Wooclap, the best interactive voting tool to engage with your students!

Wooclap is a revolutionary classroom response system that is designed to boost audience participation by turning smartphones into a comprehensive learning tool.

Founders of Wooclap, Sebastien Lebbe (CEO) and Jonathan Alzetta (CTO) studied engineering in Brussels. The duo was passionate about technology and was driven by the ambition to make the learning and teaching experience exceptional. By understanding the need to make education more interactive and engaging for students, Wooclap created a web-based platform to boost class interactions and measure the understanding of students, in real-time, through the use of smartphones.

The platform has incorporated the latest neuroscience discoveries and was built after analyzing varied pedagogical practices. As a result, Wooclap is able to maximize information retention and enhance the impact of learning in a face-to-face study environment.

Launched in 2015, the app is NOW AVAILABLE IN MORE THAN 100 COUNTRIES, SERVING 80,000+ INSTRUCTORS across all industries. What makes Wooclap so successful today is its number of features that improve memory and comprehension of students.

How It Works

In three easy steps, keep the whole class engaged with Wooclap!

1. Create your questions (multiple choice questions, polls, numerical value questions, matching, word clouds, etc.)

2. Launch your question and invite your learners to connect to the URL displayed on the screen.

3. Collect real-time answers from your learners and interact with them based on the answers.

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Features of Wooclap

1. Over 20+ ways to interact with your audience in real time

2. Integrate Wooclap directly into your LMS (such as Moodle, Blackboard & Canvas) and connect easily with your SSO

3. Wooclap easily integrates with PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides and PDF

4. Wooclap is free of cost for all K-12 schools all across the globe - try now 

5. Wooclap is GDPR compliant

6. Allows teachers and trainers to measure the students' understanding of the session real-time

7. Increases levels of participation via web or SMS

8. Used across all industries

9. Wooclap supports 6 languages - English, French, German, Russian, Dutch, and Spanish

10. Developed with educational engineers, teachers, and reputed neuroscientists

Wooclap is unique in a way that they didn't fight the smartphone wave but rather leveraged the active smartphone use to build an exceptional training tool.

What makes it indispensable in the educational sector is its intuitive character for both teacher and participants. With its simple and effective technology, Wooclap has changed the way teachers interact with their learners and vice-versa.


Wooclap has made a significant name for itself in the education business and has been involved in reputed projects, such as:

  • 600+ teachers at UCL use Wooclap
  • Wooclap is the first voting tool that developed the Script Concordance Test feature
  • The company is working with Microsoft to develop an interactive PowerPoint application
  • Wooclap was recently named 'Innovative Startup of the Year' and will be awarded with €500,000 for future research and development

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