Model Eva Menta on the Role Played by Creativity in Being Snazzy and Voguish
(Photo : Eva Menta)

Art and culture are conceivably the most common association of creativity. Since only unusual things are notable, therefore, every arena requires a definite amount of creativeness and ingenuity. So may it be technology or fashion or paintings, every field has to be inventive. 

Sharing parallel thoughts, model Eva Menta spills out her take on how creativity is linked to the fashion world. The model who is also a social media sensation is exceptionally distinguished for her remarkable dressing sense. 

Eva Menta's wardrobe consists of every trendy and evergreen clothing item. The model keeps posting her stupefying mix and match outfits, periodically. Also being a fashion influencer, the model believes that being creative is very essential to look modish. 

Following the art of mismatch, model Eva Menta creates trendsetting outfit ideas. She speculates that pairing dresses and accessories requires a decent sense of fashion and of course creativity to stand out from the ordinary. 

The model, with her laudable style, has set a motivation for millions. Besides, Eva Menta's curvaceous figure and bewildering beauty amplify her on-fleek fashion sense. Her fierce photoshoots gave her opportunities to work with a few clothing and lingerie brands. 

Her bold and sizzling images are also the reason for her being such a great fan-following. Eva Menta has substantial visibility on Instagram with more than 3 million followers.

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