Indiana Gregg
(Photo : Indiana Gregg)

Wedo, an American and European social communication SaaS application, is on a mission to 'help more people help more people'. "We believe by doing so, we'll, leave the world in a better shape than we found it", says Wedo's founder Indiana Gregg.

In response to a growing demand from tech-savvy Millennials and GenZs for easy-to-use online tools to run their lives and businesses, Fintech has become a rapidly growing market segment. The increase in the number of fintech companies and startups is thus not surprising. Currently, the total size of the rapidly growing online business market is $4T globally. This number is expected to grow rapidly, as more and more people choose to quit their jobs to work from home, from anywhere, or try to build a side-business online.

Founded by Indiana Gregg, Wedo is serving that market by providing a seamless social video application that helps people transact and earn online. The platform is mobile and web-based to keep the barriers of entry low. Anyone with knowledge to share and a smartphone can start their online business and collect a payment for the service they provide. As the world moves more towards a knowledge-based economy and transacting on knowledge and services, Wedo provides all the tools startup entrepreneurs need to monetize their skills.

Wedo lets you build your audience, go live in "alleys" and sell your goods and services with live-streaming payments. Plus, Wedo's fin tech tool makes it easy for payments by providing debit cards and accounts in multiple currencies, the ability to send invoices, and to stay organized and in touch with your existing and potential clients.

Wedo's founder Indiana Gregg, "Indy", has been a freelancer in the creative sector as well as advisory services to startups in her 25-year tech career. She has also been the CEO of a variety of startups, including her own, for example, a social networking platform, artist aggregation, and marketplace that was launched in 2004 pre-dating Spotify and iTunes. The Kerchoonz platform was born out of a drive to make the world of the music creator a fairer place.  She has undeniably made a great contribution to making the music industry a fairer place for music creators. Now with Wedo, she is working towards setting a similar bar in the field of finance and technology. Most of Indiana's work redefines excellence in distinctive fields of tech, design, music and finance, and she continues to set a bar for all aspiring creative and tech professionals.

Wedo is planning to play a crucial role in building synergies between people, businesses, and their network. Bringing in the latest innovations of the technological sector, Wedo is focusing on solving the problems of the creator economy and turning into a platform for individuals who want to launch and build their online business.

If you are interested in being part of Wedo movement from the start and becoming a beta member, please visit the Wedo website and sign up: Get Wedo Today.

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