Buying a tablet for your kids is not the same as buying one for yourself. While adults might want to look for features such as speed, storage, and operating system, most children won't mind if a tablet runs on Android or iOS or powered by Snapdragon 810 or Apple's A8 processor.

Instead, children want something fun and easy to use so they can play their favorite games free from hassles. Parents, on the other hand, want a kid's tablet that comes preloaded with kid-friendly content and features, including parental controls to help them protect their children from unsafe web browsing. Durability is also a main concern, especially for those times when children start treating the tablet like a football or a hammer.

We've rounded up the eight most kid-friendly tablets for you.

Kindle Fire HD 6 ($99)

For the price and features, the Kindle Fire HD 6 is the best option for your child, no matter how old he is. While other kid-specific devices are designed for younger children, the HD 6's respectable 1280 x 800 resolution and fairly speedy Fire OS will appeal to older children as well as parents. For $3 a month, you can also use FreeTime, which transforms the OS into kid-friendly mode that allows parents to set time limits on use, choose which apps, games, and content they can use, and limit access to other kinds of content.  

LeapPad Ultra XDI ($129.99)

Nothing screams child-friendly more than the 7-inch LeapPad Ultra XDI. Built by child education professionals, this $103 device was made exactly for kids in mind. The LeapPad comes pre-loaded with 11 educational apps, such as an art studio and an MP3 player with 10 learning songs. It also offers access to 800 different games, apps, videos, songs, and e-books created by educators. On the connectivity side, it allows children to browse the Internet using a white-list web browser, which to an adult would be limited, but is just right for parents who want to keep their children safe.  

Kurio Kids Tablet ($129.98)

Parents who have many children don't have to buy separate tablets for all of them. The Kurio Kids Tablet teaches children a lot about the value of sharing, as parents can create up to eight different profiles for their children. A key feature of the Kurio is the countdown timer that lets children know how much time left they are allowed to use the tablet. That way, you don't have to think about your kids playing Angry Birds way past bedtime.

Fuhu nabi Jr. ($99 to $139.99)

Most children's tablets will limit you down to 4 GB of storage, but even children can eat up all that space, especially when they like saving their drawings or photos. The Fuhu nabi Jr. has a microSD slot that lets you expand storage to 32 GB. The five-inch display isn't something to rave about, but parents like the Wings game that comes pre-installed in this tablet, which lets children play games that improve their reading, writing, and math skills with more than 3,000 lessons from pre-school through sixth grade. Like other kid-specific devices, the nabi Jr. features parental controls and time limits.

Kindle Fire HD 6 Kids Edition ($149)

This is similar to the Kindle Fire HD 6, but Amazon throws in a free one-year subscription to FreeTime, a no-questions-asked two-year warranty, and an extra-durable case, which makes it the perfect tablet for children who think they can just throw a tablet around like a Frisbee.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids Edition ($169.99)

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids Edition is certainly not cheap, but it makes it to our list because of the child-proof rugged frame and the kid-friendly interface that makes playing and learning more fun for children. The Galaxy Tab 3 runs on Android Jelly Bean and will give you access to the one million apps on the Google Play Store.

VTech InnoTab 3S Plus ($59.99)

The cool thing about the VTech InnoTab 3S Plus is that it can wirelessly connect with your own smartphone so your children can send you text messages when they need to as long as the tablet's Wi-Fi is turned on. It also features a Wish List Maker, which prohibits children from making unauthorized purchases of apps but will let them list the apps they want their parents to buy. Afterwards, you can check out the list from your own smartphone or computer and decide to buy the apps you think are best for your kids.  

Apple iPad mini 2 ($299)

For the die-hard Apple fan who must have everything Apple, the iPad mini 2 is the best bet for your children. The price is a far cry from other kid-centric devices, but you're paying a premium price for a premium device. Moreover, Apple offers family-friendly features such as Family Sharing, which lets you create multiple accounts for each family member, and Single App mode, which lets you limit access to a single app for your child. 

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