New Crypto Trading Platform with Over 500 Cryptocurrencies
(Photo : New Crypto Trading Platform with Over 500 Cryptocurrencies)

A new crypto trading platform, IXFI, has been launched. The exchange seeks to improve the cryptocurrency industry by offering innovative crypto services that will make trading easier and help investors build a crypto ecosystem where all their financial activities can be performed. Launched on December 1, IXFI is poised to begin onboarding traders, both beginners and experienced ones..

IXFI was founded by Cristian Andrei, a Romanian businessman who also doubles as IXFI's CEO. The exchange is registered and licensed in Estonia as a financial services company with permission to offer cryptocurrency exchange platforms and related activities. IXFI exchange place is currently available as a web platform. Its mobile app is under development and will be launched in February 2022.

On the exchange, traders will have access to over 500 cryptocurrencies and explore the market in over 1000 trading pairs. The live market feed is updated without lag and traders can expect to have instant execution of their trades.

IXFI Brings Exciting Features To Crypto Trading

The crypto community is set to enjoy several innovative features that will make trading easier and better for them. According to Andrei, the exchange is out to offer an alternative banking system where traders of all experience levels can take advantage of a simple and secure platform to start trading. Four of the most exciting features on IXFI under development are:

IXFI Crypto Cards

IXFI will roll out a feature that will allow users to obtain debit cards that are linked to their accounts. Ther cards will have multi-layer security and will be PoS-ready. With these cards, users can simply make transactions from any compatible facility in the world subject to permissions. IXFI aims to bring the true power of decentralized finance to the world and remove the barrier for people to access their money at any time.

Crypto Loans

Crypto loans will be available to users. These loans are different from those that are currently being offered on centralized crypto exchanges today. The loan feature will allow users to take crypto loans and use the funds on other platforms. However, a safety feature is attached to present abuse. Loans will be available to users in commensurate degrees to their portfolios.

Competitive APY On Staking

On IXFI, users can stake tokens to earn rewards. The exchange assures that its APY will be higher than what is found across the industry. Staking remains one of the best ways for investors to earn more tokens without actively trading the market.

Simple And Easy Fund Transfer

Registered IXFI users can simply send or receive tokens on the platform without using a dedicated wallet address. The feature allows users to send funds to users using only their registered email addresses or phone numbers. This significantly reduces the technicalities that new users face on other centralized exchanges where they have to use wallets to send or receive funds.

IXFI To Seek Operating Licenses In Other Countries

In order to reach more people, the exchange will seek approval from regulatory agencies in other countries outside Estonia. This will help IXFI to operate under the law and avoid certain legal matters. According to Andrei, IXFI hopes to bring new and unique features in crypto to the world and help more people come aboard the new digital technology.

There has been an increase in the efforts towards regulating the crypto industry in recent months. Despite the challenges, IXFI is confident of gaining permission to offer traders across diverse backgrounds a safe way to trade and earn.

Above all, IXFI's alternative banking features could position it in the lead as the world transits into a digital asset economy.

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