How Internet Made Stands to Revolutionize the Fashion Industry Through Web3 Applications
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The rise of NFTs is writing new digital narratives for many industries across the spectrum. The sale of NFTs - according to the latest available data - touched the mark of US$25 billion in 2021. The segment of arts and fashion has leveraged the advent of NFTs most prudently so far, with a single-piece NFT artwork fetching as high a price as US$69.3 million or a global fashion brand like Gucci selling NFTs

While it is easier for big players to quickly adapt to an emerging trend, innovations often suffer from a lack of inclusivity for players who are not that resource-heavy yet. There are several barriers that stakeholders need to cross to enter a new service, product or solution zone. At the same time, with every innovation comes newer platforms that help lower the entry barriers and improve the accessibility of the system. 

Internet Made appears in the market as one such artificial fashion atelier that helps successfully connect past fashion references with new digital narratives. In its vision, the brand sees its role as one that lays the foundation of new fashion culture, encouraging a new market and community growth for new talents and established players alike. Internet Made believes that its role is not that of a collection or brand. Rather, it sees itself as a movement with all its stakeholders as an equal part of it. 

You might be asking yourself by now, what is it that makes the Internet Made this unique, special or noteworthy. For that, we need to delve deeper into how this brand operates. 

What is Internet Made?

With much traction gained in social media already, Internet Made NFT is a soon-to-be-launched metaverse fashion brand and creative hub that would enable its users to create fashion NFTs. Its proposition has already helped it win over more than 6,300 followers in a month. With the momentum growing, the brand plans to empower users with the provision of creating virtual characters with unique digital artworks. These virtual characters would serve as catalysts in the seamless transition of fashion from the offline world to the digital world. 

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With a young, creative, and sincerely enthusiastic team at the platform's core, Internet Made NFT is as flexible and adaptable to the continuously changing trends as you would expect an innovatively new entity to be. Its team is comprised of people who grew up on the internet and pursued different expertise, such as marketing, design, and fashion. It fills the vacuum that offline can not. You can not be as selective, customized, opinionated, and specific about your fashion offline as you can be in the digital mode. The metaverse wearables that Internet Made will release in the days to come will play a formative role in creating a brand driven by the community. 

Moreover, it will also encourage the setting up of a thriving ecosystem. It will bring together a space that is not only for consumption but also for hanging out, discussing, exchanging ideas, and even collaborating on getting funds for fashion enthusiasts. 

The Larger Role Internet Made Will Play: Impact on the Economy and Ecology

The merging of Web3 and fashion production, through players like the Internet Made, would ensure that the manufacturing process, responsible for 10% of humanity's carbon emissions, becomes fully sustainable. It will result in an improved work environment, work hours, and pay for the industry's stakeholders. It will cut down the cost by removing unnecessary intermediaries from the scene. Estimates predict that, with NFTs, margins in the fashion industry can go as high as 90%. Finally, the inherent properties of the NFT technology would ensure that the designs stay authentic and creators keep getting royalties for as long as the product sells in the market.

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