1. GoodBarber offers an infinity of possibilities on how to create an app. They have over 350 features that allow you the flexibility to customize the app the way you want. From Notifications, Beacons, CMS, Chats, Loyalty Cards, and Couponing — GoodBarber helps the user every step of the way in his/her own terms and language. To date, it has 45 app experts, three offices in the world, and honors 10 nationalities.

2. They have been in the app building industry since 2011 with its mission to create apps that provide the best design and user experience in both mobile and the web. As it continues to reinvent itself, its Native Apps and Progressive Web Apps (PWA) try to meet new needs engaging communities and local businesses in app creation.

3. GoodBarber push notifications feature is a great way to engage with your audience and bring in more business. You will be able to strategize your communication by sending scheduled push notifications to your users. This is a great tool if used right! Check out their blog on the right and wrong way to use push notifications.

4. Search engine optimization is made convenient as its engineers have designed codes reducing the generation time, making PWA indexation easier and faster.

5. The number of users who can download an app made with GoodBarber is unlimited. The app builder is equipped with technical structures supporting high volume traffic as well as the apps 200 Gigas storage.

6. Creating an app with GoodBarber usually takes a few hours but it may take longer if the user decides to explore all the tools available or add more customization.

7. GoodBarber Support Team is available directly from the management interface, offering help with the app creation. An Online Support Guide is also available

Three Tips To Create An App With GoodBarber

1. Creating an app with GoodBarber should start by defining a concept and its goals. This may also involve brainstorming on the process of converting and engaging potential users. When the product is ready, one has to think its place in the market and the demographics of the target audience it wants to cater. Lastly, the financial aspect should be considered by deciding on ways to monetize, advertise and boost the app.

2. After making big decisions, the user may proceed to get the app done. In this stage, the user has to deal with more specific aspects of the app's design, content, features/bonuses, and the customization options that the platform can offer. When all the pieces have been assembled, a series of tests may follow. This involves testing the app in all the different OS, allowing the user to run the apps' preliminary checks ( the AdHoc version using the actual file of the app that will be submitted to the App Store later on ). 

3. Lastly, make your app stand out with a good icon. A quality icon draws attention and clicks. It doesn't need to be complicated. Clear and Simple, with little to no words, is the way to go. Some stores allow you to upload a high-resolution icon. Take it! Quality is crucial when you think that your app is listed in the Store among many others.

For more tips and advice on creating apps, you can visit GoodBarber

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