Top 5 Best Employee Evaluation Software In 2019

29 January 2019, 7:52 am EST By Staff Reporter Tech Times

It is said that human resource is the most dynamic of all resources for an organization. It is also the most important asset for a business entity. This is the reason why companies lay heavy emphasis on recruitment and retention of employees. They select the most suitable candidates and when selected, invest time and money in training and retaining them.

To do all this, it is necessary to monitor their performance, which is a tough task, but technology has made it easier. These days, companies can manage supervision through employee evaluation software. The software covers different evaluation parameters related to human resource management such as compensation, training, performance, organization development, wellness, benefits, safety, employee motivation, etc. There is a lot of HR management software in the market but some stand out due to their dynamic qualities.

So, here is shedding light on the top five employee evaluation software touted to be the best in 2019:

1. BambooHR

(Photo: BambooHR)

BambooHR was founded by Ben Peterson and Ryan Sanders in 2008 Utah, Lindon. An accidental meeting in a bar brought them face to face with each other and eight years later, they got in touch again and decided to launch their own company. They knew they would be able to make a huge difference in HR software and the partners proved it with BambooHR.

This employee tracking software is used widely across the globe by companies which include the bigwigs as well the newbies. Names like 99designs, asana, Beans & Brews, American Cedar & Millwork, BDG, Canva, Canndescent, BranchPattern, Capcom, and many more trust this software service to manage and supervise their employees. It is a reliable name in the HR software management segment and enjoys widespread credibility due to its impressive performance, which is a result of its well-thought-out features and user-friendly character.

BambooHR comes with a simple dashboard homepage with various sections designated for employee data, vacation time recordkeeping, and reports. It stores all the details regarding employees and it also has provision to show scheduled lessons and business communications. The database is consolidated and centralized which gives better control to the management, allowing for smoother operations every working day. This dashboard is accessible to everyone who is allowed access and thus, it becomes very easy to coordinate and let employees cooperate among themselves, especially when working on a project.

It also contains an applicant tracking system that helps with recruitment. The system carries a list of job opportunities offered by the employer as well as the data about the opportunity including the hiring manager, number of candidates who applied, and the number of days for which the job has been posted.

Being customizable, this software can be integrated with career and job sites so that the job openings are posted on both the platforms and the candidate pool becomes better. It has an open API, which makes integration with other applications a cakewalk. The software is also a pro at reporting and the HR team can get quick insights about employees' performance, benefits, leaves, etc. through custom reports. It also offers scope for electronic signature, which further simplifies the work and saves a good deal of time and most importantly, trees (saving trees is a big part of corporate social responsibility initiatives in the present times).

Using BambooHR, the performance of employees can be tracked and rated in the most unbiased and useful manner. It fosters two-way communication allowing self-appraisal as well as appraisal from the management. The records and data facilitate fair reviews, reducing subjectivity and encouraging action. The insights help to detect the areas where the employee needs to push up and thus, makes way for improvement.

BambooHR is a dynamic solution made for the management of an equally dynamic human resource. It leaves no area uncovered and keeps a tab on every aspect of employees without compromising on the privacy or security of the organization. It follows strict security measures, leaving no room for info leaks or breach of rules or any other mishap due to loopholes in safety framework.

The software is also mobile-ready and thus, offers 24/7 access to the management interface, anytime, anywhere to everyone who is authorized for the same. A simple yet smart solution for HR management in companies of all scales and sizes, BambooHR is what one needs if one wants to make sure employees are in fine health and contributing to the organization's growth as per the standards set for each individual. Bringing it on board means increased productivity, better employer-employee relationship, and efficient management of the human resource.

2. Namely

(Photo: Namely)

Namely was founded in 2012 by Matt Straz with the motive of building an HR platform that could be used every day by everyone. Thus, he built the SaaS-based HR software that helps companies, especially mid-size ones, to recruit, regulate, and retain employees in the most efficient fashion.

