An In Depth Seth Jared Course Review
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If you're reading this, then you're probably interested in starting a career as a digital marketer, and you heard about Seth Jared's Course: The Digital Marketing Career Blueprint. If you're like me, you're doing research and want a course review that actually gives you details about what you get in Seth's course.

That's what I'm going to do. I won't tell you if you should or shouldn't buy his online course. I'll tell you what's inside so you can make an informed decision.

The Digital Marketing Career Blueprint

The goal of Seth's course is to help people get their first job in digital marketing. I heard his online course was different because he talks about how to actually make a resume and talk to the hiring people, which I didn't see in other courses that I tried from Udemy or Skillshare or even Linkedin.

I did my research and watched a ton of interviews on the Seth Jared Youtube Channel. I saw a course review with a student named Karen who worked at Glassdoor. I reached out to her on Instagram and to my surprise she actually wrote back to me.

She didn't have a Bachelor's Degree, I think she has an Associates. She started freelancing when she was 20 after getting an internship from doing Seth's course.

I looked at his Instagram page and read the testimonials there too. Unlike most other online courses, the testimonials and reviews were more believable. It wasn't like "This course made me $10,000 in 2 days!" Most of them were like this one:

I reached out to a couple of the other students and they got back to me too, and then I emailed Seth and he messaged me back, so I felt good enough to sign up.

Inside the Digital Career Blueprint Member's Area

When I signed up I was greeted by a clean looking members area that had a lot of content. First this is the welcome page:

You'll see a bunch of stuff, like links to:

  • The Online Course Itself, which has over 15 hours of content, videos, links, and documents.

  • The Forum, a place to post questions that Seth Hymes answers a few times a week and connect with other students.

  • A Linkedin Fast Growth Thread - a 5 year old forum thread with 100s of posts of people sharing their Linkedin addresses. This is to help people who are new to Linkedin grow their network quickly by connecting with other students.

  • Coaching Call Archive - Seth Jared Hymes records all the coaching calls done by his coaches and uploads them to playlists. There's over a year's worth of calls in there on PPC and SEO with Nick, Xavier, and Andrea.

  • The Coaching Call Schedule is on the right sidebar - calls are Wednesday and Saturday every week, alternating between SEO and PPC.

  • A Linked to join the Seth Jared Hymes Private Facebook Group, which is really the most active part of the community honestly.

Inside the Digital Marketing Blueprint Course Itself

The Digital Marketing Career Blueprint online course is 20 modules and over 16  hours of material, and that is just the information, it doesn't include the time you need to spend actually do all of the assignments or the coaching calls. This is the digital marketing course table of content page:

Teaching Style in Seth's Course

But first, just a quick note about Seth's teaching style. I think this is why a lot of people like the course - Seth is not like a typical teacher in school where you want to fall asleep the more they talk. He's high energy and maybe even talks a little too much - but he's just excited about this digital stuff and it makes you excited even if you're nervous or don't want to study that day.

He uses a lot of movie analogies too, and since I am a movie fan I really liked those. It helped me understand some of the more complex concepts and stay interested.

Digital Marketing Blueprint Module by Module

Here's a complete list of all the modules in digital marketing career blueprint course:

  • Mindset Foundations and Mindmap

  • Digital in Plain English

  • Training for a Career Not a Degree

  • The Website

  • Google Ads: Fastest Way to a Job

  • Google Analytics: Tracking & Measuring

  • SEO in Plain English

  • Facebook Advertising and Social Media Marketing

  • Email Marketing and Funnels

  • Generating Your Own Experience

  • Get Free and Paid Clients

  • Beating the Experience Paradox (Hired with No Experience)

  • Getting Certified

  • Working with Client Accounts

  • What Employers Want: The Jobs Plan

  • Landing the Gig: Resume to Interview

  • Job Search Masterclass

  • Conclusion and Support

  • Coaching Call Archive

  • Alumni Advice Videos

And this is more info on each module of the Digital Marketing Career Blueprint Course by Seth Jared.

Module 1 - Mindset Foundations and Mindmap

Like Freshman orientation but actually practical. So you get oriented to the course. There's over 16 hours of videos in the Seth Jared Hymes course, plus coaching calls and so much info, you need to see how to pace yourself and absorb the material. Seth Jared has an actual mindmap and explains the exact steps to go through the course.

