Social Media Sensation Valent Wan Ting Influences Netizens With Her Trendy Instagram Reels
(Photo : Wan Ting)

The advent of video-sharing platforms like Tik-Tok, Dubsmash, Musically, etc have persuaded millions to showcase their drama skills. The idea of recording yourself on a short and trendy soundbite has allured all of us at least for once. Providing a similar feature called reels, Instagram has also convinced a myriad of people to be groovy.

Putting up with this trendy attribute i.e. reels, social media influencer Valent Wan Ting has come out with flying colors. She is also a model who has influenced multiple brains in the names of fashion, fitness and beauty. This young spirit beguiles thousands with her exhilarating reels. 

Valent Wan Ting is undoubtedly an Instagram person. She has more than 550K followers. Besides her sensual and titillating photographs, this social media celebrity is also adorned for making super modish and trendy reels. Each of these reel videos collects more than thousands of views. 

The model uploads reels portraying her voguish style. She flaunts her charming looks by supporting them with trendy soundbites. Valent Wan Ting's Instagram reels receive profusion views which indirectly helps her increase her sight on these social media platforms. 

Heretofore, Valent Wan Ting was also a striking name on Tik Tok's stage. She has more than 1.1 million followers on Tik Tok and was also on the list of Malaysia's Top 10 Tik Tokers. The model is from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and has a powerful fan base from Malaysia and Taiwan. 

Valent Wan Ting is also central for her splendid beauty and sexy body curves. She is also a celebrated live streamer. Moreover, she frequently participated with well-known Malaysian social media celebrities in YouTube videos and Performances. Some of which include Dashen, Lim Shang Jin, Mspuiyi, Gatita Yan.

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