NFT Enthusiasts Need to Check Out The GOAT Society
(Photo : Lydia Haug)

It's no secret that the NFT space is one of the industries with the most significant potential for growth. 

But that is both good and bad news. 

It is good news because more people will improve their lives if they take advantage of the new developments. On the other hand, it's terrible because unscrupulous characters may exploit these people if they don't know where to look for authentic information. 

Luckily, a few NFT projects have rock-solid communities with their best interests at heart, such as the GOAT Society.

The GOAT Society is an NFT project and world-class community backed by experts with diverse backgrounds. 

BlockchainBuddha, the project's CEO, is a crypto connoisseur and entrepreneur with many projects to his name. Before starting his exploration in the NFT space, BlockchainBuddha built a 7-figure agency. 4Fun is a well-regarded digital artist with thousands of unique pieces to his name.

The duo's primary goal in starting the GOAT Society project was to create a community that would be both helpful and welcoming. That's a rare combination in the NFT space, but they knew they could change that. After assembling a team of world-class experts, they started work on the project, and soon after, it launched.

The GOAT Society project sold out within minutes of launching. It only took 5 minutes for the 10,000 units worth $3.2M to be sold. Two months later, the Society had a bustling, active and supportive community of 35,000 engaged Discord members. While most projects have to pay celebrities and influencers, the GOAT Society's initial success spoke for itself.

The community grew organically and gained celebrity support, with several A-list celebrities and athletes joining the community. They include people like Waka Flocka, Master P, and De'Aaron Fox. The community's growth continues to date, and the team believes several things contribute to it.

First, they earned the respect of their community members. 

While other projects have ruled their Discords with an iron fist, The GOAT Society chose to do things differently. Instead of banning all detractors at the slightest sign of dissent, the team respects everyone. It allows the detractors to air their opinions and then open to them. That has helped them cultivate positivity and create a respectful and vibrant community.

Second, the GOAT Society intentionally makes members a "GOAT" in real life. 

The Society hosts weekly podcasts called "GOAT Talks" that foster self-improvement and help members achieve their goals. The podcasts are educational and interactive, and the members can interact with subject matter experts. According to members, the podcasts are like taking a masterclass where you interact with the masters in real-time. No other community in the NFT space is doing anything similar to that.

Third, the GOAT Society has the future in mind. 

Few projects in the NFT space have longevity in their plans, and many promote theirs as a get-rich-quick scheme. The Society is different and is already working on other projects. Its goal is to become a blue-chip NFT in the next few months.

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