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(Photo : (A section of the Reflectocoin homepage))

Cryptocurrencies are hardly a new topic, especially with everyone either trying to create, invest or gain more knowledge on the subject. After all, financial freedom is the goal. More than that, attaining financial freedom while involved in a project tied to what you care about does not sound like a bad idea.

Enter, Reflectocoin.

As seen on the website, Reflectocoin is the only hyper-deflationary token with exponential rewards and meta transactions.

It sounds like a mouthful at first, but let us break it down.

A deflationary token is one whose supply decreases over time. That is, it becomes less available. At first, this may seem like something undesirable, but there is a reason why this is good. By reducing the supply of Reflectocoin, the amount of tokens in circulation drops, thus preventing the market from being flooded due to demand, raising the token's value. A good deal for individuals holding the token at that time.

Regarding exponential rewards, $REFLECTO holders will receive:

  • 3.33% in EverGrow

  • 3.33% in Crypter

  • 3.33% in BUSD

In addition to the cumulative 10% rewards holders get from Reflectocoin, EverGrow and Crypter give holders 8% in BUSD. Hence holding $REFLECTO tokens triples BUSD rewards. That's considerable passive income.

When performing crypto transactions, gas fees can be bothersome. The founders of Reflectocoin are building an API(application programming interface) for developers to create wallets with gasless transactions.

In total, there are 1,000,000,000,000,000(one quadrillion) $REFLECTO coins in supply. 50% of the total number is sent to the burn address to prevent the market from flooding and improve its value. 3% goes to the founders and the team, 2% is airdropped, and 45% is for presale and initial liquidity.

Here's Why You Should Care

1. Earn Passively

Being the first of its kind, Reflectocoin is unique in that it rewards users with 3.33% in EverGrow, Crypter, and BUSD. It is a deflationary token set to increase in value with higher demand as it is designed to become more scarce over time. All holders of $REFLECTO will receive a 10% reward from every Buy/Sell transaction every 60 minutes. Not to forget, EverGow and Crypter reward holders with 8% in BUSD. Earn passively by holding $REFLECTO, which gives you rewards that give you rewards.

2. Longevity That You Can Trust

Holding a crypto token translates into trusting it for various reasons, most significantly, to increase value. With the adoption of decentralization, tokens that can be held for the long term and be profitable are golden. The Reflectocoin team understands this, and to prove that $REFLECTO is here for the long run, its liquidity is locked for ten years. During this time, the team aims to build user-friendly utilities and an ecosystem around $REFLECTO.

3. Developer Friendly

Being big on rewarding the community and improving the long term, $REFLECTO will enable REST API for developers to easily integrate crypto payments into their system and build wallets. This feature will aid developers that want to add crypto payment options to their platform or create wallets.

4. Meta transactions

When making transactions on the Binance Smart Chain network, users must hold BNB in their wallets to pay for transaction fees known as gas. The $REFLECTO token supports meta transactions that enable gasless wallets and trading, meaning that there is no payment for gas. Hence holding BNB will not be necessary for performing blockchain transactions. Furthermore, transactions will be free as Reflectocoin will pay the fee from the Gas Wallet. This wallet takes 1% from all trades and will be used later to enable free gasless transactions.

5. The First Digital Menu

The Reflectocoin team is integrating $REFLECTO into the imenu digital menu, making it the first digital menu to enable users to pay in crypto. In addition to that, users will get reflections and will be able to pay for meals with reflections from the previous day. As for compatibility, iMenu's digital menu is available on iOS, Android, and Web applications, ensuring convenience and ease of use.

6. The Anti-Whale System

This system is put in place to prevent individuals from controlling value due to demand by buying up giant (whale) amounts of $REFLECTO. Reflectocoin's contract ensures that 0.125% of that total amount of tokens cannot be sold at once. This restriction discourages swing trading and prevents price manipulation.

7. Liquidity Pool Mechanism

This mechanism enables Reflectocoin to fix the low liquidity issues of most decentralized exchanges via PancakeSwap. Reflectocoin's smart contract deposits 4% from all transactions as $REFLECTO and $BNB into liquidity for PancakeSwap.

The purpose of Reflectocoin is to serve as a decentralized platform that facilitates crypto adoption by bridging the gap between cryptocurrency and fiat currency. Hence, enabling the everyday person to enjoy the benefits of cryptocurrency. $REFLECTO serves as a yield generation token that rewards its holders in multiple other girls generation tokens and BUSD. Although the Reflectocoin team intends for $REFLECTO to be held, investors can benefit from it when cryptocurrency is volatile.

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