with your audience-

The basis for the growth of any business idea is to keep in touch with what the target audience wants. Make sure you understand their needs and regularly communicate with people who view your content to get feedback right from the source. Steve also mentions it to be a great way of boosting your relevance in the eyes of the algorithm.

3. Choose your own voice-

A YouTube platform is just another place to express your opinion and get others interested in the content you can provide. Choose a tone that resonates with your own and doesn't be afraid to step away from mainstream methods of content creation.

4. Try out new things-

Just because you have chosen the vibe and style of your videography doesn't mean that you restrict yourself to a particular type of content. Create videos on topics that interest you rather than only focusing on what is trending.

5. Be obsessed-

Whether it is chalking out a video idea, or editing the final cut to perfection it is better to give your all and work hard rather than putting in only half of what you know you are capable of.

6. Be patient-

As the saying goes all good things take time and a career on YouTube is not exempt from such a generalisation. Don't be too harsh on yourself and let your career grow organically.

7. Build connections-

Steve says that something that has greatly helped him stay on track is building connections with fellow YouTubers who are both beginners like him and those who have already established a following for themselves.

8. Stay informed about your content-

Studies show that most viewers have an attention span of 30 to 40 seconds for a video they click on. This is why videos shorter than 10 minutes usually have a higher view count especially if you are a newbie. However, if making longer videos is more of your style make sure you are well educated and updated with recent developments in your chosen category.

9. Use social media-

There are several ways in which social media can be a boon to YouTubers of the new generation. Whether it be gaining new ideas, interacting with your audience or promoting your channel, being active on social media is great.

10. Don't be trolled-

When you are first starting out with content creation on a huge platform such as YouTube it's important to not let negativity affect you. However, make sure you understand the difference between constructive criticism and internet trolls.

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