Top 5 Best App Makers In 2019

1 February 2019, 11:07 am EST By Staff Reporter Tech Times

Apps are everywhere. Out there is an app-ruled market that businesses have to operate in and therefore, an app is next to mandatory for any business looking to grow and make gains. In fact, an app is not just a necessity. It also opens a huge world of opportunities.

The growing number of smartphone users can be tapped through apps only and therefore, adopting an app makes for a smart business decision. The good thing is that one need not spend a fortune on building an app. There are app makers in the market to help one build a befitting app without burning a hole in one's pocket.

So, here is a roundup of the top five best app makers that are a hit in 2019:

1. Siberian CMS

Developed by Xtraball, a French company, Siberian CMS was launched in March 2014 and is one of the most popular open-source CMS for building mobile applications. It is among the top-rated app makers and currently working with thousands of clients across the globe.

With 2,000 satisfied clients and 150,000 free users under its belt, it is a credible name in the app making industry. It is used by businesses from different fields but most of them are agencies, consultants, and developers. >Its clients include Government of Belize, Barking and Dagenham College in the UK, European network operator Orange, and more such names. It is trusted by thousands of businesses worldwide and therefore, has been growing at an exceptional pace.

So, what makes it a hot favorite in the market? To start with, it is simple to work with and comes across as a user-friendly open-source CMS for building mobile apps for Android and iOS. Whether one possesses technical knowledge or not, they can use it without any difficulty. Apps creation with Siberian CMS is a matter of three steps. One starts with installation on one's hosting, then proceeds to app creation with drag, and drop interface, ending with submission to the app store.

One can also check the web app straightaway on one's phone. The CMS is affable from every angle and one can easily adapt it to fit in with one's needs. One can develop their own modules, add features, and sell them when one likes. Since the mobile part of the CMS is based on the strong ionic framework, one can be sure of building beautiful and efficient apps in every attempt.

Also, it has a cross-platform utility, which means one can build apps once and obtain native apps for Android smartphones, Android tablets, iPhone, iPads, and web app. The software comes armed with a powerful editor that makes tweaking a breeze and lets one design as one has visualized.

It also lets one monitor app with insights from features while offering the facility to download users' lists from marketing operations. The powerful editor is further backed by robust analytics that gives complete reports about everything, from installs to page views. The backend is a beautiful base that presents everything in one go and ensures nothing is off the radar.

One can manage all the operations, the users, and the apps to which they are associated with a single dashboard. One can also create as many roles for the users as they so desire, allowing them access as per one's will. Being multilingual, one can install a language one wishes and also translate according to one's requirement.

Using Siberian CMS translates into several advantages for the user, the primary among them being ownership of the software, which means a user is not dependent on the system provider. Secondly, one can customize it according to one's needs and one can also create features of one's liking. If one wants to get a free demo, it is available at zero cost and they can also get a complete preview of the app maker.

The app building plans are available in three ranges: single app edition (one app creation for free), multiple-apps edition (unlimited apps creation from one install available at €399 or €79, one time "host yourself" or per month "hosted"), and platform edition (own platform to sell apps online available at €799 or €149, one time "host yourself" or per month "hosted").

So, if a business is looking for a smart yet simple app maker that will help them build a dream app with minimum efforts, then Siberian CMS is certainly a suitable choice.

2. Bizness Apps

(Photo: Bizness Apps)

Bizness Apps started off in 2010 in a college dorm room when CEO Andrew Gazdecki began work on his mission to create a faster, easier, and more cost-effective way to build mobile applications for small and medium-sized businesses. The idea was to provide a smart solution to the small players so that they could strengthen their online presence at a small price. Thus, Bizness Apps was born and today, it is a market leader in mobile app development for small and medium scale businesses.

The software has been translated into 20+ languages and it enjoys clients worldwide, in more than 30 countries. It is apt for all types of businesses including restaurants, schools, community, real estate, health, beauty, and others. It offers a user-friendly interface to the users to control and manage operations along with the simplest drag and drop facility to build apps.

One can analyze data, make changes, communicate with users, and so much more with Bizness Apps. It is programmed to power the app making process with precision. The app maker comes with three pricing plans: standard ($300 per month), gold ($360 per month), and platinum ($400 per month). One can pick a plan as per one's budget and get going with the software in minutes after purchase.

3. Shoutem

(Photo: Shoutem)

The foundation stone of Shoutem was laid in 2008 when it started off as a tool for building microblogging communities. Gradually, it shifted focus to mobile apps and today, it stands tall as a powerful platform for small and medium enterprises to build iPhone, iPad and Android apps. It has more than 5,000 apps in stores and over 100 million users across the world.

Based on React Native, Shoutem is a one-stop solution for app development as it comes with a simple mobile/tablet application builder interface that gives app making the best foundation to get going. It has a large range of themes/layouts along with the tools to create fresh themes/layouts for the apps.

There is provision for news readers, video feeds, podcast playback, event listings with check-ins and commenting, location-based features, places, maps, augmented reality, full integration with major social networking platforms, full internal private social network (profiles, friends, check-ins, photos, badges), in-app purchases, subscriptions, and push notifications (direct and group broadcast). Nothing is missing in the arsenal of the app maker and there is also a dedicated team of experts to keep any issue, whatsoever, at bay.

So, if one wants a foolproof app maker with the most comprehensive features, then Shoutem is a suitable software solution.

4. Appy Pie

(Photo: Appy Pie)

The story of Appy Pie began in 2015 when its closed beta was released. Since then, it has been making waves and at present, it is trusted by over 1,000,000 businesses all over the world with names like Nike, Accenture, L'Oreal, NHS, and the like among its users.

It creates more than 150,000 apps every month and offers an intuitive and easygoing solution to build apps in three easy steps. One starts with design layout selection, which takes minutes as there are templates to select from. Next comes customization, and lastly, the addition of features as per one's desire. Then, the pp is ready. It is as simple as that.

The best part about Appy Pie is that it suits every type of business, be it real estate, restaurant, wedding, church, or any other. It has a diverse range of tools and a wide array of options for designing custom apps that are sure to cater to unique business needs. Secure, smart, and strong, this software is the right answer for anyone looking for an app maker that will create an efficient app in easy steps. One can check out the free plan or pick from any of the three paid plans: basic, gold, and platinum to make the dream app a reality.

5. AppSheet

(Photo : AppSheet)

AppSheet set foot in the market in 2014. It was launched as a low-code app development platform for businesses and over the years, it has grown into a popular app maker with brands like ESPN, Baker
Concrete Construction, Telenet, Biolase, Laurel Grocery Company in its kitty. Powered by a unique and patented design intelligence technology, it is fast emerging as the app maker of choice for businesses across the spectrum. From agriculture to IT, it has found favor with every segment.

Easy to use, it helps one build data-driven mobile apps in record time. Being flexible and secure, it lets one free to tweak things without worrying about safety. Anyone can use it as one does not need to possess any technical knowledge to work on the platform. What is more, one can pick any of the three plans as per one's budget and requirements: premium, pro, or business. A secure and scalable platform for business apps, in its own words, AppSheet lives up to the user's expectations without fail. It is no less than a dream solution.

So, if one is looking for a fuss-free and favorable app maker then one can trust AppSheet without any second thoughts. It delivers in all cases and with equal competence.

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