Top 5 Best Help Desk Software in 2019
(Photo : SupportBench) Top 5 Best Help Desk Software in 2019

"Customer is king," the age-old business mantra continues to rule but it rings loudest in current times. Social media and the internet have empowered customers in ways that one could not have imagined before. Buyers and users call the shots in every business industry but the good thing is that technology benefits one and all. For Businesses to stay competitive, customers need to be catered to 24*7. Help desk software is one technical solution that can seamlessly step into the shoes of customer care executives and allow businesses to thrive.

Help desk software consists of three parts: ticket management (organizing customer requests), automation suite (grievance redressal process) and reporting & optimization (analysis of the entire grievance redressal process). This software is gaining popularity among businesses at a very fast rate as it is no less than a blessing for companies having to deal with a considerable customer base. In fact, it is a must-have for every business looking to retain and attract customers. Here are the five best help desk software systems that fit the bill to perfection and can be relied upon by businesses for smooth operations in 2019.

1. Supportbench

Born in 2012, Supportbench offers easily customizable and feature-rich help desk software, fit to serve all types of businesses. The company is the brainchild of founder - Eric Klimuk - who has managed large customer service teams in different business fields. Klimuk has designed multiple case management systems across the corporate sector. He was driven to come up with his own product after he went through good and bad customer support experiences. The various experiences made him realize the importance of good customer service.

Most importantly, Klimuk understood that customer service could be a deal breaker. So, to seal the deal, Supportbench was created. Another very prominent reason that propelled the founder was the absense of suitable customer support software that was flexible and secure, yet simple and affordable. While some solutions were only simple, some were just secure and therefore, not easy to use. Supportbench covered the deficiency and came up with a design that carried both aspects, thereby disrupting the customer support market in a massively beneficial way. Over the years Supportbench has grown in strength and scope, catering to a number of players operating in different sectors. From startups to enterprise-level companies on the lookout for expansion and scale, Supportbench has been received with open arms by one and all.

So, what is it that has made the six-year-old software such a stellar performer? Supportbench is home to every feature that businesses want on their plate. It is user-friendly and can be navigated with great ease. One can get started with the software soon after installation, which takes only minutes. It has intuitive case management features, akin to a service ticketing system that streamlines the workflow of the customer care team. The built-in scheduling tools keep everything on track, notifying about follow-ups, SLA's and service tickets so that no deadlines are missed and every customer is taken care of in a timely manner, thereby, enhancing the efficiency of the business. With the customizable survey, customer loyalty and overall satisfaction can be calculated, which in turn helps all departments take action to improve overall customer service.

Supportbench is also armed with real-time analytics. This new-age data mapping tool is a must to monitor customer behavior and spot patterns. It helps to make informed decisions regarding business strategy and, thus enhances the overall service quality. For better customer grievance redressal, the software also offers community forums to let the customers raise their queries, discuss with each other and help themselves. This empowers the customers and is a must in current times when social media is all powerful and connects people in seconds.

Supportbench has been built using the next-gen technology and thus, it integrates with other tools and APIs effortlessly. Supportbench is accessible through multiple channels - email, messaging, social media, phone, etc. It also gives unconditional support to its customers and stays with them at every step of their journey as they go about using this customer support software. Regular check-ins at monthly and weekly intervals makes things even easier as it leaves no room for glitches and hurdles. So with Supportbench, one can be sure of getting a reliable and rocking help desk software that will see a business through the tricky customer care dealings. It will smooth the customer support process and automate everything that will ensure every customer is dealt with in a professional manner.

Supportbench is dedicated to providing excellent solutions to businesses and its software is so reasonably priced that everyone can find a suitable package to go with their needs.

2. Agiloft

Founded in 1991, Agiloft is a trusted and old company that provides a host of business management solutions for businesses operating across the spectrum. It launched SupportWizard five years later, and the software became a roaring success with the customers. The customer support and help desk solution turned out to be so useful, courtesy of the flexibility it provided, that it was used for other purposes as well.

Today, the customer support solution offered by the company has more than 3 million users in the world. The solution is used extensively to strengthen the support operations, bring down response time with relation to the customers, and improve customer satisfaction. The help desk software has an integrated system that keeps all the relevant customer information at one place, deploying it to the right people to redress the tickets on time and without any error. It has multi-channel contact framework for easy and 24/7 access for the customers. Its streamlined case management system is all about precise and perfect monitoring, which keeps the customers in the loop, and they are updated about the developments in their case.

Overall, Agiloft helps businesses gain better control and consistency over their operations through a smart and strong help desk software that caters to the diverse needs of their customers. The support tool is loaded with all the elements that are needed for a full-proof customer redressal mechanism. It is the right software to improve the overall efficiency and speed of the business so that customers can be entertained, retained, and turned into loyal followers.

3. Cayzu

A relatively new player in the field, Cayzu was born four and a half years ago when a group of friends came up with a simple and cost-effective help desk software especially designed to cater to the needs of small businesses. What made things easier for the innovator was their long experience in the software field where they dealt with different small businesses. During these years, they sensed the need for an affordable and efficient solution that would make small businesses offer instant support with least efforts. So Cayzu was created, and it is all about integrity, passion ,and transparency, which is also reflected in the software product that brings about coordination and competence in the customer support system.

This cloud based software is home to a host of strong and easy-to-use features. There is indexed search to filter customers faster and efficiently.

Quick responses allow prompt answers to customer queries, and the online branded portal makes 24/7 access possible. Besides being intuitive and powerful, it is also flexible enough to align with different frameworks and tools. Customization is also its prime feature, and the software can be tweaked to go with the exclusive needs of the business. Automated and accurate, this solution is the cure for all the complaints that businesses have to deal with while performing the most important task of customer care. It cuts the clutter in every business segment, be it government departments or marketing agencies or IT services. Cayzu is committed to innovation, transparency, and quality. So all the small businesses looking for a robust help desk software can rely on it with closed eyes and be rest assured that their customers will be taken care of in the best manner.

4. Vivantio

 Vivantio came into existence 15 years ago in 2003 and was launched with the motive of providing a professional and powerful customer care software solution for all-size businesses. Today, it has 100,000-plus customers in different parts of the world, spread across 185 countries. This Gartner recognized software is a professional solution for service and support teams, which caters to the diverse needs of small, medium, and large businesses.

For starters, it works out of the box, and medium-sized enterprises can fine-tune it from the user-friendly dashboard in the administration area. Large enterprises with high-level requirements can take help of the consultants to make things work the way they want. Flexible and framed with right set of features, it is one of the few help desk software products that support the ITIL standard for IT support operations and comes armed with the high-end management and reporting features such support requires to deliver IT services efficiently. It is completely open to customization and integrates with other business tools related to analytics, social media management, and more.

Competitively priced and comprehensive, it leaves ample room for the buyers to decide what will go with their budget and requirements. The free 30-day trial lets one choose the best package. When one signs up for Vivantio Service Desk, one can be truly assured of finding an ideal customer care buddy that will do the needful for every customer who comes knocking at the doors of help desk counter to resolve their grievances.

5. SolarWinds Service Desk

Multifaceted and flexible, the SolarWinds Service Desk platform is a modern IT service management applicable to a variety of industries and niches. It is an ITSM specialized program that helps improve service desk support and turnarounds through a suite of features and tools. Some of the key assets of the software include task prioritization, incident management, a standardized service catalog and a built-in service portal for users to submit their tickets and help requests. Each subscription supports unlimited users, so it's a worthy consideration for both small and large businesses. You can also read this list of top SLA monitoring software to develop your company's own full suite of services.

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