The overall strategy is simple, and it's different from any college program or other online courses I know of. The basic idea is to get digital marketing skills that employers need as quickly as possible, use them to generate experience, transfer that experience onto your resume, then apply for entry level or associate level jobs. It sounds easy but there's a lot of details.

Seth Jared Hymes explains that perfectionism equals poverty, and that the point of the lessons isn't to spend months learning one skill and trying to be perfect. The idea is to get the base knowledge you need to impress employers. To "speak the language" of digital marketers better than the average person or marketing graduate. Because many jobs are so in need of talent, they do a lot of on the job training if you can show you know the fundamentals. 

I know some people don't think mindset is important, but really it's a huge thing. If you get overwhelmed or get negative then you can't focus or get results. Seth Hymes is really inspirational and it helps get you ready to learn and stay positive. It's exciting to learn all this stuff, but also nerve wracking, especially learning something new and talking to clients, going to job interviews etc.

Mods 2 & 3 - Industry Orientation

Even though I'd already taken an online course from Udemy and a digital marketing course from Linkedin, I still didn't know much, especially how to begin thinking about a career in digital marketing. I was intimidated by a lot of the technical terms. In this section Seth breaks down what digital marketing is - websites, funnels, paid and organic traffic, conversions. All these complicated sounding terms were made super easy to understand so I felt better moving forward in the course.

I liked watching the Digital Marketing Career Walkthrough videos on the Seth Jared Youtube channel. This mod is like that but he goes into more details about specific job postings and what all the employer's language and the required skills mean. The point is so that when you're learning stuff in the course, you can map it back to the end result which is to get a job. 

Module 4 - The Website

The first mod in the In Demand Skills 101 section. This is where Seth Jared Hymes explains how the website is basically the 21st century storefront. He talks about the way sites are designed that are done right from a marketing perspective - which is called Landing Page Optimization - to make money for the business owners versus the way most web designers or the average person approaches things.

He says this is essential because at the end of the day you're learning how to get people from Google or Facebook or Twitter to come to the website, and if the website stinks or isn't setup with best practices then it's all wasted money.

Module 5 - Google Ads: PPC and the Fastest Way to a Job

This mod had so much info I have had to rewatch the videos at least 3 times.

It's about Google's advertising platform, which is known as PPC (Pay Per Click Advertising) or SEM (Search Engine Management). I never noticed the ads on Google before but now it's all I can see. He shows you how to actually setup accounts that will show ads for people searching for a company's products.

Seth Jared says this is where most of the jobs are, and I looked at a lot of his positive reviews and on Linkedin and it's correct. There are tens of thousands of jobs that want "PPC" as a skill.

I have seen some Youtube videos and Udemy online courses on this and nothing was as easy to follow or detailed as Seth's videos. I say easy to follow because this stuff can get pretty dry but like I said Seth uses a lot of movie and TV analogies and jokes to keep it interesting and exciting.

He walks you through all the steps inside a Google dashboard, and then gives you assignments and projects to help you show an employer that you understand how to do it, and then Nick, his coach, will actually grade the assignment and answer your questions on the coaching calls.

That is the main thing, he's always talking about how to learn this and what employers will ask you about it. Other videos I've seen don't talk about this at all. He also shows you how to do all of this so it can go on your resume and you will know how to take care of or fix someone else's account.

He has a 14 point checklist of exactly what to look for in an account to fix it quickly. Me and other students have used that when getting our hands on accounts or in interviews. It's incredibly helpful.

The funny thing I learned is that even though PPC is complicated, it's usually simple mistakes and not paying attention by other agencies or business owners that leads to problems. If you can spot those problems, that is what companies want to hire you to do.

He also gets into more advanced topics - again from the perspective of how to showcase your knowledge to an employer, not become a perfect expert. 

But the cool thing is the way Seth structures the course - he doesn't want people to get overwhelmed so he separates out the basic and advanced stuff. And most of the students I know who have had success went through the course at least 2 times because there is so much info.

Module 6 - Analytics: Tracking and Measuring

Analytics is basically using software to watch visitors on websites. This is how every website owner understands what their customers are doing.

