Top 5 Best Survey Tools In 2019

11 March 2019, 11:37 am EDT By Staff Reporter Tech Times

Survey software is a computer-assisted process that helps with the collection of feedback from a targeted audience. The application is designed in such a way to help you create, send, and analyze surveys. These surveys are shared through the internet or via an automated functionality. Survey software applications work better than manual surveys and that makes it the easier way to expedite the process with greater accuracy.

Furthermore, Survey software can be utilized in many use cases such as measuring employee satisfaction or customer feedback, conducting market research, assessing an academic program, and such. Usually, survey software helps the organization to ask the right questions, reach out to the right audience and then, to evaluate their feedback so that the organization can adopt the correct course of action. Here are the top survey tools to look out for in 2019 to help you make better decisions.

1) SurveySparrow

SurveySparrow is a company that turns tedious surveys into conversations. Its conversational interface allows users to share feedback in a chat-like format. There is also a provision for automated recurring feedback that allows organizations to send surveys at regular intervals, which helps to compare and understand the client sentiment or employee satisfaction over a period of time. The software hosts flexible sharing options that let the companies share the surveys via mobile, web, social, and email platforms. This enables better access to the target audience to collect feedback.

The frontend and backend of the software have been designed to perfection. The survey is very easy to set up and can be sent via an email. It is also possible to create web links for a survey and post it within client's dashboard of any social media network that you want. It can be embedded on their website for easy customer access. SurveySparrow helps the user to create shareable and engaging surveys that provide a chat-like experience.

With its unique flow, the users feel like they are engaging in a conversation rather than being flooded with lifeless automated questions. The natural flow encourages the user to give more genuine responses. Even the least tech-savvy user will be able to take the survey effortlessly, thus increasing user participation for the client.

What makes this software so highly sought after is its ability to make the experience effortless for the user and still look professional. With a high completion rate of over 40 percent, the clients are able to draw more customers into taking the surveys and make informed decisions based on the survey analysis. It is also easily shareable via different channels that allow the client to reach their target audience more effectively and rapidly.

SurveySparrow helps companies to not only create healthy workspaces but also to gain happy customers by satisfying their requirements. The surveys allow them to maximize their output by incorporating feedback from their stakeholders. The feedback management allows the client to determine the sentiment of all their stakeholders, gauge their engagement levels, and understand their motivational factors to better exploit them for their overall growth. It also offers great opportunity to highlight the improvement areas that can help the organizations lower their attrition rates, if not eliminate them entirely.

As a reliable survey application, SurveySparrow allows clients to engage with their customers and collect feedback to discover improvement areas in their products and services. As a result, they are able to improve their quality and increase customer satisfaction.

SurveySparrow provides in-depth analysis that helps companies to create customer satisfaction. At the same time, it also helps to identify the loyal customers so that you can serve them better. It is also a reliable tool to identify areas where the client needs improvement, how they fare against their competitors, and most importantly, where they lag behind. SurveySparrow helps businesses stay on top of their business by constantly improving their service quality.

Moreover, SurveySparrow is easy to use for the clients. They can either embed it in their website or install a chat widget that can be activated automatically by the user. The software caters to global businesses by allowing their customers to change the default language and make the surveys easily understandable.

The clients can share their feedback with SurveySparrow any time and the team will be more than happy to incorporate valuable suggestions in their future updates. They have a highly responsive team that replies to queries and quickly resolves issues with a short turnaround time.

The survey giant constantly strives to develop their software to new heights. Each month, the client receives an email with the latest software updates. The idea is to make the software user-friendly so that the feedback can be acquired in an easy and hassle-free manner.

2) Qualtrics 360

(Photo : Qualtrics 360)

Qualtrics 360 is a feedback management software that caters to all industries. This 360-degree cloud-based solution offers point-and-click interface that helps users modify their feedback and reports real time.

The companies that use Qualtrics 360 are able to design customized feedback forms for their stakeholders. The intelligent system uses branching logic that allows users to tweak their questions as per the target audience, without changing the form. Another big advantage of using this software is that it offers real-time reporting that is offered through the dashboard that helps the users to analyze and evaluate results with relative ease. There is also an additional feature of the gap analysis table, development guides, and competency rankings that makes these surveys more helpful for the organizations in assessing their user feedback.

The software also enables clients to track their user's progress in real time. It also comes with an open API that can be easily integrated into the existing human resource software.

Qualtrics gives its users an option to analyze the data collected via number crunching. Even though it is slightly more time consuming, this added functionality does help in the overall assessment of the user feedback.

The software is available in the form of mobile app that helps in generating more user responses.

3) TypeForm

(Photo : TypeForm)

TypeForm is a data collection tool that makes it easier for businesses to ask questions from their users in a fun and engaging way. As a result, what they get is an honest and reliable response from their target audience. The clients can create surveys in variety of formats including quizzes, forms, or something completely different. They can also customize the design to align the surveys with their brand's language.

TypeForm surveys can be viewed by the client's audience on all devices. It can also be integrated seamlessly with MailChimp, Salesforce, and Google Sheets.

This cloud-based survey management software has been designed in such a way that it can be used by companies of all shapes and sizes. It not only offers survey design but also configuration, distribution, and analytics within its service suite.

The drag-and-drop interface offered by Typeform allows clients to design customized surveys with complete ease. There are a large number of templates that include different types of relevant questions, such as multiple choice questions, short-texts, and long-text answers, drop-down menus, and etc. Users can also add images and videos along with each question to make it more interactive.

The surveys can be distributed with push notifications. There is also a provision for reporting that allows clients to track feedback metrics and performance such as survey completion status, unique visits, and responses.

4) AskNicely

(Photo : AskNicely)

AskNicely is a cloud-based survey software primarily based on Net Promoter Score and allows organizations to design customized surveys that can collect feedback from its users real time. Some of its key features include text analytics, automated response, live reports, and etc.

It can also capture user response automatically on a daily basis or during specific times or events. The clients can customize surveys to include logos, languages, and domain names. They can also track the user response by product, segments, and channels and then share that data via dashboard and reports.

These dashboards are updated on a real-time basis. The users can also access these surveys via text analytics and time-based charting. The client's customers can send their feedback directly from the integrated customer relationship management (CRM) and send relevant responses to concerned teams for quick action on customer feedback. The company also offers monthly and annual subscription pricing.

With the help of real-time responses, the clients are able to stay on top of their reviews. They are also able to integrate the new software with the existing internal software to create a one-stop-shop survey solution.

5) Nextiva Surveys

(Photo : Nextiva Surveys)

Nextiva Surveys facilitates clients to get quick answers through their custom online survey software. The companies are able to gather the customer response quickly and are able to understand their audience better to make informed business decisions.

It also offers email notifications, survey templates, skip logic, and more. They provide all the tools to help their clients encourage more user response via their surveys. The businesses are also able to customize their landing pages and also integrate the software with other Nextiva products to gain 360° view of their audience and their response.

This online survey solution has been designed in such a way that it helps businesses to create valuable surveys and share it with their audience easily. The key features include link sharing, email notifications, ready-to-use survey templates, response analytics, and a lot more.

These surveys are not only meant for the customers but can also be used to gather employee satisfaction ratings, conduct market research, and to collect valuable user feedback for the improvement of existing products and services.

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