For the Kids of Tomorrow, the Food of Tomorrow - ELSE Nutrition is Inventing a Plant-Based Future for Infants
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Executive Summary

Else Nutrition is an award winning, category-leading food company that has developed a revolutionary preferred-alternative to dairy based infant's foods. An independent US-based study indicates significant feeding related disorders and symptoms in large majority of children.

An ever-alergetic generation: A Growing Concern

The US CDC reports that there is a growing prevalence of food sensitivity and allergies among children. These are not limited to GI issues but can bring with them related conditions that include asthma and other allergies. There is a need for a clear alternative to dairy based food products to address these concerns.

Gastrointestinal disorders in dairy based formula fed infants are quite common. A multi-centre study found that up to 78% of patients suffered with GI issues. These conditions are a major source of stress for both parents and children, and result in more frequent visits to health care providers. Addressing the root cause of these issues will improve the quality of life and health for the child.

The range of symptoms experienced by users of dairy and soy-based infant formulas can include colic, regurgitation, and bloating. The simple solution is to remove dairy and soy from the diet without sacrificing any of the benefits.

A Simple Solution for Significant Improvement

ELSE Nutrition offers a plant-based, non-soy, non-dairy, clean-ingredient formula.

"Improving lives and providing a real alternative to dairy for early childhood nutrition was the spark for starting Else and it is reassuring to see validation from moms that Else products are truly helping to make their families' lives better," says Hamutal Yitzhak, CEO and Co-Founder of Else Nutrition. 

Not only do these products simplify healthy eating, by decreasing vomiting, reflux and spit-ups, they improve the moments of feeding, enjoyment and care shared between parents and their child. These benefits extend beyond feeding and digestion into the overall quality of life. After switching to ELSE Toddler, or ELSE Kids, over 75% of parents surveyed indicated that there were marked improvements in their child's health and well-being.

The Results are In: A Plant-Based Healthy Alternative that Kids Enjoy

Many parents have found ELSE plant based products to be a wholesome, enjoyable solution to their food sensitivity and allergy concerns. ELSE products are free from potentially harmful ingredients and include whole plant, non-GMO, minimally processed ingredients.  

Initial study findings indicate the following significant benefits:

  • Increased infant weight gain  

  • Reduction of GI related symptoms 

  • Improved bowel movements 

  • Reduction in the frequency and severity of rashes 

In addition to providing good nutrition and an appealing lifestyle choice, children enjoy the taste of ELSE products and 90% of survey respondents said they would recommend it to their friends. This success has led ELSE to a top spot in Amazon sales in America, and an invitation from Amazon, to expand into European markets in early 2022. 

ELSE Expertise in Children's Nutrition

The ELSE collection of products is not only easy to eat, easy to digest and easy to live with, it is built on a foundation of industry expertise, both in childhood nutrition and paediatric health. The ELSE leadership team includes executives and medical practitioners from top infant food producers and medical research institutions. ELSE is committed and well-resourced to deliver delicious, high quality, and nutritious products for families throughout the world.

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