PawPaw: Rise to the Challenge of the First-Ever Battle Royale Crane Game in the Blockchain Landscape
(Photo : Deep Wadhwa)

With the blockchain landscape evolving by leaps and bounds, the blockchain-based gaming industry dynamics are changing in the most superlative way. A blockchain is essentially a chain of data blocks on a computer network, which is revitalizing the gaming industry in a big way. In this regard, PawPaw, the first-ever battle royale crane game in the blockchain landscape, is all poised to take things to the next level. This metaverse experience remains a collaborative effort of the multinational developer SugaGroup, KardiaChain, Whydah and Iron Sail.

In its Season-1, the Christmas event is called Jingle Paw, which will kickstart from December 23, 2021, at 16:00 (GMT+7) to January 2, 2022, at 16:00 (GMT+7), with the biggest claw machine on Nguyen Hue Walking Street in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and daily rewards up to US$1,000 for every player to win. So it is time for the crypto, domestic and foreign gamers to rejoice and earn their stripes through the PawPaw metaverse experience of the claw game.

SugaGroup, which is located in Vietnam and its head office in Singapore, remains a force to reckon with in game development and software technologies. Whydah, a metaverse pioneer in Vietnam with Iron Sail acting as a subsidiary that raises funds to be invested into blockchain gaming projects, and KardiaChain, a renowned blockchain business in Southeast Asia, are both partners in the Pawpaw project. Our purpose in developing blockchain games is to provide the best experience possible for everyone.

With its origin in Japan, the UFO Catcher, or the claw crane, is a renowned arcade game that has gained stupendous popularity across the globe. With the intensive 'up and across' mechanics, this game challenges the player to pick all the prizes in the machine. However, KardiaChain and SugaGroup plan to take things to the next level through a worthy hidden treasure hunting activity in the festive season.

PawPaw is a metaverse Play-to-Earn UFO Catcher/ claw crane game where players win $KAI tokens and physical prizes via online gaming. The claw game provides the most seamless and unique online crane game experience that promises to be a Catch-and-Earn battle royale like none other. About 500 players can simultaneously control one claw crane within a time limit. To join the league, a player has to connect the Dorepoc wallet and participate in a battle of skill and reflex to take control of the crane. The ultimate goal is to last until the final moment so that the crane will catch the right prize for the right winner. With the cutting-edge technology of KardiaChain, the point counting system and reward archive will be millisecond accurate to determine the true 'last crane standing' to earn true value with PawPaw. 

PawPaw still remains in the Alpha stage, with more updates in the offing in the upcoming seasons. Jingle Paw will be about how players challenge their limits to bag rewards and experience an adrenaline rush with PawPaw. 

Winner takes it all:

  • 10 winners top 10 referral: 100 USD/ winner
  • 20 winners top 20 KAI balance in snapshot time: 50 USD/ winner
  • 20 topmost active winners in our channels: 25 USD/ winner
  • 50 lucky winners: 10 USD/ winner

So, save the date and join in the first battle royale crane game, PawPaw at:

Along with the introduction of PawPaw, a player can take up the challenge in a minigame and win rewards up to US$ 3,000 before they head into the Jingle Paw Season.

This game challenge remains a new beginning in the field of the blockchain-based gaming industry, which remains decentralized and transparent to the core. So, rise to the challenge of PawPaw: The Battle Royale Crane game, play and earn massive rewards. As one of the conditions, all winners need to pass all tasks in the Gleam campaign.

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