Online Privacy
(Photo : Pixabay) Everytime you use a free WiFi signal in the public places without a VPN, you put your personal data at risk.

Do you know why cyber security is important? Due to the fact that the modern world is digital-dependent and digital-vulnerable at the same time, the cases of data theft have increased a lot during the previous years. This means that hacking into the system became easier. Not because of the quality of the data protection, but because of that amount of information people store online.

We don't ask you to use technology less. No, in the mobile computing world, it is almost impossible. What we ask you is to pay more attention to the security side of the question. In other words, we encourage you to get a VPN. Can't afford a paid one? Okay, get a VPN free version online. At least, get it. Why? Let us explain to you a little bit.

VPN for Internet Privacy

Do you know that every time you visit a new website, or switch from one link to another, a certain data about you is being collected by other people and systems? How many times have you noticed an ad banner on your smartphone about the products, which you were searching online on your laptop yesterday? How do all of those websites know what to offer when you read an online book, scroll your Facebook feed, or just check a platform for the first time ever? Even your home Internet service provider can monitor and collect your data for marketing goals.

Being private online has become harder than it was before, even with the development of technology and software. You think that some info about you is meaningless. In fact, it is something that a lot of companies make money on.

The question is whether you want your private info to be used by other people to make a lot of money. Another side of the question is hackers. The problem is not only in the companies, which use your personal data for marketing goals, but also in hackers who steal that data and block your access to it. How many times have you used a free WiFi signal in the public places without a VPN? That's exactly how many times you've put your personal data at risk.

Now you understand why Internet privacy is important. So, let's have a look what a VPN can do. By the way, if you're looking for the list of top VPNs, check this site to get the bigger picture of the market.

So, a VPN:

●      Protects personal and business data online;

●      Allows you to browse anonymously;

●      Provides you with a free access to geographically restricted or blocked websites, even while being abroad.

The one thing you have to understand is that having strong passwords and an antivirus software isn't enough for a secure Internet connection any more. The first thing you can do about this is getting a VPN, at least a free one. And only then you should care about passwords, two-step authentication, and antivirus software. Get a VPN, and keep your data safe every time you are online. 

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