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No one is immune to cyber attacks and it occurs more often than you think. Individuals, organizations and large enterprises get targeted on a daily basis by cyber criminals and hackers. This is why it's crucial in the information age to have a profound Breach Detection Solution. Having the right Breach Detection Software not only prevents sensitive data leaking out but it can safeguard your organisation or business time, money and reputation. Here's our top 5 Best Breach Detection Solutions in 2019 that's worth investing in!

1. SpyCloud

Cybercriminals who seek to take over personal and corporate accounts have met their match with SpyCloud. When it comes to protecting accounts, it's all about early detection. However, many similar solutions on the market find exposed accounts much too late in the process to do much more than managing the repercussions. SpyCloud is different. This Austin-based security technology company has the largest database of assets (60 billion and counting as of this writing), including emails, usernames, passwords, and PII. Although they also use scanners and other automated collection tools, the vast majority of useful data comes from human intelligence (HUMINT) gathering and their proprietary tradecraft.

SpyCloud is unique as it offers organizations accurate, operationalized data they can use to protect their users and their company from attacks. This includes normalizing, de-duping, validating and enriching all the data they collect before you ever see it.

This software identifies exposed employee and customer credentials before criminals have the chance to steal their identity or sell their stolen credentials to third parties on underground markets. Through a combination of unparalleled data quality, automation, and a remarkably easy-to-use API, the tool automatically and consistently checks an organization's user accounts against SpyClouds massive database of credentials. If there's a match, the breach detection software sends an alert and can force a password reset for the compromized account.

Enterprise companies from virtually every industry, such as retail, higher education, technology, financial services, hospitality, and healthcare are jumping on board in an effort to thwart such attacks that cause so much financial and reputational damage. Cisco, WP Engine, MailChimp, and Avast are just some of the ones that use SpyCloud to prevent account takeover.

2. NSS Labs

Headquartered in Austin, Texas NSS Labs is a trusted and well-known, breach detection service provider that offers a vast range of security solutions to businesses to safeguard their privacy. Trusted by SentinelOne, McAfee, FireEye, Trustwave, Fortinet, IBM, Check Point, and many more names, it is a fitting solution to overcome the multi-faceted challenges posed by the ever-evolving cyber industry. The founder of NSS Labs had envisioned the solution with the mission to promote transparency and accountability in the world of cyber security and it has been doing so with great skill. It provides companies with comprehensive data and rich insights that alert them on time and also help them take appropriate action. It offers advanced endpoint protection, breach detection system, breach prevention system, data center intrusion prevention system, data center security gateway, next-generation firewall, next-generation intrusion prevention system, endpoint detection and response, software-defined wide-area network, secure socket layer, web application firewall, and web browser security. Its famed Continuous Test and Continuous Security Validation is based on an unmatched foundation in security testing and extensive research in global threat analysis. It is perfect to address all kinds of cybersecurity concerns and thus, offers to be the panacea for every protection related issue.

3. Iovation

An offering from TransUnion company, iovation was founded in 2004 and offers a real-time breach and fraud detection service to companies to ensure privacy at every stage of operation. It was made with the motive to create a safe web place for people to do business, which it endeavors to do every day. It screens more than 25 million transactions and puts an end to 300,000 suspicious transactions every day, across industries. It is dedicated to stopping fraud and abuse of digital technology. This SaaS-based service scans and stops account takeovers as well as fraudulent activities. It ensures customer protection by offering an easy, effortless, and safe authentication. It also ensures compliance with the cyber industry benchmarks, GDPR, PSD2, and other personal data standards and regulations. Its ClearKey is a clean solution for risk-based consumer authentication while LaunchKey is a multifactor, consumer-friendly solution for contextual, omnichannel authentication. SureScore is a machine learning solution that makes use of global device-based insight to evaluate consumer interactions as risky or trustworthy. Efficient and intuitive, iovation has a widespread user base that makes it every bit user-friendly and credible. So, if one is looking for a robust breach detection software, iovation is an ideal choice.

4. Kount

Headquartered in Boise, ID and founded in 2007, Kount is a SaaS-based powerful platform that offers data security and breach detection service to companies across the world. It enjoys a large user base and at present, is responsible for protecting more than 6,500 companies, including the top-notch brands. Its easy-to-implement and efficient solution is tailored to address the concerns of modern-day businesses operating in different segments. It simplifies the entire task of fraud detection, empowering businesses to accept more orders that lead to better profits and overall growth. Its patented machine learning technology examines transactions with a microscopic outlook to stop fraud. It is also ideal for online businesses, merchants, acquiring banks, and payment service providers. It prevents account takeover, fraudulent account creation, brute force attacks while also detecting multiple accounts and account sharing. It provides one with sufficient data and toolsets to counter the online threats and protect the data of customers, employees, and users from any kind of cyber attack. Kount is really a service one can count on for one's data safety. What is more, one gets to avail the free demo before purchase and can select from three security products — Kount Complete, Kount Access, and Kount Central.

5. ThreatMetrix

Headquartered in San Jose, CA and founded in 2005, ThreatMetrix was founded with the motive of safeguarding digital businesses from cybercriminals. It is a comprehensive breach detection software that is trusted by well-known brands and companies in 185 countries. It performs authentication, cybersecurity, digital experience, executive leadership, fraud management, and mobile business roles with perfection — securing the transactions in every terrain to a T. It is armed with a wide array of tools that detect frauds at the earliest and take corrective action accordingly. It helps businesses grow online with utmost confidence by giving them a secure environment, which leads to increased revenue and profits, while also ensuring a dynamic digital experience for the customers. Whether mobile, desktop or tablet, it works seamlessly on any platform. It also offers custom services to suit unique business needs. It weeds out frauds, threats and ensures smooth payment operations through and through. It also plays a key role in the reduction of costs. So, if one is looking for a powerful, precise, and pocket-friendly solution to secure one's business then ThreatMetrix looks to be the right choice. It takes away all the worries from one's mind so that one can focus on the core business.

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