The Habit of Reading and The Key to Success with Luis Scott
(Photo : Luis Scott)

Despite processing a 17-year experience in the law business and being the COO of an 8-figure firm, Luis Scott, managing partner of Bader Scott Injury Lawyers, believes that he can still learn a new valuable piece of wisdom from a book.

"When you read, you learn things, and when you learn things, you grow," said Scott.

Scott credits his success in the law baseness to his reading habits. Not having grown in a family of entrepreneurs, Scott learned about the business world through books. A deep-rooted desire to be a businessman led Scott to read every possible book on the subject to acquire the skills necessary to become an entrepreneur.

"Reading accelerates the value of education," stressed Scott.

Scott is a believer that developing strong good habits is critical to achieving personal success. Building his reading habits helped Scott cultivate the discipline necessary to succeed in the law business; the practice of reading made Scott's mind active and receptive to growth.

"Reading creates discipline; discipline creates implementation, and implementation creates ideas that will grow your wealth," said Scott.

Today, reading has become a quintessential part of Scott's life. More than a habit, reading is a necessity for him. The people close to Scott might commonly spot him at the office or a nearby café, carrying a different book each week.

Scott has a 52-books-in-52-weeks rule, in which he challenges himself to complete one new book every week of the year. His favorite genres are books on personal growth and manifestation, which have helped him become a better leader and develop a stronger mindset.

Out of his passion for reading, Scott decided to create an online book club called "52 Books in 52 Weeks," in which he "tries to bring value from a different book each week," as he describes.

In each new video, Scott gives his audience nuggets of wisdom from that week's reading. At his book club, Scott has featured titles such as "Think Yourself Rich" by Dr. Joseph Murphy, "No Ego" by Cy Wakeman, and "Maximize Your Presence" by Kat Cole. These different books offer the reader lessons on leadership, networking, unlocking the power of the subconscious mind, and building one's brand.

Scott is aware that being the head of an 8-figure firm requires an unbreakable discipline and a strong mindset. In the thrilling world of books, Scott found an inexhaustible source from which he can uncover the secrets of personal growth and success.

"The discipline it takes, passive-observer millennial," concluded Scott.

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