Top 5 Best Feed Management Software In 2019

26 February 2019, 3:49 pm EST By Eric Hamilton Tech Times

E-commerce has taken the world by storm. Online shopping has become the shopping mantra for people across the globe. No wonder, e-commerce business is thriving at an exponential rate. Online sellers and retailers are growing in number, and every day, new businesses are signing up for e-commerce.

While it is true that online selling is a cakewalk, one does need to work on the marketing communication of the products. It has to be kept up-to-date, which could have been a tough task had it not been for feed management software. It has simplified the task beyond imagination and so, here is taking a look at the top five of the lot that businesses can rely upon in 2019.

1. Productsup

Founded in 2010, headquartered in Berlin and globally operative, Productsup is an acclaimed software for managing and optimizing large and complex product data feeds across industries. In its nine years, Productsup has grown steadily and, today, it commands a strong user base that continues to grow at an impressive pace.

With more than 800 customers, it is a trusted data feed solution for 5 Fortune 20 companies as well as well-known brands like HP, IKEA, American Eagle Outfitters, Nixon, Trivago, Walmart, M&S, Rakuten, and many more. Productsup has received more than 15 prestigious awards to date, carries the partnership tag of Google, SAP Hybris, Riversand, IBM and the like and is an official Facebook Marketing Solutions provider. So, what does the software do and what sets it apart? Well, it offers feed management, product content syndication, marketplace integration, and vendor/seller onboarding solutions for all types of verticals in commerce.

This SaaS-based solution helps businesses evaluate the channel-readiness of their product information for an unlimited number of retailers, marketplaces, and marketing channels around the world. Using Productsup, businesses can distribute complete, correct and contextualized product content to more than 1,800 channels, ranging from Google, Amazon and eBay, to Walmart, Facebook, Pinterest and Criteo.

The Productsup solution is suitable for a wide range of industries, such as retail, wholesale, travel, events, real estate, automotive, and more. Plus, the product feed management platform is intuitive and easy-to-use, requiring zero coding. This means one need not rely on support from IT to edit or optimize the data. Its one-of-a-kind dataflow gives users a visual overview of their data mapping — a process which is not just automated but also customizable. 

What's more, Productsup's smart, scalable feed management solution gives e-commerce marketers complete control over their product data. This empowers them to create a consistent and engaging shopping experience across all consumer touch points, which ultimately maximizes their revenue potential. Moreover, the platform is very flexible, which means unique business needs are met. In short, the platform enables users to gather product data from a host of sources and then edit it for all their channel partners, quickly and easily. The data is analyzed, structured, enriched and then transferred in the right format and context for any channel.

Overall, the software reduces the complexity of preparing product data for feed-based marketing. Whether it's creating a search engine, marketplace, or remarketing-friendly data feed, with Productsup, feed management is easy and hassle-free. It helps you stay agile, meaning you can react quickly to changing market needs and trends and be the first to tap into the new opportunities that emerge in the digital space every day.

Adding Productsup to one's marketing technology stack is a recipe for success as it improves product data management, enhancing product visibility on comparative search channels and marketplaces, and ultimately increasing sales and return on investment. The software is a fast and friendly solution to selling products more efficiently and on as many channels as one wishes. So, if a company is looking for fast and flexible feed management software, then they looks toward Productsup with the assurance that it will deliver from the word go. If you aren't sure it's right for your business, they offer a free personal demo for you to get a complete look and better understanding of just how smart and useful the software really is.

2. Channable

(Photo : Channable)

Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Utrecht, Netherlands, Channable is a leading product feed management with a large client base that also includes brands like Vodafone, Samsung, Randstad, and more. It was established with the motive of providing webshop owners and marketeers with an online tool that would help them in their online marketing efforts. Ever since its launch, Channable has exported millions of products to over 1,000 price comparison websites, affiliates, and marketplaces.

Today, it offers to be a super competent product feed management tool that allows users to send products to more than 1,500 marketing channels. It helps smooth import of data from webshop, brings more exposure to the products, and also allows import of performance statists for the products. Using the software, one can create more dynamic ads from products, sell them at various marketplaces, and sync orders straightaway to the webshop. Flexible and easy to use, it lets one customize the various tools as per the needs of one's business and gets going soon after installation. Available in five pricing plans, it caters to small, medium, large, extra large, and enterprise level businesses with great skill. There is also free demo offer to avail a test drive, and if one wants a cost-effective and flexible data feed management tool, then Channable is definitely a fine choice.

3. GoDataFeed

(Photo : GoDataFeed)

Based in Plantation, Florida and founded in 2007, GoDataFeed is a market leader in the field of feed management software. It is considered to be the frontrunner and powers businesses of brands like Nixon, Chubbies, Casper, Vistaprint, Mizuno, and many more. It was developed with the aim of helping online retailers succeed and has proven its mettle in all these 11 years.

It offers an efficient and engaging feed management solution, which is integrated with over 100 shopping engines including Shopzilla, Google Shopping, Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, NexTag, Facebook, and more. It uses a single point of integration for the products, which makes it super simple to import product catalogs. Product listing automation further enhances the marketing and if one is worried about any errors in the same, one need not to, as it also offers tools that notify about issues with the product feed.

With GoDataFeed by one's side, one can get rid of product listing and marketing worries. One can focus completely on sales and thus, perform better. It is suited for all types of businesses and comes in four price packages — Lite, Plus, Pro, and Ultimate, which cater to all types of business budgets. The best part is that one can try the 30-day free trial of all the packages before purchase.

4. DataFeedWatch

(Photo : DataFeedWatch)

Founded in 2012 and headquartered in San Mateo, California, DataFeedWatch was developed to provide medium size marketers and retailers with an affordable and efficient data feed management solution. Today, it is one of the largest data feed tools in the world, offering more than 500 channels in more than 30 countries and serving brands like Adidas, Intersport, Pierce, Bjorn Borg, Kenzo, and etc.

It offers a simple, do-it-yourself feed management tool that one can use with great ease. It lets one optimize feeds on 1,000 shopping channels in 50 countries, list products on all these channels, review the performance of listings, and process orders in real time.

Using DataFeedWatch, one can create feeds in very less time and also analyze them with actionable analytics. It lets one identify and remove unprofitable products with a single click, which means enhanced ROI on products across the channels. It brings the complete command in the hands of the user and thus, helps to boost performance. It is compatible with Magento, Shopify, OpenCart, Volusion, BigCommerce, 3Dcart, WooCommerce, and any other eCommerce platform with product feeds in xml, csv, or txt. Offered in Shop, Merchant, Agency, Enterprise pricing package. Thus, it fits with the needs of businesses across scales of operation and budgets.

5. VersaFeed

(Photo : VersaFeed)

Founded in 2007 and based in San Francisco, California, VersaFeed is a data feed management company that is the brainchild of experienced engineers who came up with the feed management solution to foster e-commerce businesses. Today, it offers advanced tools for product feed management. It generates high quality product feeds for channels like Google, Bing, affiliate and display advertisers while also taking care of general purpose comparison shopping engines.

It comes packed with powerful tools that help to source, import, map, modify, and analyze the data with great precision. It alerts the user via email notification regarding listing errors or issues and also offers automation facility for listing.

Customizable, convenient, and simple, its intuitive interface is a cakewalk to work on and one can easily manage the variables with mere clicks. Available in three pricing plans — Silver, Gold, and Platinum, the VersaFeed solutions can be used by any business to solve their product feed management problems. The free demo option is also available and one gets full support from the technical team during the test drive. So, if one is looking for a powerful and result-oriented backend solution to power the products sales and marketing, then VersaFeed is the right choice.

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