Built on powerful technology, it offers a secure, smart, and simple platform to the HR managers to track and treat employees for their betterment as well as that of the company. It lets one build employee database accounting for everything related to them like personal details, job position, project assigned, time off, leaves, salary, etc. Employee benefits such as insurance, retirement, bonus, tax savers, health schemes, and the like are also taken care of.

Coming to talent and performance, it allows the employees to get on board with e-signature, provides for goal alignment, custom reviews, automated ratings, task assessment, ongoing feedback, appreciation, and performance reporting. In short, Namely nails it in every aspect. Using it for employee management promises to be a profitable proposition for any employer. Like it says, Namely truly has everything to build a smart workplace and hence, if one is looking to build a smart workplace, The SaaS-based software is the right choice.

3. AssessTeam

(Photo: AssessTeam)

AssessTEAM is a cloud-based feedback employee evaluation software that offers sharp, actionable business intelligence to help businesses make better decisions. The organizations are able to run holistic competency-based evaluations within minutes. The productivity reports can be customized to develop their own evaluation methods.

The clients benefit from using AssessTEAM software by gaining clarity about employee's performance and also help them understand their job expectations to ensure increased productivity. One can also use performance indicators to create a comprehensive list of job responsibilities. Clients can either pick from the software library containing 3,000+ areas or create their own.

AssessTEAM is a flexible evaluation program that accommodates scheduled appraisals, ongoing feedback, 360° evaluations, client satisfaction, etc. within a single user account. The software is fully customizable that allows the clients to add their own link, change the access link, change evaluation templates, adjust the user interface, and do lots more. The intuitive features of the software make it a highly preferred employee assessment tool for businesses.

AssessTEAM has been designed keeping its users in mind. It is simple to use and caters to global businesses. The functions have been designed in such a way that even a non-technical user can operate the system effortlessly.

4. ClearCompany

(Photo: ClearCompany)

An award-winning talent management software provider, ClearCompany was founded in 2004 with the intention of creating empowered managers and engaged employees across organizations. It has been offering commendable service in its niche ever since it started operations.

The software is a pro at talent management, ensuring best HR practices, applicant tracking, new hire onboarding, performance review, and goal alignment. It is an easy-to-use and energetic tool that enjoys a global user base counting in millions and including names like Jamestown Community College, AES Energy, Axiom Bank, Baker Roofing and more. It helps to hire the best talent, evaluate talent most objectively, provide accurate feedback and engage employees to the optimum level without incurring extra cost.

Using ClearCompany is a breeze as it installs in minutes and performs out of the box. Customer support is available on call and thus, one can expect exceptional results as the software helps one achieve excellent employee engagement through its tailor-made features. Hence, if one is looking for a fine and fruitful HR management software at an attractive price, then one can clearly click on ClearCompany for best results. One can try the free demo on offer to get a preview.

5. Saba Cloud

(Photo: Saba Cloud)

Saba Cloud was founded in 1997 to provide talent management software to companies that would help the organizations create a more engaging, inspiring and empowering work experience for their employees. In its more than two decades of operation, the software provider has helped clients achieve the same across industries and countries. It comes with a comprehensive set of features that cater to recruitment, workforce planning, performance reviews, and engagement needs of companies in the most flawless manner.

Carrying a simple interface, operating the platform is a child's play and one can use custom templates to perform the different tasks. The recruitment section covers requisition and posting, candidate experience, candidate management, and integrated employee onboarding. For engagement, there are tools to deepen understanding, facilitate collaboration, and foster recognition culture. For planning workforce, there is provision to tap into the skills of the employees, prepare them for future, try them for different scenarios, and perform other tasks to get the most out of the talent recruited.

The tricky yet important aspect of performance is also covered with the organization-specific review process, goal alignment strategy, and proactive feedback culture structure. Evidently, Saba Cloud has everything in the right order and proportion to make things better at the workplace and to get the best out of the workforce.

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