Amazon WorkMail Aims to Bump Off Google, Microsoft Enterprise Email Services


E-retailer Amazon is set to venture into a new territory - email. Amazon Inc. has taken the wraps off its email and digital calendar service in the cloud dubbed Amazon WorkMail, which is looking to throw the gauntlet to Google and Microsoft's enterprise email services.

On Wednesday, Jan. 28, Amazon Inc. announced the arrival of WorkMail and revealed that the service would let users manage contacts, share contacts, send/receive emails, as well as book resources by deploying the email apps they currently use such as Microsoft Outlook, web browsers or other familiar clients.

"This managed email and calendaring solution runs in the Cloud. It offers a unique set of security controls and works with your existing desktop and mobile clients (there's also a browser-based interface). If your organization already has a directory of its own, WorkMail can make use of it via the recently introduced AWS Directory Service. If not, WorkMail will use Directory Service to create a directory for you as part of the setup process," says Amazon's Chief Evangelist Jeff Barr.

Per the Wall Street Journal, Amazon will be offering the requisite technology for encrypting WorkMail messages and the ability to unscramble the encryption. Moreover, in countries where security and privacy play a pivotal role, Amazon will be offering a tool whereby it will be ensured that the emails will be stored only in specific geographic areas.

The Amazon WorkMail will be free for a month, but once the 30-day trial period lapses (serves up to 25 users), the company will charge users $4 each month per 50GB WorkMail inbox, which can accommodate messages of up to 30 MBS. Alternately, users can pay $6 per month for a bundle that will incorporate both WorkDocs and WorkMail.

The pricing is at par with rivals, but Google and Microsoft have an edge as the offer documentation production tools.

Amazon has launched a preview of WorkMail in Northern Virginia in the U.S. and Ireland. Check out the Preview of WorkMail here. To sign-up for the Preview head here.

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