In this section he shows you how to setup Google Analytics Universal Tracking along with the GA4 which I don't fully understand yet, but I was able to install this on my website and see what people are doing and it's awesome.

I think he is supposed to have a Google Tag Manager set up of videos soon -but what is cool is that I had questions about that in the FB Group and Kayla one of the students who got a job in Analytics, actually was in the group and helped me out!

Most of Seth's students get jobs in PPC or SEO but some people like Kayla just focus on Analytics.

Module 7 - SEO in Plain English

This is probably the second most in depth section. SEO means Search Engine Optimization and it's the second most popular skillset that employers need. It's about making changes to websites so that Google likes them more and puts them up higher in the search results.

SEO can get really complex but again he makes it pretty easy to understand. The main part of the training goes into what SEO is, on page and off page SEO, and again how to actually apply it to your own experience to put on your resume.

One of his coaches Andrea who works at Findlaw put together a Sample Site Audit for applying to jobs, and she also covers GMB Google My Business (which is now called Google Business Profile) for local businesses and local SEO. They also teach how to use Google Search Console.

This is stuff that you don't have to be an expert at but just learning it makes you more confident and able to talk to people working in SEO.

There are also advanced videos on Ranking/Google's constantly changing algorithm, site speed, and in depth on site SEO tools. And Xavier, Seth's new SEO Coach, is available every week to ask questions and now grades all the Site Audit Assignments.

Module 8 - Facebook Ads

This is a great intro to Facebook Advertising, but I will say this section is more basic than the sections on PPC or SEO. I was able to use it to setup a basic account and run some ads and get some clicks and even a couple of conversions, which is all that matters.

I wish the videos talked a little more about how to test different targets and make different ads or make them better. Facebook can get pretty complex. I know some students like Roberto, who has done Facebook ads for Subway and other big companies, got his start in Facebook Ads with Seth's course. But most people end up working in PPC or SEO.

Seth is direct about this though, he says he is not trying to give you a 100 hour course on any of these topics, just enough to get the basics and show an employer you know your stuff.

I think he is supposed to add moduled about Lookalike audiences and remarketing soon.

Module 9 - Email Marketing

This is where I learned why my inbox is always full of emails from people I don't know. He teaches you how to make an email "funnel" and capture people's emails and follow up with them.

If you signed up for Seth's free course or webinar you probably got a bunch of emails from him and he shows you how he does that. Email marketing is a big part of what companies need for jobs so this was also very valuable.

He actually walks you through exactly how to setup web pages that capture people's emails and send them. If you ever signed up for an email list at Bestbuy or another big website, they all use email marketing which is why it is another valuable skill set.

Modules 10 and 11- Generating Experience & Getting Clients

I have a friend in the Full Sail Digital Marketing Program, which is a 2 year program that costs about $60,000. But for some reason, my friend hasn't even touched a website after one year one. That's why it's so funny that in Seth's course right away he had a section in here on how to build a website.

The point of the website is then to use it to practice all the skills you just learned - PPC, SEO, Analytics, and Facebook Ads.

He then has modules on how to get clients - for free and paid. The strategy is to begin with free clients, because none of us really know what we are doing when we start out. But I was able to actually talk to the gym I go to and offer them free services and I was surprised when they said yet. A lot of students said the same thing - businesses need help with digital so if you know enough from Seth's course to sound like you know what you are talking about they will likely work with you.

After getting the free experience you get more confident to either begin charging or then put the experience on your resume.

Mods 12-14 Certification, the Experience Paradox, and Client Accounts

These mods are all about getting Google Search certified, and examples of real client accounts. It's awesome to see real live accounts as examples.

He also talks about the "experience paradox" - which is when employers want experience for entry level jobs but how can you have experience if it's entry level? He explains that employers don't really know what they are talking about most of the time - and if you can provide to them that you have knowledge they will usually talk to you even if you don't have 3 years experience.

Module 15 - What Employers Want

This is a more helpful perspective on thinking from the Employer's point of view. He makes a good point, because anytime I have been in a job interview, I have never really thought about the person interviewing me, I mostly try to not be too nervous and think of good answers.

Nobody in school ever talked about these kinds of things.

