Slowly and steadily, technology has crept its way into almost every aspect of business, making things easier, faster and "smarter" for companies of all sizes. However, some segments have definitely benefitted more than others with process automation and office security amongst the most sought-after features. Enter visitor management systems - they are software-based security platforms that enable businesses to track visitors, enforce protocols and compliance as well as grant access to offices, facilities and other secure sites.

These types of platforms are readily found in various businesses involved in hospitality, manufacturing, education, finance, and etc. and if one takes a look at the current market, there are a host of visitor management systems doing the rounds, but the best of the best for 2019 are the following:

1. iLobby

The number one visitor management system for 2019 is iLobby. iLobby is a SaaS-based visitor management platform headquartered in Toronto, Canada and headed by the award-winning entrepreneur Ariel Mashiyev. It is one of the fastest-growing visitor management systems and is trusted by many Fortune 500 businesses to man their site security and front desks. With names such as PepsiCo, Netflix, Unilever, Toronto Pearson International Airport and many more under its belt, businesses of any size, from small start-ups to large enterprises are using it to power their reception areas and security checkpoints. The platform's user base is growing fast and is set to reach new heights in the near future. So, what is it about iLobby that makes it such a big success worthy of the top spot on our list?

To start, it is an exhaustive and intuitive visitor management system that takes care of the front-desk and amplifies its efficiency in multiple ways. This tablet-based visitor registration and management platform checks in and verifies visitors while notifying hosts, thereby, improving both security and efficiency in a single swoop.

It is an enterprise-focused solution that can be implemented within offices, schools, stores, banks, and even airports. It is a fully digitized system that consolidates the check-in process by capturing images of visitors, sending visitor notifications, printing custom badges, and collecting signatures - all from one single screen through a few quick taps. The platform has also been translated into 20 languages and is in use in over 30 countries and can be integrated with almost any external system or platform such as Microsoft Active Directory, Office 365, various other SSO systems, CRMs, and many others. iLobby offers 24/7 customer support via phone, email, and chat.

Built on a fluid and responsive framework, iLobby is quickly molded to any client's needs and can easily tackle even the most robust requirements from large enterprises. Attentive to detail, it has all the tools in its arsenal to ensure full compliance with global standards as well as enterprise-grade data integrity. iLobby can present legal documents, questionnaires, non-disclosure agreements to visitors ensuring only authorized and vetted visitors gain access to the facilities. Any failure in the authorization is immediately notified to an administrator and ensures that any potential breach is remedied quickly and efficiently.

The software can also automatically assign QR codes which allow visitors to re-use their previously issued badges leading to a quick check in process on their next visit. What is more, all visitor information and data is stored in an encrypted cloud environment. iLobby also generates a comprehensive end of day reports improving transparency throughout the chain while maintaining compliance with both local and international data privacy standards.

Fit for governments, offices, manufacturing, education, airports - implementing iLobby within one's business is a recipe for secure and smart visitor management that will not just save time, money, and resources but also help a company grow. Available at an affordable price under two paid plans, it also offers a free demo and those interested can take it for a test drive to get a look at what the platform can do prior to subscribing. So, if you want a safe and sophisticated visitor management system that is also future-ready and evolving hand-in-hand with technology, then iLobby is definitely the right choice as it guarantees all of this and more to its users.

2. SwipedOn

SwipedOn was founded in 2013 by Hadleigh Ford as a business that sold a digital replacement for corporate visitor books, running on iPads on Apple's app store. Currently, headquartered in Tauranga, Bay of Plenty in New Zealand, the SaaS-based software is used by businesses to manage their visitors every day. Boss, Estee Lauder, CAT, Mobil, Skyscanner are some of the names that rely on it for their visitor management. It is a smart, secure, and solid front-desk tool that streamlines the visiting process and lets the user focus on their core job.

Easy-to-use, it comes with a simple dashboard with sections for each overhead such as visitor info, time, error, and etc. Completely customizable, it lets one pick what works and leave what does not. It is adept at ensuring visitor agreement, authorization, and offers instant notification about the same. It prints ID labels too and ensures foolproof security throughout the course of operation. Its tailor-made touchscreen technology presents a forward-looking image to the visitors, which earns the business goodwill and gains. The all-encompassing tracking framework gives a minute by minute report of employees and visitors, thereby, ensuring accurate management. One can try its free trial and see its great work oneself before the actual purchase.

3. Envoy

Founded in 2013 and based in San Francisco, Envoy is a well-known visitor and delivery management solution serving industry leaders such as Slack, L'Oreal, Spotify, Accenture, Weight Watchers and more. It is a flexible, feature-rich, and new-age visitor management system that was designed with the motive of creating modern and beautiful software that would enhance the workplace experience. So, it comes armed with a set of useful and unique features using which one can keep track of everything that comes inside the company from the front door. It has a simple interface to administer the visitors who sign-in through the sleek iPad, which makes a great statement about the company.

The well-positioned security tools ensure 24-hour protection to the property, people, and ideas of the business. The recordkeeping and badging feature helps with compliance regulation and leave nothing outbound. Being flexible, Envoy integrates with other software in no time and empowers one further to do the best. So, if one brings Envoy to one's business, one can be sure of improved efficiency, better performance, and more gains for one's business. Suited to all industry players, big as well as small, it is the exact solution that a business needs in the current scenario.

4. Proxyclick

Proxyclick began its journey in 2004 and got going with its visitor management tool in 2010. Today, it is used by tens of thousands of people in more than 20 countries. Fortune 500 companies and names such as Audi, Acer, Airbnb, Johnsons Control, and Dimension Data rely on it to manage their visitors. It is a powerhouse performer painted with precise features that delivers from day one. It has a customizable check-in process that reflects the user's identity and an interactive visitor recognition that sends a notification to the host and also confirms the visitor about their entry. The QR codes make the next visit smoother and quicker. The instant image capturing, and badging add to the robust security. All data is stored safely and can be referenced anytime one wants.

One can also generate reports for strategy or other purposes. So, if one wants a flexible and smart visitor management solution, then one can trust Proxyclick without batting an eyelid. It is affordable, engaging, and efficient from all angles. It gets going without any ado and one gets 24/7 support from the customer care team and the global community of users. So, one should give the free 15-day trial a try and get going.

5. Sine

Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Stepney, South Australia, Sine is a smart and solid visitor management software that enhances the workplace experience and boosts business growth in unbeatable ways. It has names such as Vodafone, General Electric, Goodman, Arup, Qantas Airways, JLL, News Corp, Comcast, DHL, in its clients list and a blooming user base across the globe that is only getting bigger with each passing day. Sine loads across the web, iPad, and free mobile apps for Android and iPhone. So, one can track and monitor the visitors and staff anywhere, anytime. Secure to the core, it delivers notification in no time and does the same with the help of alerts in case of emergency.

Customizable and creative, it lets the user create pre-registration format to facilitate faster check-in. It is also easy to integrate with other tools. Installation takes very less time and it is good to go soon after. The 24/7 customer support via email, chat, and call leaves no room for doubt. The icing on the cake is the 30-day free trial that gives one ample time to test its competence. So, if one is looking for a modern and cost-effective software to manage the visitors, contractors, and workflow then one can sign-in to Sine with closed eyes.

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