Hospitality is one of the most dynamic and yet most challenging sectors in the world. It grows and evolves at a fast pace and therefore, the accompanying technology also has to do the same. Luckily, there is no dearth of software solutions to run hotels efficiently.

In fact, there are lots of software solutions on offer that hotel businesses can use to power their operations but to be used by a business, it must sync with their needs. Every software has some unique qualities but the best of the lot have some common qualities and one can trust them with one's business. So, here is checking out the top 5 best hotel management software in 2019.

1) Hotello

The foundation stone of Hotello was laid in 2001 in a Montreal apartment when two developers came together and wrote the code of the software. Two years later, Hotello got its first client in the form of Hotel Nelligan located in the Old Port of Montreal and since then it has not looked back.

The software service has grown better and brighter in its more than 18 years of existence, becoming a credible name in the industry, in the course. Today, it is a trusted cloud-based hotel management software that is used by The Guesthouse Hotel Chicago, Georgian Bay Hotel,, Esterel Resort, and many more hotel businesses to run their operations.

More than 12,000 users in Europe, United States and Canada rely on Hotello to manage their work and it is known as an advanced hotel management software that begins to deliver results from day one. It installs out of the box and comes armed with a set of features that are suited to the special needs of hotel and cover every operation aspect efficiently.

It has a user-friendly interface that works like a breeze and lets the user control and manage every info accurately. Its front desk feature takes care of room reservations, check-in/check-out, invoicing, availability chart (with cancellations), real-time status chart, daily inventory management, simple night audit, and automated data backup.

The marketing tools allow full contact and prospect management, cancellation policy management, guest profile management (preference, special request, stay history, etc.), email marketing, booking form field customization, automated invoice sending, reminders, and thank you letters.

To manage the daily operations, it offers an all-encompassing internal communication system, integration with agenda (events, calendar notes), user and security control. There is provision for housekeeping, service management and related fees, history of user transactions, export of data and printing, lost and found monitoring and standardized and customized reports. It also offers facility for printing commission cheques for travel agents, budgeting, and accounts receivable.

Hotello is fully aware of the importance of promotion and thus, offers corporate rates, which the user can create and save the rate agreements with corporate clients while also having the ability to manage the different rates under the same name. It lets one synchronize the corporate rates with the online booking engine and also evaluate the impact of negotiations with the adapted reports.

It is a flexible and focused hotel management solution that integrates with other tools in minutes and does the job without any ado. Customization is its middle name and it can be personalized to go with the individual requirements of the user. Being cloud-based, it also saves the operations cost while giving the assurance that all the client data will be stored safely.

Speaking of data, the user can also retrieve them for their business purpose. Bringing Hotello to one's hotel means increased occupancy rates of rooms, better collaboration with the staff and improvement in profits. So, if one is looking for a growth-oriented, trusted and simple software for one's hotel, Hotello ticks all the boxes.

It can be used by any hotel business, be it a small inn or a five star complex, with equal ease. It is affordable and offers three different versions - standard, premium, and custom to cater to the different budgets and requirements of the clients. One can book a demo to get a preview of the performance and rest assured one's queries will be resolved to one's satisfaction. The customer care team at Hotello is available 24/7 and one can talk to the experts for any software-related query. One also gets regular updates from the team and thus, it is a smooth ride every day.

2) Cloudbeds

Cloudbeds came into being in 2012 when two close friends Adam Harris and Richard Castle collaborated to create a hotel management solution that would simplify the work of hotels. Today, it offers a suite of hospitality management software that serves the likes of Expedia,, Airbnb, TripConnect, HostelWorld, and more. Hotels, vacation rentals, hostels, and groups in more than 135 countries employ Cloudbeds to run their hotel operations.

The software is bursting with a comprehensive set of features that make booking, reservation, cancellation, marketing, accounting, and every other operation a cakewalk. Its PMS Myfrontdesk is a browser-based frontdesk that lets one manage the check-in and check-out of guests through an attractive drag-and-drop interface. Myallocator is a channel manager that synchronizes one's inventory with multiple online marketplaces and pushes updates of one's choice of PMS to online travel agencies in real time. Its booking engine offers a commission-free booking mechanism for the website and Facebook page, which makes booking a breeze for guests.

Cloudbeds is truly a perfect pick for any type of hotel business. Its usage means reduced cost of operations, optimum utilization of resources, and increase in revenue. So, if one is looking to bring a fast, feature-rich, and favorable hotel management solution for one's business, then one can safely say yes to Cloudbeds.

3) innRoad

innRoad is the brainchild of Murat Ozsu who came up with the software to provide independent hotels with a single-platform solution to operate their business smoothly. Today, it enjoys a long client list and hundreds of hotels use it to manage their operations.

It offers an exhaustive PMS, efficient booking engine and robust channel management solution. Being cloud-based, it is affordable and accessible from any device at any time and there is no hassle whatsoever. It is aligned with all the major travel sites, which makes booking super easy and ensures increase in occupancy rates without requiring one to do anything extra. It takes care of everything related to marketing, global distribution, and other operations that hotels need to perform to keep going.

It is a mobile-optimized, secure, and compliant software that is best suited for small independent hotels and startups. innRoad offers 24-hour customer support and there is also provision for unlimited staff training. If one wants, one can opt for the personalized demo where the service provider gives details and proof as to how innRoad can grow one's business. It is a completely user-oriented solution with a simple interface that is even simpler to work on and starts delivering results within days.

4) RMS

Founded in 1983, RMS has been offering property management and reservation system for more than 30 years. It is a comprehensive and real-time online booking system that is being used in more than 3,500 properties in over 25 countries to manage operations.

A flexible and customizable software, it offers a multitude of options to the user to personalize the booking chart. One can use a host of display styles to handle reservation, room description, housekeeping status, and other variables of hotel management. One can choose the text to display on each reservation. One can also assign colors to focus on different aspects of booking. It helps to keep tabs on the housekeeping staff and the POS Lite makes it super simple to manage inventory and other charges.

Being responsive, it functions on all screen sizes and the user can access the PMS anywhere anytime. The best part is that the solution is suited to hotels, motels, inns, vacation rentals, and similar industries. RMS offers year-round support to customers through experts, and to get a preview of the smart work it promises to perform, one can request a free demo and be sure to get the best response from the team.

5) Hotelogix

Founded in 2008, Hotelogix is a relatively new entrant to the scene but has managed to win hearts with its competent service. Its SaaS-based PMS solution is tailored to tune in to the needs of modern-day hotel businesses. It ensures smooth operation at the front desk, point of sale and housekeeping, helping to manage multiple tasks simultaneously and with increased efficiency.

Its online distribution system connects one of the world's biggest hotel booking networks, which includes GDS, channel managers, online travel agencies, web booking engine, Facebook booking engine, and TripConnect integration. Its other features include 100+ automatically generated reports, Xero accounting software integration, pricing and revenue management , reviews management, mobile PMS and support for multiple languages and currency.

True to its tagline "smart hoteliering," the software does bring in efficiency and pace in the operations. It promises to improve revenues, guest experience, and productivity within days of installation. Using the software, a business can surely expect to scale and succeed in record time. Therefore, if one is looking for a cost-effective and feature-rich software to manage one's hotel business, then one can bank on Hotelogix for best results. Just try the 15-day free trial or free demo and get going.

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