Module 16- Landing the Gig: From Resume to Interview

In this module Seth Jared shows you exactly how to put together a resume using just the experience you got from the course. He shows examples of students who got jobs who only did the bare minimum of work on small accounts and websites.

This is the section that has a ton of templates. He's got different templates for each different skillset - one for PPC, one for SEO, and one for both. He also has a cover letter template.

There's also a video on interviewing that is incredibly fun - it completely changed how I think about interviews and has made me much less nervous.

Module 17 - Job Search Masterclass

This section goes into depth on the job postings and how to really understand how to make your resume fit each job. He goes through a ton of examples of jobs and how you'd adjust how you present yourself for the job. This brings everything from the previous modules in Seth Jared's course together.

Mods 18-20: Conclusion & Support, Alumni Advice, and Coaching Calls Archive

The last few mods aren't teaching material - the conclusion is just a wrap up and then there are some great alumni advice videos shot by people who took the course and got jobs. You can tell these guys really care and are grateful because the videos are pretty long and they talk about what it was like when they took the course and some common mistakes to avoid.

These videos are also posted in the Mindmap Mindset section in the beginning - I like that because it's good to get encouragement in the beginning and at the end.

And the Coaching Call archive has over 60 videos of calls with Nick, Andrea, Xavier, and Matt, on SEO and PPC.

Coaching Calls and Community

The Coaching Calls are awesome, and I can't believe it's included in a course that costs less than $5,000. Most "guru" programs I've seen cost so much and they want you to pay thousands to actually get to talk to someone.

Seth has two coaches, one for SEO and PPC, and the calls are on Wednesday and Saturdays. The coaches Nick Battle and Xavier Singletary are great. Nick has worked at big agencies in Manhattan and big accounts like Netflix and Xavier is a whiz at local SEO, having moved up in his career very quickly.

The calls are a full hour long - and sometimes Xavier even stays on for 2 just because he likes talking to us.

The Facebook Group is active pretty much every day. Seth is very encouraging of everyone: 

If a post a question other students will answer it, and Seth himself answers them too.

I've seen people post when they get new jobs:

And alumni come back to answer questions and let us know when their companies have jobs or internships:

I've even see multiple students get hit up by recruiters - and/or share opportunities as they start getting attention after making changes to their Linkedin: 

Digital Marketing Blueprint Pros and Cons

Digital Marketing Blueprint Pros

  • Actually fun to watch videos on how to become a Digital Marketer

  • Detailed videos on PPC, SEO, Pivot Tables, Advanced PPC and SEO Techniques, Building Websites, Analytics, Funnels, Email Marketing, Getting Clients, Applying to Jobs, Resume, Interviews

  • Shows You How to Get Hands on Experience

  • Includes Resume and Project Templates - Coaches grade projects and assignments

  • Coaching Calls and Super Awesome Community - people keep posting getting their jobs in the group

  • Seth actually answers emails and questions in the FB Group and Forum and critiques resumes and Linkedin profiles

  • Alumni come back to the group all the time to answer questions and let us know if there are job openings at their agencies

Digital Marketing Blueprint Cons

  • No subtitles on videos or audio downloads

  • Can be an overwhelming amount of information at first

  • Self Paced - not like school where you have to go to class on Monday, you have to motivate yourself to take action

  • Seth makes a lot of movies references - which I like but if you don't watch a lot of movies or TV you might not get them

  • Some people have said the course starts out too slow, but I personally like that Seth eases you into digital marketing and gives you a perspective of how all the jobs work, etc.

Seth Jared Course Review Closing Thoughts

I hope this article has helped give you a better idea of what to expect in the Digital Marketing Career Blueprint. I wanted to write something with a little more info about Seth's Course.

I've only seen a couple of negative reviews about Seth and his course, and they were all vague, with spelling mistakes, and didn't say much about the actual course. Most positive reviews had the person's name and their story. There's another detailed Seth Jared Course Review by one of his students here. 

But either way I wouldn't just believe negative comments or positive comments from anyone without a little more detail behind it.

I also recommend going right to the source, and if you have any questions go to and get in touch with Seth directly.  You can also connect with him on Linkedin, starting with this Seth Jared Digital Marketing Course Review. 

Whether you take Seth's course or not, I wish you the best on your digital marketing journey. 

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